Sunday 30 August 2015

Sunday Style #5

This weeks Sunday Style is featuring Elarna again. Alfie has mostly been running around in just boxers this week. Don't ask. It's been one of those weeks. 

Slowly we are now heading into 3-6 month age clothing. She is still fitting just about into 0-3 but gradually I'm dressing her in a few of her new clothes as we have loads of 3-6 month in her wardrobe! 

I am absolutely loving this pinafore dress and tights set, it looks lovely on and is a nice change from the frilly dresses! I teamed it with one of my favourite head bands which is a pink satin spotty flower with a pearl in the centre, gorgeous.

Blue Pinafore Dress, Vest and Tights Set - M&S (unsure of cost as was gift)

Headband - Cute Baby Hair Boutique (approx £1.50)

I had to take a picture of the back of the dress as I didn't realise that it features a beautiful heart! I love little details like that, really adds to the look of the outfit. I also want to mention just how well the item is made featuring a fair amount of poppers to make the dress easy to get on and off but also adjustable for her size. The quality of both the dress and the tights are fab too, then I've always thought that about M&S baby clothes.

The second outfit this week I am calling pink fusion! We popped over to Southwold for the day yesterday and met our bestests, the weather wasn't supposed to be overly warm so I opted for a leggings and t-shirt combo to be on the safe side. When I planned the outfit I honestly didn't think it was so 'in your face' pink, clearly I was wrong as these pictures tell me otherwise! That's ok though, I love pink so for me I think it's an awesome outfit hehe.

Everything, bar the shoes and headband are from TU at Sainsbury's, I really do rate supermarket clothes and Sainsbury's is no exception, they have a great range. I am unsure of any of the prices as they were all gifts but I imagine they were all excellent value as they usually are! The pink watermelon cardi is absolutely gorgeous with watermelon slices on the pockets and little bows down the front (you can see in the picture below). The leggings are so bright, they are gorgeous and I love the little bow detail on the ankle. The t-shirt underneath which can't be seen has the slogan 'mummy's little princess' printed on the front, I confess I forgot to take a picture of it.

My love for headbands continues, in fact originally during today she was wearing a small white flowery one but when I arrived home the new ones I had ordered from Ebay (£1.39) had arrived and I just had to try it with this outfit, I think it looks amazing!

Finally I have to share these little shoes that I bought last week, how gorgeous are these which are from Next (£8.00), they are beyond cute and look lush on.

What do you think of the featured outfits this week?

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  1. How cute is she! It seems ages ago since Joey was in 3 month clothes. The first outfit is great, I love the polka dots on the denim dress and you've dressed it well with the long sleeve top and tights. It's a great outfit for this time of year so also when it gets a bit colder. Pink fashion is very pink but it looks good because it's not all one shade of pink. She looks lovely! #weekendministyle

  2. How adorable. I really love those little shoes from Next. #WhatMyBabyWore

  3. Aww both outfits are so cute! Love the wee shoes from Next

  4. Oh my gosh those little booties are super duper cute!!!!!! Love them :)


  5. Such adorable outfits! I love that pinafore dress! I love the heart detailing - I think M&S do really great quality baby clothes, and they're all so lovely especially when they're really small! I think moving up to the next size is so exciting - we're just about to go into 6-9 month and that feeling of a whole new wardrobe thrills me although I find it hard to let go of anything Zach has grown out of! xx #weekendministyle

  6. How adorable are those little shoes! I miss Emily being this small. Her outfits are lovely. xx
    Steph |

  7. Haha your comment about the boxers cracked me up! How cute is that little blue spotty dress. Absolutely love it and she really suits it! The headband looks fab too. Eee I love anything with watermelons on it so the second outfit is right up my street as well! Super cute outfits as always lovey. Thanks so much for linking up with us and hope you had a great bank holiday weekend :) x #weekendministyle

  8. Those shoes from Next are adorable, as is everything else!
    I love baby girls dressed in pink so am absolutely loving the pink fusion outfit :)


  9. She is adorable. Loving the headband and the shoes from next. they have the best baby clothes #TT_Thursday

  10. I love the watermelon motif on the pockets! The colour is so fruity :) Love it! #TT_Thursday x

  11. What absolutely stunning outfits they are, the little shoes from Next are just adorable. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  12. Aww! Love E's Pinafore dress - Syd rocked Pinafores a lot as a baby! #TT_Thursday


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