Wednesday 17 October 2018

Creating an Effective Work Space.

My husband has recently become a fully home based worker. Prior to this he did work from home now and again but now it is a permanent thing. When we moved to our house 3 years ago we knew he'd need some type of office space so it was important that there would be some sort of space to allow this to happen. Thankfully he now has his very own office space to work in but he's had to make sure it's fit for purpose as an office and in this post I'm going to share with you how we've made this room as effective and productive working space for him. 

  • Firstly and probably most important, he has a large office desk, , his runs pretty much the entire length of one wall which allows him to have multiple computer screens and a printer on it and for his laptop as well as a variety of papers and other bits and pieces, for more inspiration head over here and have a look at these  office desks. He does have some pictures of the children too which makes it a bit more of a personal work space.

  • Next which is also important he has a comfortable and proper office chair, it is fully adjustable, has arms and can be pushed under the desk when not in use. It's so important when at a desk all day to have a chair that is ok for the back and supports it, it's also so important to remember to take regular breaks. For a variety of office chairs use the link to browse.

  • Bookcases and filing cabinet, I'm sure most people who have an office at home have these bits of furniture. Of course we store no work related items in them but for my husband it is handy to have some extra storage for books, documents, files etc etc.

  • A door that shuts or even better....locks! Our door doesn't actually lock to the study but my husband has considered it to be sure that when he's on an important call there is zero chance of the kids bursting in! 

  • A good lamp/light. My husband has an all singing/all dancing light that adjusts to the darkness of the room as well as having different settings depending on your preference. It's not good to have to strain your eyes so this is a must. 

  • Finally, decorated in a fairly neutral colour to prevent distractions and be a calming atmosphere. It's hard to stay chilled working from home but when the study feels a nice place to be in it certainly makes it easier.
These are a few tips but I'm sure there is more and if you have any other tips please do share! For all your furniture needs and requirements head on over to office furniture London for all your office needs. Any other suggestions?

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Activity Holidays for Adventurers!

5 Activity Holidays for Adventurers

As much as I adore my kids and I love being a Mum, it would be really nice to take a week out and go on a holiday for myself. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all the things I’d like to experience – a kind of bucket list I suppose. I thought that I’d share some of them with you, in case you too have a sense of adventure and fancy a go at any of these activities.

Sky Diving

For those who aren’t aware, sky diving involves jumping from a plane at height, and floating to the ground with the aid of a parachute. You can either do this solo, or whilst strapped to a trained professional, whose job it will be to open the parachute. I think that if I was to do this activity, I’d want to do it somewhere that was visually striking to see from such a height. The adventure club Awe365 have a great post on 10 of the best places to go.

Water Sailing

I love being out on the water – it’s so peaceful. I’d love to learn to sail and if I can do this somewhere a tad warmer than Britain, it would be perfect. One of the holidays I’m keen on in particular is from Mark Warner and it looks perfect. They offer sailing package holidays in the likes of Turkey and Sardinia, and all the training is done by Royal Yachting Association instructors. Safety is obviously important to me.


There are some stunning landscapes in the USA and I’d love to go hiking on some of the trails and mountains there. The food to replenish my body would be epic too! What could be more amazing than hiking the Grand Canyon?! This man’s journey is inspiring me so much (see The Guardian) and it’s definitely now on my bucket list. I think I might need to practice hill walking locally first though lol.

Scuba Diving

I think that going somewhere like the Caribbean to go scuba diving would be amazing. I don’t think we can fully appreciate all of the life on the planet until we’ve had a good look at what’s underneath us. The oceans are full of sea and plant life and are a riot of colour, and I’d love to experience that. One holiday provider that I’ve been liking the look of is Dive Worldwide as their packages look amazing. Their Bahamas trips include diving to see sharks and even ship wrecks!


I know it’s not a physical adventure activity, but I’d love to go on an African safari as seeing all of those animals in their natural habitats would be stunning and so emotional. I’d want to go on a package with a big tour operator (Virgin Holidays do packages), to make sure I was safe, but I think it would be an amazing adventure. Think of the photographs you would get from a trip like this!

What are some of the things on your vacation bucket list?

Making the Most of a Small Bathroom

Nowadays we have to make the most of the space we live in. It can be tricky but with a few simple things you can make any space truly personal and amazing and enjoyable to be in. Here are a few tips that will help you out when designing your bathroom space.....

  • Choose a colour that complements the space, I tend to gravitate towards pale colours so I can accessorise boldly but you may choose to go the opposite way and pick a bold colour for maximum impact.

  • Use mirrors, this is an age old suggestion. Mirrors create the illusion of space and open up the area. Choose elaborate mirrors for a vintage chic look or simple, plain mirrors for a more subtle appearance. 

  • Get a space saving shower, this can often be the thing that takes up the most room but with  space saving shower it can make a huge difference to how the space is used.

  • Get a tall set of drawers if you can, these are literally my life saver in bathrooms I can't tell you! The tall, thin drawers that are deep fit alot of items in them and keep everything neat and tidy. 
These are just a handful of tips, but I'm sure you can share more with me. How would you make the most of a small bathroom space?

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Monday 15 October 2018

Disney's Vampirina Toys! *Review*

Who loves Vamipirina? We do, we do!! For those who aren't aware who Vampirina is, she is Vee, Disney's vampire who moves from Transylvania to Pennsylvania to open a local bed and breakfast which is named the Scare B&B for visiting vampires, ghouls and goblins! The Hauntley family have to learn to adapt and do things the Pennsylvania 'way' even when Vampirina (Vee) is at school. It's fun, engaging and enjoyable to watch.

We're relatively new to Vampirina in the Blogging Beautifully household but we love it.....and I say we because I enjoy watching it too! The theme tune certainly gets stuck in your head and the storylines are easy to follow engaging and fun for young children to enjoy. 

Recently we were sent a huge bundle of Vamirina goodies to feature and review and when they arrived Elarna couldn't wait to get her teeth into them (pardon the pun) and test them out, there was actual squeals of delight when she opened the on to discover more!

First up was the amazing Scare B&B (RRP £49.99) *New for Autumn*
On first glance this looks amazing, now this does require a little bit of patience to put together but it is very simple, there are a few bits included that need to be attached and stickers need to be applied. Once set up there is three spooktacular levels and something to be discovered on each floor, the clear, glittery stairs flip up and down to allow access to each floor.

On the bottom floor is the kitchen with an opening front door and magically rising food as well as an opening fridge door. On the middle floor there is a magic bookcase which transforms into a day bed, then on the next floor is a spooky record player that moves as Vee takes a spin on the rotating disc. There are also 6 spots throughout the house that you can position Vee on and make her magically glow. You can also magically extend the bedroom tower to reveal magical growing portraits. Also included are 2 figurine's one being glowing Vee as well as tables, chairs, sofa, bed and bat pillow. 

The attention to detail on the B&B is great from the black bats and the grating outside the house to the pictures and special little touches within the house.  It's huge and sturdy and encourages lots of imaginative play which I love. This is already a well played with toy in our house and a must for any Vampirina fan.

Next we have the rather cool Vampirina backpack set (RRP £24.99) * New for Autumn*
Included in this set is a bootastic backpack, honestly it is so cute and a light and sound necklace, webtastic sunglasses and some glittery bat wing hair clips and some sticker sheets to accessorize the backpack as desired. The necklace and glasses have been a huge hit with Elarna to the point where she actually wants to take them in to her bed with her at night! We loved this backpack set, although the backpack doesn't fit a huge amount in it you can pop a few small items inside like necklaces, figurines etc. It's the perfect size for my three year old. 

There was a fabulous Vampirina Fangtastic Friends set (RRP £29.99) *Existing Line*
We love these sets as they really are good value for money, the set comes with 10 characters from the show and enhance the play for the scare B&B. Each figure features either poseable arms of glittery accents, they really are fab! I keep finding Vampirina characters throughout the house! 

Also sent was this awesome Hantley's Mobile Vehicle (RRP £29.99) *Existing Line*
Elarna loves this car, she really enjoys making it transform into a spooky drive in cinema. Featuring a table, popcorn and Vee this a lovely pre existing item in the Vampirina range. It's a really good size and pushes along nicely, it's very simple for the child to convert from vehicle to drive in movie theatre too, it's been very popular with Elarna, it's another item that accompanies her to bed!

Also we were sent a Vampirina glove and headband set as well as collectible Boo figures (RRP £2.99) and Best Ghoul Friends set (RRP £7.99) *All new for Autumn* 

These were all fabulous additions to the already brilliant Vampirina range. I can honestly say Elarna was over the moon with all of these items, there was nothing negative we can say about them as they have been played with and enjoyed for many hours already. I guess the only thing she wasn't so keen on were the gloves and headband as you can see below, she was thrilled...... but perhaps with time she'll learn to love them!

All items are available are many large retailers including Smyths, Argos and all good toy stores as well as online. There is going to be an amazing Twitter party hosted by UK Mum TV held on Thursday 25th October 1pm - 3pm to celebrate all things Vampirina, make sure you head over and use the hashtag #VampirinaToys to join us and be in the chance of winning some prizes, see you there!

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are our own.

Sunday 14 October 2018

Pumpkins! - 14/10/18

As we're in the middle of October we took a little trip to the pumpkin patch at our local farm. Who knew so much fun could be had picking pumpkins.

Saturday 13 October 2018

PJ Masks Super Moon Adventure Toys! *Review*

I have 2 children that absolutely love PJ Masks, it's often on repeat in our house and I confess I sometimes find myself humming the catchy theme tune! We were recently sent an amazing box crammed full of PJ Mask goodies to celebrate the new adventures of PJ Masks who are off on a Super Moon Adventure. 

So without further ado lets get started with some of the amazing items that are going to be featuring in the PJ Masks range this Autumn!

First up..... the Super Moon Adventure Rocket HQ (RRP: £49.99) *New for Autumn* 

We loved the HQ rocket with its fold up legs, ramp and built in handle, as well as exciting lights in sounds. It can also fit the 3 PJ Masks in the front and comes with Gekko and a space rover vehicle which can be stored inside and with the touch of a button can whizz down the ramp. Easy to transport with the handle, it's a winner!

Next we have the PJ Masks Speed Booster Vehicles (RRP £13.99) * New for Autumn*

These great vehicles are themed to each character and included in the set is one booster vehicle and figure. No batteries are required as they push along and go super fast - the kids had a blast with them!

Both my kids absolutely loved playing with these as you can see later in the post. They couldn't get enough of racing against each other using the racing track we were sent. It was quite competitive! They keep them entertained for hours, such a good price and well worth the money for the amount they have played with them.

Next up is the Super Moon Adventure Space Rover and Figure assortment (RRP £9.99) * New for Autumn*

Each set comes with a figure, a space rover vehicle just like featured in the show and a space themed accessory. Each is sold separately and compliments the TV show perfectly. 

Elarna loves Owlette and her  red rover and accessories where as Alfie tends to gravitate (pardon the pun!) towards Catboy and Gekko, although more so Gekko as green is his favourite colour!

Before we get on to the next items that we were sent, here are some sneaky peeks at our PJ Masks Super Moon party that we hosted for the kids and family friends, we were sent a bunch of supplies within the box including invites, a selection of games to play during the Twitter party, posters and goodies bags including sweets, bubbles, bouncy balls and PJ Masks goodies. The kids (and us!) had a whale of a time and you'll see more of what went on during the Twitter party on Wednesday 17th between 1pm and 3pm.

We set the table up ready for an intergalactic, space party complete with party rings and glow sticks for added fun! There was colouring, painting, racing of space vehicles and most importantly a chance to test out and play with the new PJ Masks toys. Luckily we had a few PJ Masks fans so these were well received.

As mentioned above, alot of time was spent racing the space rovers and booster vehicles, I have to say I had a go and they push along really smoothly meaning if you race them on a hard floor likes ours they go super fast and a fair distance. I was impressed that the PJ Masks characters actually stayed on the vehicles while being pushed around.

To further enhance the kids play with the other toys we were also sent the Deluxe PJ Masks Figure Set (RRP £34.99) * Existing Line* 

I loved this figurine set, so much included and although was great to use in conjunction with the other toys, played with independently it's also just as fabulous. I particularly loved the stacking Ninjalinos! There are the 3 PJ Masks and a whole other host of characters from the TV series. Presented beautifully in a clear plastic box you can see what you're getting and it really is a great set. Each figure is 7.5cm tall and comes with poseable arms and legs to keep the imaginative play going.

Finally, last but by no means least. The Mission Control HQ Playset (RRP £49.99) * New for Autumn*

The HQ playset is totally great I have to say, featuring 3 levels of play and action packed fun. The HQ features lights and sounds which include phrases from the show, a totally awesome spinning totem pole which you can simply attach a figurine to and press a button and watch then whirl around the pole at lightning speed to the bottom. 

Also included is a moveable feather dart and blaster and changeable screen, a working trap door and cage to trap those pesky villains as well as a built in shield, the fun is never ending. Included with the set is Catboy and Romeo and can fit any of the other of the 7.5cm figures. It is brilliant and well worth the money, Alfie has played with it so much and loves that it's interchangeable meaning more play ways with it.

Considering the size of it, surprisingly it doesn't take up to much room, it tucks nicely away in Alfie's room and tidies away nicely. There is nothing that we didn't like, as I said it is already well played with, well worth the cost and is a definite on any PJ Masks fan Christmas list.

Readily available from all major toys stores and online including Amazon and Very. These are going to be very popular over the festive season so get prepared to go on a Super Moon Adventure!

Remember to head over to Twitter to continue these celebrations with the fabulous and fun Twitter party happening with on Wednesday 17th October 1-3pm so you must come and join uk for chatter, competitions and prizes! #PJMasksToys

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, thanks so much!

Monday 8 October 2018

Zoomer Hungry Bunny *Review*

Meet Chewy.....our cute, lovable and interactive robot bunny! Zoomer hungry bunny eats, giggles and even poops as well as being a lovely little friend. 

Included in the box is one interactive bunny, a ton of paper food ready for hungry bunny to eat, a little storage basket and a treat tracer so you can ensure bunny always has a plentiful supply of treats. 

Elarna was so excited to receive Chewy, she absolutely adores animals and any toy that is interactive she really does love. The idea that she could feed her and then she'd poop it out provided much amusement! Less so to me who then had to clean the endless bits of confetti poop that appeared around the house!

There are a few things that Chewy does other than eat and poop, she chatters, wiggles her ears, her eyes light up, giggles, sings and you can play an interactive magical music game with her.

Chewy makes a great companion and Elarna loves keeping her near carrying the little treat basket with her. Although you are provided with 80 paper treats for the rabbit to munch on if your child enjoys feeding it as much as mine they won't last ages, however the treat tracer is included so you can make your own treats once the supplied amount is gone.

A colourful and interesting selection of treats below! Not what actual rabbits eat but Chewy loves the carrot, popsicle, fruit combo! Watch out for the poop confetti afterwards......

Retailing for around £29.99 it's not a bad price for an interactive toy, it's a nice little toy for encouraging a child to look after a pet, feed it, comfort it and generally look after it so if you're considering a pet and not too sure buy this first and see how your child gets on!

What did we love?

  • A lovely little toy to play with and provide amusement
  • I like that it encourages a child to be responsible for something
  • Cute, fluffy and endearing, great little gift!
  • Not a bad price for an interactive toy
  • That there is a treat tracer included to make sure they never run out of treats
Anything we weren't so keen on?

  • It would have been nice to available in a couple more colour varieties
  • Can become easily jammed if your child is a little over vigorous with feeding treats!

There are two varieties available, Chewy is all white and fluffy and Shreddy is pink with green ears. Both are so cute and adorable. Please scroll down for more photos of Elarna playing with her zoomer hungry bunny!

Chewy would make a great gift, perfect with Christmas coming up and readily available from many leading retailers.

* We were kindly sent a zoomer hungry bunny free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.