Thursday 31 March 2016

My Little Bubble Box - Review

I have to confess I didn't review last months My Little Box! I have been so busy and recovering after what seems like virus after virus so  I decided not to review it and try and recover instead. Anyway, I'm back with the March box and bizarrely is called 'My Little Bubble Box'. I didn't really get the theme particularly but in the mini mag that is included the box is embracing all things big, bubbly and bright........I can live with that, it's kind of cute. 

I do absolutely love the pastel shades on the box this month, it's very pretty!

I do always get quite excited when I receive this subscription box, most of the time the products sent are really very good and I think this months is no exception....other than the balloon we got sent, this is a little random but the kids enjoyed playing with it so not a total loss! Very quirky but then that's why I like this box. 

The first item is a fab Belle de Teint Makeup Sponge (RRP £8.00), I love sponges, wet them, wring them out and your good to go, I love how they are shaped to hug the contours of the face and really make applying foundation simple. A lovely item to receive. It does take a little time and patience to use this type of sponge but used correctly the results are great. 

The next item I genuinely had no clue what it was until I read the information card! I also thought it was pronounced.....well I'm sure you can imagine, ha....... Pschitt Magique, Garancia (RRP for 30ml 14.80 euros). This is a facial peeling spray, I think it's similar to a cleanser and the instructions are to apply, rinse and you're done! I'm yet to test it out but will be curious when I do! 

My Little Beauty Bubble Blush Lip and Cheek Tint is the one item in the box that I'm not keen on, I'm not a fan of these liquid based tints as I can never get them to look any good so sadly this is an item that won't get much use even though I love the concept!

The fourth item is ace. Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara (RRP for full size £25.00), if there is one thing that I will splurge on other than foundation it has to be mascara, I really love Givenchy as a brand and have found their mascaras and other products great. I love this mascara and it's a pretty generous sample size, I would definitely consider buying this once I've used this one. 

The last item was a rather funky hairbrush (RRP £13.00), not alot to be said about what it is (obvs!) but lovely item to be sent! Always very handy to have a spare.

I really did like this months box, it was fun, cute and quirky and as I mentioned about this is totally what I love about My Little Box. Each month they make it unique and interesting and is never repetitive, definitely a box worth checking out if you fancy a new subscription!

What do you think of this months box?

Reignite the Flame with Lovehoney

It can be hard to keep the flame alive after children can't it? The tiredness can be overwhelming, adjusting to life with a small human being can be hard to get used to and finding the time to spend time together as a couple (as things used to be!) or *embarrassed face* be intimate can be errrrr difficult.  Gone are the times you can have a long and romantic evening with your other half, instead it's replaced with having to grab opportune moments ......... when the kids are in bed and become masters of 'quickies', ha. It can be somewhat a shock to the system. 

Image result for lovehoney

Of course it can be, at times a little taboo to talk all about sex ....... there I said it, but then why should it be? At the end of the day it's sex that makes the world go round and shock, horror how babies are produced, so if that's how things start why shouldn't couples make the effort to keep the flame lit and continue how it started. Perhaps a little help is what we need? Perhaps we need something to remind ourselves that it needn't be a chore but it can be as fun as it once was. If you're a parent, I know you're feeling knackered, I know it's an effort but try to keep things fresh, exciting and interesting, it will do wonders for your relationship.

So how can you spice things up a bit? Well perhaps heading over to the Lovehoney page might give you some inspiration......... and with these lovehoney voucher codes there absolutely is no excuse to not have a browse and perhaps buy a cheeky item or two or three! Please click here for access to codes and discounts for the website. It's also worth mentioning that by clicking through to a retailer via the My Favourite Vouchers website they will donate 20% of profits to charities so not only are you helping yourself you will be helping charities at the same time, how amazing is that! So don't put it off any longer, take the plunge and start having those moments that will blow your mind.........

*Collaborative Post.

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Glossybox March 2016 - Review

So after the love box back in Feb we resume normal business with Glossybox this month. The contents in this box are set to give us back our glow and head into (we hope) warmer months with a spring in our step. First impressions of this months box are great, a lovely mix of items and I spy a brush which I am so in need of at the moment. 

I love the look of this angled brush, pretty in pink and perfect for applying bronzer or highlighter. Luxie Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504 (RRP £10.42), I have already used this several times and am impressed it's ever so soft and picks up a lovely amount of product, my favourite item in this months box. 

The 2nd item is Collection Speedy Highlighter (RRP £3.99), the brand always reminds me of my teenage years......although it is much nicer these days! If you read my blog you will know I love a highlighter, I've used so many and tend to stick to my fave's (think Bobbi Brown, Mac etc). I like this however, it's chunky, gives a nice sheen and is good for day to day use but it is hard to apply and blend, if you tend to apply your highlighter last as I do it kind of feels like you are almost taking your base makeup off as you have to apply it quite firmly and then blend it in. Other than that it's a pretty good item!

The next products are by a brand I'm not familiar with, Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner (RRP for full size £16.89 each), designed to leave your hair gleaming, soft and hydrated I am yet to use these as they are sample sizes they will be perfect to take away on holiday! 

The next product is another brand I'm new too. Hey Honey Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum (£28.81 RRP for full size), this contains both honey and propolis 2 of nature's potent antibacterial agents. I'm well aware that honey has so many uses and health benefits so I am keen to give this a go and see the results!

The last item is an Olay Regenerist Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream (RRP for full size £29.99), quite a hefty price tag for a full size Olay product......however this cream claims to hydrate, exfoliate and smooth the skin leaving a healthy and glowing complexion. I'm yet to give it a go so can't comment on the efficacy of it but I'm intrigued to see if it compares to some of my other products. 

I really like this months box, another nice mix of products and I really like all of them. The brush is definitely my favourite out of this months box, it'll be well used I'm sure! 

What do you think of the contents in this months box?

Monday 28 March 2016

Elarna Birth & Beyond Update #10/11

Ooops, I did it again I completley forgot to blog Elarna's 10 month update so will have to roll into the one post again. Life just seems to run away with us. You can read her last update here, this was back in January, I can hardly believe it. She is changing daily, learning new things, getting up to no good and becoming a bit of a diva! She watches Alfie intently, she seems fascinated by him and his behaviours.....god help us!

We've had a busy couple of months since I last blogged. In January she had just started nursery, I was really quite apprehensive about it as I felt that she was still quite needy and reliant on me but I am completely reassured that she LOVES it. They have the most lovely sensory room that she enjoys and when my husband collects her he says that she is full of smiles and shattered. She's eating really well while there but they sometimes struggle to get her to nap, she's doesn't like to miss a thing so that doesn't surprise me one bit. This is very similar to Alfie when he started nursery, although he continued to not really nap at home, thankfully we are still on 2 naps a day with Elarna which is good. 

I always like to talk about the sibling relationship, Alfie really enjoys being a big brother, he struggles massively with jealousy though and that at times is hard to deal with. Usually he's very caring but sometimes he does get very frustrated and it's clear now that she's more on the move he doesn't know just how to deal with it. That being said he is most of the time very sweet with her.

She just puts a smile on my face. Often when I leave for work at 7am she is still dozing but on the odd ocassion when I pop my head in she's sitting up in her cot and greets me with the biggest grin, it really does give me a lift. We now have a total of 8 teeth, they have been coming through thick and fast the poor little girly, she hasn't suffered horrifically, a bit grumpy and unsettled but bearable. 

Although Elarna has found her feet and her ability to get from one place to another quite quickly by crawling we are yet to attempt to walk. She is very skilful at cruising and using various push along toys to get around but she just doesn't seem bothered by wanting to walk. I was convinced that we would have a walker way before a year but it isn't looking that way! Alfie walked just after his first birthday so I'm interested to see what Elarna will do. At the moment I have to have eyes in the back of my head as we have not fitted the stair gates as yet and she's up the stairs so quickly! She's also discovered the cupboards and drawers in the kitchen too, she's very intrigued by her new found skills!

She's such a wonderfully happy and spirited girl. She's strong willed, stubborn and knows what she wants.......I can only imagine what we have to come over the next few years! She's such a lovely little baby and so very different to Alfie. He was amazing but their whole personality and behaviour is massively different! As much as I'm sad that we are approaching her first birthday (which I can't quite believe!) I am excited about the future and to watch her to develop into a lovely little girl. 

Friday 25 March 2016

Weekend Style #33

I have been absolutely rubbish with my weekend style posts, it is quite difficult to post these things every weekend so I gave myself a little break. Anyways, I'm back this week with a few gorgeous girly outfits. Sadly Alfie isn't featured as he hasn't been in the photo mood, I did try and a take a few sneaky pics but I was busted and they were awful!

The first outfit is this stunning mint green corduroy dress, although it's corduroy it's really quite thin so I'm hoping it will be on Spring days without the tights and cardi. I love this colour, I do dress her in quite a bit of pink so it is nice to mix it up a bit. 

Mint green animal dress - John Lewis (in the sale for £11.00)

Star tights - John Lewis (also purchased in sale, can't remember cost!)

 Cardi - Next (unsure of cost)

The next outfit is this little Winne the Pooh tunic set, I really like the colours of this and I think it's so cute on.....clearly Elarna also loved it!

Winnie the Pooh Tunic and leggings set - George @ Asda

We then have this absolutely beaut of a dress that is once again a sale bargain! It's floaty and light and will be lovely in slightly warmer weather, at the moment I'm just popping a pair of leggings and cardigan with it which looks fine but I think it will be nicer when it warms up as it comes with a pair of matching knickers!

Balloon Dress & Matching Knicker Set - John Lewis

Silver Leggings - Next

Pale Pink Cardigan - Mothercare

Lastly for this week a very pink and girly outfit which is no surprising considering it's another Minnie Mouse set! This one I don't mid as much as the character isn't too big on it, I think I actually prefer it without the head band, it was too big for her anyway but I think it looks a little too much with it on?

I can't actually remember where this is from, it's either Asda or Nutmeg (Morrisons), it was a gift, my suspicion is it's from Nutmeg. 

Hopefully I'll be back on form with my weekend style posts, it really depends how the days go as to whether I get time to take pictures and write a post up!

What do yo all think of the outfits this week? 

This Mama Life

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Best and Worst Linky #43

Beautiful Things

Run, Jump, Scrap!

Hi everyone and a huge welcome to the best and worst linky run by my lovely friend Sarah who blogs over at Run Jump Scrap and co-hosted by myself. If you're new to the linky we're delighted for you to join in, please do have a read of the rules. If you're a regular then thanks as always for the support. Sarah and I split the commenting now, it is working well doing it like that. You should have received a comment from one of us so if you are missing one please do drop us a tweet or email. We've had some great posts over the last few weeks!

This is the linky where you can tell us about the best or worst things that have happened in the last week or even the last year, this could in the form of a blog post, a photo or even a video. It can be an old post or a new post, we don't mind we just want you to share it with us. We want you to share your babies firsts, the crappy day at work you've had or a makeup disaster basically the good, the bad or the downright ugly! We want to share your excitement and tears, highs and lows no matter what it is.

Each week we will both choose our favourite posts from the week before and feature you on the next weeks Best and Worst, we will also feature you on our Twitter feed. 

**Please note my lovelies Sarah and  I are taking a little break for Best and Worst next week, we will be back guns blazing the week after....don't miss us too much hehe**

My favourite link up last week was from the  lovely Laura who blog over at Five Little Doves. Do you believe? I loved this post, I've always loved the paranormal side of things, believe in ghosts and spiritual things and all sorts of out of the ordinary. I had goosbumps reading this post so sceptic or not it's well worth a read. 

Sarah's chosen favourite link up was from the fabulous Kirsty from Something Crunchy Mummy. Ohhhh the after nap grouch, not something I have ever really had to cope with due to a non napping toddler but I can only imagine it is pretty tough! Go and have a read. 

Something Crunchy Mummy


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Best of Worst


Tuesday 22 March 2016

A & E's Easter Baskets.

I have always wanted to create an Easter basket but each year there is either already too many eggs already in the house, I'm ill, pregnant or I've never quite being organised enough to do it. This year I was determined to be a bit more on the ball and create some little Easter memories. The baskets are now complete but I have to admit I haven't been that organised and I pretty much bought everything last weekend (thanks Milton Keynes!). I probably could have amalgamated them all into one basket (I seem to have bought THE deepest baskets in the world but for £5.99 on sale I wasn't quibbling) so I've sort of padded the bottoms out with a variety of crepe and shredded paper which you can just see in some of the pictures. I did have alot of fun choosing what to put in them and I think there is a lovely variety of items. Elarna at 11 months is unlikely to be bothered by it all but Alfie is pretty excited for the Easter bunny!

I wanted to choose a mixture of items, I didn't want to put masses of chocolate or eggs in either basket, I wanted to fill it with other things than chocolate because I expect that they will be getting a fair amount from family. I have bought Alfie a couple of eggs (I'm not that mean, ha!) but there isn't that much in the baskets themselves. I'll just list the items and where they are from, all are pretty self explanatory!

Carrot Pen (I love this!)

Elarna's basket I found a little more tricky as I wasn't too sure what to include with her only been little so I went with practicality and cuteness!

Floral Pyjamas (these are gorgeous!)

I had alot of fun putting these together and I hope they go down well over the weekend! I hope to do this every year, I think it's a lovely thing to do and I haven't spent a huge amount of money on the items either, perhaps around £60 in total all in. 

On Sunday we will also be doing an egg hunt, this went down extremely well with Alfie last year and we had to keep hiding eggs over and over again so I've made sure I've got plenty small eggs to hide.....I have to admit I love it, seeing the excitement on his face will be priceless.

Has anyone else done an Easter basket? What do you plan on doing over the long weekend?

Best of Worst