Monday 28 October 2019

Six Time Saving Natural Hair Care Tips

{Written in collaboration with NUYU}The team at NUYU are continually searching for ways to care for hair in the shortest amount of time. But, in this age of sustainability and care for our world, we are also aware of the need for natural solutions. We all need to be careful of the chemicals we are putting out into the world. With all this whirling around our minds, we thought we would come up with the best six natural hair care tips that could also save you time – and still make sure you look fabulous. 

Tip #1: One product many jobs

To save time and to respect nature, find products that can accomplish more than one thing. If you buy a natural haircare coconut shea shampoo, you can detangle and cleanse at the same time.
Therefore, job number one is to check through your bathroom cabinet. How many products do you have that only achieve one thing? Can you research and find the best product to streamline your hair care routines? Remember that each time you buy a product, you also buy a plastic bottle. Therefore, finding something with natural ingredients that can offer shine, hold and body would be the perfect solution to multiple problems.

Tip #2: Minimal deep conditioning

Deep conditioning need not be a time-consuming chore. In fact, it has been proven that deep conditioning done quickly is as productive as hours upon hours of care. Most deep conditioners are formulated to work within 30 minutes, as producers know you don't have time to sit for hours waiting for a miracle. Check out the package of deep conditioners when you are next browsing the aisle and notice how many quality companies suggest only 30 minutes in the instructions

Tip #3: Find a quick style for speedy moments

When under pressure you need one hairstyle you can go to that will work every time. You know that look that makes you look outwardly together, even in moments when you have 10 minutes to leave the house. This is the style that needs minimal product usage and only a quick twist or ruffle here and there. When you next have a few minutes free, experiment with different styles and find the one you can fall back on in times of emergency.

Tip #4: Wash less

In the summer, when you are out in the pool or sweating a little more, you likely feel you need to wash your hair regularly. When you have quite the mane, this can hack away at your free time. With the autumn months, you can afford to reduce the number of times you wash your hair without the possibility of harming your hair. You can save time and money – as well as water.

Tip #5: Organise yourself

We often go out and buy things that we don't need because we didn't realise that we already owned it. We have a host of concoctions and devices that are bundled away, and it is difficult to work out what you do and don't need – so you just buy more. If you want the ultimate way to save time and money – and the environment – you can put your hair care products into some sort of order. If you have a zip bag for your scrunchies, another for your pins, rods and clips – and so on. You can cluster all your wash products together, then your cleansers and conditioners and more.
The point is to visibly be able to see what you have and be able to reach for it quickly. Not only will you save time going to the shops, but also in the morning when trying to find what you need.
This organisation works best if it is carefully maintained. You will need to put things back where you found them if you are to be successful in saving time here.

Tip #6: Natural products that last longer

Finally, and maybe most logically, you need to use the most natural products that offer the most prolonged results. If you are using a natural product that needs daily application, then it is counterproductive. You are going to need more to achieve the effect you want – and although natural ingredients are brilliant – they still come in packaging and are part of a supply chain filled with petrol-guzzling vehicles. Therefore, you want products that promise to last throughout a week or longer. Do your research and find products like shea yoghurt moisturiser, which is brilliant for the longer-lasting condition for dry hair.

Sunday 27 October 2019

Choosing the right ring!

{Ad} Oh it is the most important ring you will receive without a doubt. The engagement ring, ahhhh I remember lusting after the ring I was keen on for such a long time and then out of the blue when the question was popped I had the most stunning and beautiful pink sapphire and diamond ring on my finger. Not to everyone's taste but for me it was my perfect ring. There are several things to look out for when choosing a ring. Here is a little list of them......taken note fellas! 

- Ring size! Try and find out the size required, using a handy ring sizer such as the Pomegrante London ring size guide could be invaluable so as not to get the incorrect size. 

- What sort of ring design and stone? Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies? It's always good to get an idea of what the lady would like! Don't forget to try and find out about stone cut also.

- If planning a surprise engagement it is a good idea to try and get ring size, a few ideas of this could be to discreetly take a ring to the jewellers, or draw around an existing ring or even try and take an imprint using play doh or similar to to take to the jewellers. 

- Try not to stress too much about it, remember this is supposed to be the best and most exciting step so try and embrace the hunting and searching for the right ring!

Has anyone else got any tips to share on choosing a ring?

Getting the interior design right for a restaurant.

{Ad} I don't know about you but when I am eating out the interior design of the restaurant or bar are something that I look out for. Give me a sleek, smooth and inviting restaurant any day. I mean I love rustic charm, I adore shabby chic but I really enjoy a modern and sleek design too. I think the food needs to match the interior and the atmosphere also needs to reflect this too. To achieve the most out of your restaurant or hospitality venture a reputable company who will listen to your needs and requirements, a company such as Object Space Place who will be there for all your unique and bespoke interior architecture needs. 

Image courtesy of pixabay

The guys at Object Space Place want to spend their time with you, developing the interior at the client request making a place that staff will want to work in and customers will want to return back to again and again. No easy feat in reality, the hospitality trade is tough, it's one of the hardest industries to crack but if you've got the interior spot on then this is great start. Before meeting with the team it would be a great idea to prepare your thoughts about what you'd like to see within the space. 

- What design features would you like to see within?

- The budget, what sort of cash injection did you have in mind?

- What would you like to achieve from the space? What customers would you like to attract? What food are you serving?

- What are the main priorities?

Obviously there are lots of things to take into account and factor in but having a few ideas and thoughts written down will be a starting point. Head on over to the website for further information and creative ideas. 

Introducing Nanogen Fibres.

{Ad} Hair is identity isn't it. Imagine having to lose it or struggle with thinning hair or post-partum hair loss. It isn't fun. My hair, naturally curly and frizzy has been one of those things I have had to learn to love and manage. My hair was at its best when I was pregnant, typical eh! After giving birth my lustrous, silky locks were replaced by thin, straggly and hair that snapped, it was quite depressing. Four years on it is back to how it used to be but I would have given anything with post-partum hair loss to encourage it to grow and be thick and glossy again! How about if there was a solution that could help with this? Increase confidence if hair is thinning or you just want to thicken out certain areas then perhaps something like hair thickening fibres from Nanogen could be the answer. 

Invented in 2001 the aim was to take back the control about how thinning hair is perceived. Nanogen works using keratin hair fibres which essentially have the same structure and properties as real hair. These fibres act like little magnets and are naturally attracted to the 'end plates' of hair strands due to static charge. Every little fibre builds this electrostatic charge and as they land on hair strands form little branches kind of like fir trees. Nanogen state it's like adding hair to your own hair! Amazing or what! So perhaps this is the answer to improving confidence with thinning hair and adding some extra texture. There is instant results and coverage is easy and the hair fibres stay put. Applying the fibres is simple, style the hair, sprinkle the fibres when thickening is needed and gently blend in. The fibres simply was out. I think these could be life changing to some people and what a step in the right direction to increasing confidence for those with thinning hair!

Taking the step into Leadership.

{Ad} My colleague said to me after I had agreed to take on further responsibility at work, this will be a great step into me taking a more a leadership role. I  have to admit it scared me a little, management and leadership is not something that has been part of my career for several years now! Way before I trained as a Nurse I was a retail manager and as much as I loved it, there was an element of fear at the back of my mind knowing that I was in charge of making decisions for the company I worked for and praying that my choices in how I managed my shop paid off! Mostly they did and I did manage to increase profits quite alot through a variety of selling techniques, knowledge and engaging staff but I had no real formal training for this. I was just passionate about my job and my role and I wanted my shop to exceed and improve. I also loved a challenge!

Image courtesy of rawpixel, thankyou.

I often wondered where I would be or what I would be doing if I had decided to stay in management, I have always enjoyed taking a bit more of a leadership role and perhaps it is the next step in my current career. I have always liked teaching and supporting students and mentoring other members of staff and sharing my experience and knowledge as a way of encouraging other members of staff to embrace their job role. However, if I am to consider more of a management/leadership role then I would absolutely consider Impact Factory management courses, they have a wide range of courses dependant on your needs and requirements but they focus on tailored learning and personal, professional development for individuals and for growth of the business.  

As much as it can be daunting taking the next step into a management position it can hugely benefit your career.

Fundraising, It All Helps! *Top Tips*

{Ad} Many charities these days rely on fundraising to raise valuable funds for their ventures. Where I work we try our best to support as many charities as possible and run several money raising events through out the year to help and support where we can. We are not a huge company but every little helps. Although this is a small scale there are larger companies that work on behalf of certain charities/companies to maximise fundraising potential such as Group IFC, learn more from the Group IFC website about what they are all about. It got me thinking about ways that you can help raise money for charities. See below for some ideas!

- Have a cake sale! This is one of the most simplest and effective ways of raising money, it doesn't take alot to organise and you can get everyone involved and the bonus is there is loads of yummy cake to eat sell.

- Organise a quiz night. What could be more fun than to get lots of people together by having a quiz night. Arrange a raffle prize/s through local companies, charge per group and all proceeds go to charity. A fun night out also!

- Grow some fruit and vegetables and sell them and donate the money, I love this idea and it doesn't cost much to start growing produce at all.

- Auction! Gain the support of some local companies to donate some amazing gifts and auction them off, you'd be surprised how much money can be made this way.

Image courtesy of domain images.

- Non uniform or 'mufti' days in exchange for a donation, again this is super simple and is at no extra expense to anyone. 

- Arrange a car boot sale, have a good sort out at home and sell unwanted items and donate the money. If you don't sell everything then donate the rest to charity! Winner, winner! 

There are so many ways that you can raise money on a small scale and as mentioned above there are companies that help with these things on a huge, global scale but every little really does help.

Have you got any further ideas?  

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Top Concerns for any Food Business

{ad} If you consider yourself to be something of a foodie, then there is every chance that you are keen to turn that into some kind of professional existence. There are a lot of ways that one might do that, but one which is likely to be particularly relevant for most is starting up a food business of one kind or another. That could be something like a restaurant, or it might simply be creating and selling food to other companies, or to individuals. Whatever the details, you can be sure that there are going to be specific concerns in a food business which you do need to be aware of. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the top concerns that you should focus on in order to make sure that your food business is as successful as possible.

Health & Safety

If you are to operate a food business, you are going to have to get very well acquainted indeed with the issue of health and safety. Looking after people in this way is going to be important, as if you fail to do this then it is the quickest way to get shut down as a business. Plus, you simply don’t want to be morally responsible for anyone getting ill - or worse. So make sure that you have a strong focus on health and safety form the start. That means in the case of distributing food that you will need to go to the likes of First Food for some top quality packaging, so that the food is still in good condition when it reaches your customer. If you run a restaurant, it means running the kitchen as you should, with deference to all the rules necessary in such a situation to follow.


If you are running the kind of business that is to distribute food far and wide, then you will need to make sure that you are going to do so in the most sensible way possible. You need to have a procedure which is going to allow the food to be distributed as you need it to be, efficiently and in good time. This is partly so that people still receive the food when it is in perfect condition, but it’s also a matter of keeping your finances intact and not wasting or spoiling anything. Make sure that you are fully looking into the distribution in order to keep it as tight as possible.

Ecological Issues

Many kinds of food raise a lot of ecological issues by their nature, and this is something that you are going to have to think about if you hope to make your food business one that people can respect. You need to do whatever you can to create your foods in a way which is as environmentally friendly as you can get it, or otherwise you might even find that you suffer and lose out on customers in the long run. Clearly, this is important, so make sure that you don’t overlook it for a second.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Do you Know how to Relax?

{AD} Life can be seriously stressful a lot of the time. Between work, family, and all of your other responsibilities, trying to find the time to relax can seem impossible. However, it's important that you do what you can to find that time, otherwise, you could wind up stressing yourself out entirely too much. With that in mind, here are just a few ways that you can try to unwind. 

Enjoy a long bath

A long soak is one of those things that many of us just don't get to enjoy that often but it really can be fantastic. Relaxing in the hot soapy water is a great way for your troubles to melt away. You may even want to try some CBD oil to help you relax even further and relieve the tension in your muscles. Not only that but it's the kind of thing that you can just lose yourself in for a while. After all, there's no chance that you can end up getting distracted or dragged away to do anything else while you're in the bath. Instead, you can just lay there in the water and let the world around you drift away for a little while.

Treat yourself

It can often feel kind of difficult to justify treating yourself. After all, you've often got so many things to worry about that doing anything that's purely for yourself can feel like an indulgence that you shouldn't really be allowing yourself to have. However, the truth is that there's always something to be said for treating yourself every now and then. After all, you work hard all of the time to provide for yourself and for the people around you, so why shouldn't you take the time to do something nice for yourself. How you treat yourself is totally up to you. Maybe you want to buy yourself a nice bottle of wine to relax with in the tub. Or perhaps you want to spend the day being pampered in a spa, one of my favourite things to do is arrange a professional massage near me, there is nothing better than the feeling of total relaxation during a massage treatment. Or maybe you just want to pick out a book that you've had your eye on and spend the entire day sitting on the couch reading. Whatever makes you happy.

Do nothing

When was the last time that you did nothing? And not just that you weren't busy but when you took the time to just stop for a while. There's a good chance that you probably can't remember the last time you did that at all. The world that we live in is one that is constantly moving and that can be great, but it can also be exhausting. This is especially true now that so many of us have smartphones. You're always just a second away from being connected to the entire rest of the world through social media, watching all kinds of stuff on youtube or Netflix, playing games, or even getting work done no matter where you are. Sometimes, in order to relax the best thing that you can do is to just put all of those things away for a little while and do absolutely nothing. You don't have to be some kind of master of meditation but it's something that has been shown to have some extremely positive effects for a lot of people.

Remember, however you want to relax, it's up to you. Just make sure that you take the time for it at least every so often.

Friday 11 October 2019

Self Care: Better Ways to Take Care of Yourself

{Ad} It is so important to make sure that you take good care of your body and your mind, each and every day. It is important not just to make sure that you get sick, but you can learn how to eat right, learn how to reduce stress, and making sure that you exercise regularly, as well as giving yourself time out when you need it. These are the basics of self-care, and it can help to keep you healthy and happy, as well as resilient.

Why Do We Often Fail at Self-Care?

Being able to practice some self-care isn’t always something that is easy. Many of us have busy lives and stressful jobs, and as a result, it can be hard to make time for ourselves. It can mean that ‘me’ time is often pushed back or forgotten about altogether. In fact, many of us can feel guilty about taking some time out for ourselves, which means that we put it off even more. But it isn’t something that is selfish at all, as it can improve all aspects of your life, so helps those around you too. Self-care can be a challenge, but here are some tips to think about so that you can get started with self-care.

Take care by taking care of your gut

Your gut health has a much bigger impact on your overall health than you might first imagine. Good gut health can really have an impact on your health, well-being, and energy levels. Predominantly, the things that you are eating and drinking play a part in good gut health as they can either damage or help the bacteria that live in your gut. Of course, you may wish to read these Total Restore reviews if you are looking for a supplement that could help support your gut and digestive health and keep your body functioning as it should. An unhappy gut it can lead to ill health in a number of ways, so it does need to be included in self-care.

There are lots of things to be wary of, though, as there is a lot of information out there that isn’t correct when it comes to things like gut health, and other general health. For instance, we hear a lot about CBD oils for health, but there are some that still ask is CBD toxic for the liver? So make sure that you are doing your research as to what really makes a difference to your gut health, as well as your overall health.

Make sleep part of your self-care routine

Sleep can have a really large impact on how you feel, both physically and emotionally. And when you don’t get enough sleep, then it does play a part in all aspects of your health. You can even get some pretty major health issues because of a lack of sleep. So why do you need to make sleep part of your self-care routine? If you think about your nightly routine, then are you eating something or drinking something before you go to bed? If you are, these things could be keeping you awake, especially anything with sugar or caffeine. Making sure that you take steps to deal with stress (as it can’t always be reduced) can be a really important step too. This could be going to the gym, yoga, or just talking to a friend to let it all out.

Wednesday 9 October 2019

Caring for both the Garden and the Local Wildlife.

{Ad} The garden might be a part of your home, but it’s also a part of the natural environment and the habitat of the wildlife that lives around you. Besides being the perfect place to have your own slice of green heaven, it can be a shelter and even a home for the creatures near you.

However, most of us do make the distinction between the wildlife we want to help protect and the pests that are, more often than not, a voracious menace that do more damage than good. However, rather than relying purely on traps that could harm other animals and pesticides that can make the whole garden a toxic wasteland for local wildlife, here are some more naturally harmonious ways to protect your patch. Of course, if the issue is to get out of control, you must look for professional help with pests, by looking into massachusetts exterminator companies, or companies wherever you are, to deal with the problem once and for all

Use natural solutions
You might think of your planting choices in the family garden as being mostly about looking pretty or giving you some homegrown eats. However, just as your planting choices can attract pests, they can drive them away, too. Companion plants are to be planted alongside your most pest-attracting choices. Lavender has an extremely pungent smell. Citronella is naturally corrosive to the point that even spraying it around your plants can work off insects. Do your research on which companion plants have the best results against the particular pests encroaching on your patch.

Let the right ones in
Since we are selective about which critters we want and allow into our garden, why not take the time to invite those that could have a warm welcome? Pests like slugs and aphids can cause some real destruction in the garden, but you can get rid of them in a way that sustains the environment by attracting birds to your garden. Buy wild bird food and keep a bird feeder stocked up, and invest in a bird fountain, and you can attract all kinds of predators that eat your garden’s most common pests.

Stop the stray wanderers
If you live out in the countryside, then it’s likely that you’re going to have larger pests to deal with. Foxes and badgers can mill through your plants and produce, ruining it all, damage your lawn and, if you have chickens, leave an even worse mess. However, barbed wire and other traps is largely considered not only a little barbaric, but damaging to the other critters in the environment, as well. Natural wildlife fences and wire mesh hardware cloth for burrowing animals can help you protect your garden without doing too much harm. If you have rodents, you can coffee grounds and pour them into their tunnels. It’s another natural repellent.

Hopefully, the tips above show that you can protect your garden, your pets, and your produce, without doing too much harm to the environment. We’re all aware of the fact that several species are on the verge of extinction, with things like pesticides greatly contributing to the alarming decline of bees. We can all do more to prevent this from happening.

Wednesday 2 October 2019

Best Holiday Types for Different Types of Families.

{Ad} Going on holiday with your family is often the best time of the year however it can at times be the most stressful. Every family is different and within that each member of the family has their own wants and needs want it comes to traveling. This means that a lot of consideration has to go into the time of year, the destination and the type of holiday a family goes on.

Whether your family holiday needs to be ideal for a toddler, you have children who are keen historians, or you want to see as much of the world as possible. There is always going to be an option. That's the beautiful thing about travel; there's something for everyone.

Have a look below at some of the different types of holidays that are around for a variety of families:


Ok, so at times it may seem an impossibility that you would be able to relax on a family holiday, but it does happen. With an array of kids clubs, activities to keep them busy and specialized hotels with children in mind it can be easier than you think to have a relaxing holiday with children in toe. Some popular destinations that have hotels like this include Greece, Croatia, Spain, and even long-haul destinations like Mexico and the USA. The key is to look out for hotels that cater specifically to children with aspects such as a kids club, children's evening entertainment, larger family rooms, and a children's menu.

Hopping Destinations

Another fantastic option for a relaxing and exciting family holiday is a cruise. There are several options when it comes to cruising and it gives you and your family the opportunity to explore more than one destination on one holiday. With option sich as river cruises, long-haul cruising, and cruises that sail from the UK all as options you're sure to find something that matches your requirements. You can spend your days lying by the pool with a cocktail, watch the world go by and visit the spa and then in the evenings, you can indulge the fantastic food and entertainment which is often on offer. You don't need to worry when it comes to the kids either; most cruises have an abundance of activities, entertainment, and even hangout areas specifically with children in mind. This means you can relax knowing that your children are having fun and being taken care of.

Adventure Seeking

There is a large variety of holidays that include activities that you can get the children involved in. You can expect to find holidays that include activities from skiing, water rafting, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, right through to a safari. A great option that is available for families looking for a touch of adventure is the organized tours. These types of holidays are available on an individual family basis, or they match you with a few similar families. There is a vast array of different kinds of tours. They often include some accommodations, food, and activities, meaning there is less organizing needed on your part. A family tour holiday is yet another great way to see more than just one location as you are often exploring more than only one destination.

On A Budget

 Being on a budget doesn't mean that you need to miss out on a family holiday. One of the easiest, cheapest, and best ways you can enjoy a family holiday on a budget is to go camping. Camping is not only budget-friendly. It also provides you with the chance to connect as a family. You have the opportunity to escape all technologies like TV, game consoles, and mobile phones and have real family conversations. There is an abundance of campsites across the UK and Europe that have fantastic camping areas and on-site facilities. Some even have entertainment programs, kids clubs, and swimming pools, meaning you are getting a package deal for a fraction of the cost. If you're a bit of a sun seeker, why not head to France with your tent?

Another great way to holiday on a budget is to monitor the sales and offers that are around. When holidays are released, you can often obtain free child spaces and great discounts. Also if you book as far in advance as possible, it gives you more time to pay the remainder of the balance. This means that going abroad becomes more obtainable.

Planning a family holiday can, at times, be difficult, especially when you're trying to keep everyone happy. What's important to remember is that wherever you are in the world, it's the memories with the family that are important. Do you have any tips or advice about different family holiday types? Please share them in the comments section below.