Thursday 30 July 2020

Roblox Series 8 *Review*

{Gifted Items} If you haven't heard of Roblox where have you been? This extremely popular, global online platform game has been developed to allow users to gather together and play with and against each other in an imaginative and pretty cool way. Users can actually generate their own games and can unleash a whole world of creative gaming. Alfie, who is 8 is just starting to get an interest in the online gaming world and Roblox is a really fun way to start for kids of his age. 

We were recently sent some of the new series 8 

What were we sent?

We were sent a selection of items that are featured below, these build upon the pre existing ranges so you can really expand your collection!

- 6 figure pack: Apocalypse Rising. Featuring 6 rag-tag survivors, those who want to survive the zombie will need to share weapons, supplies, wheels and ....danger!

- 1 game pack: ghost simulator. Fearless spirit hunters which are locked and loaded and ready to work!

- 2 x mystery figures: lots to collect and pretty much the ultimate Roblox collection, a must for anyone who enjoys surprise toys! Each also comes with a code for an exclusive virtual item that can be redeemed on Roblox.

- 1 x core figure (series 8). Bring home the most iconic Roblox characters from the imaginative world. These have interchangeable parts and accessories that can be changed with other characters that you can collect. These are great!

These are a must for any Roblox fan, they are a great addition to the range and imaginative and creative play away from the screen. I really like that many are interchangeable which provides extra playability. The toys are robust and will last, they are well made, are fun and engaging. My son loved them! Ranging in price these would make a great gift for a birthday or special occasion for any Roblox fan. Check them out at leading retailers and look out for them in your local supermarket. 

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest and unbiased review, all thoughts are my own.

Keeping Happy and Healthy.

*Oh it is a funny old time we are in at the moment isn't it. Sometimes I struggle to know what time, day and month it is! Some of us are not able to go out as much as we want, some of us are still working, some of us are turning to snacks to comfort us through these difficult and strange times. Many people as you know may be shielding or have been shielding and need help with obtaining their vital medications, using a safe online pharmacy this could be the answer they have been looking for safe and reliable medications order for all those sensitive and personal requirements. 

Eating habits have also taken a turn with people reaching for the snacks, not being as active as usual and daily life has generally been turned upside down. It is at this time still important to remember that leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle will benefit you greatly in the long run and although times are not quite what we're used to trying to keep a bit of a focus on this will be useful. One simple thing you could do to achieve this is to switch to a Polyphenol olive oil that is supercharged with goodness that can benefit your heart, skin, and immune system. Olive oil is something found in most homes, so switching to a healthier oil is a simple swap that you could consider.

In my day to day life as a Nurse I get asked alot about nutrition and deficiencies. I spend lots of time talking and discussing about how to get your 5 a day, keep a degree of activity and to have treats in moderation while at the same time enjoying your life. I often discuss about being nutritionally stable, however there are people who aren't and may need some extra support with getting the nutritional balance right and sometimes there are people who have an excess of certain vitamins.

So what can we do to keep healthy and happy? Well there are lots things, not only is leading a healthy lifestyle important for future benefits but also incredibly important to have a clear and healthy mind aswell. What else can you do to help with this?

- Keep active, as mentioned above, exercising as able is not only excellent for health benefits but you release endorphins which make you feel happy! Aim for 30 minutes a day, more if you can and getting a bit of a sweat on is even better. I promise you'll feel better for it. 

Image courtesy of Unsplash

- If you're not sure about what you may or may not be deficient in then perhaps some 

- Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, we know that getting out and about is so good for the soul and getting some vitamin D does wonders. 

- Find a hobby, this could be reading, cycling, drawing, playing an instrument or gardening, find a passion and you might just find this makes a huge difference to your mental health. 

Overall, it is all about finding that happy balance of leading a healthy lifestyle, enjoy treats in moderation and being cautious about what you put into your body. I would love to hear your thoughts, how do you lead a healthy and balanced life style?

Sunday 26 July 2020

To the End of Term.

Well it has been a very peculiar few months hasn't it. Now here we are at the end of the school term. Feels a bit odd really considering that just after lock down the children had several weeks at home! I usually write an end of term post to allow me to look back on the kids time at school, celebrate their achievements and enjoyment of their time at school, feels a bit different this year. 2020, the Corona year.

I feel just so sad this year that school has not been the same, especially for my youngest who had just started to find her feet in reception. Corona is very cruel that's for sure, stolen moments from my little one that she will never get these fun and enriching school days back. The 'firsts' that she should have experienced such as May day, class photos, sports day, school trips and the long awaited summer production. My son in year 3 who just adores school has not been able to thrive and develop as much as he should, and has really missed his mates, it is just all so rubbish!

The first couple of terms that they were at school were great, enriching and supportive and both were happy, Elarna took a little longer to find her feet than I hoped but she loved making new friends and really had started to increase her confidence but then Corona hit and the school shutting really was gutting. We had the choice to send them in as key worker children but decided against it to begin with. 

Once we knew that schools were taking more year groups back after several weeks of trying to home school we decided that it was the right time for them to go back. They have been in a key worker bubble ever since. It was absolutely the right decision to do and although a mixed year group bubble we made the right choice for sure as they have been happy and have been supported, coming out of school with the biggest smiles on their faces. It has not been without challenges, of course, although Alfie takes everything in his stride, Elarna been that bit younger took a while to process why things were different and asked us lots why she wasn't with all of her friends.  I had no doubt in my mind that the school would be a protective and supportive place to be and could provide them with some educational aspect that we have been struggling with due to working.

I am gutted that this is the end of term,it feels really heart wrenching. I have tried hard not to over think and dwell too much on it as 1. the situation is out of our control and 2 . we are not the only people in this situation. I am just so grateful that the school that my 2 attend is fabulous and created a warm, safe and supportive environment for those who did go to school. Both have created a whole wealth of memories and to all the staff involved I am truly grateful. There have been many smiles and happy times for them, they have done a whole lot of enriching things amongst some crucial learning. It really has been a god send for us.

So for now we have 6 weeks of family time ahead of us, still the unknown I would say but hopefully we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are heading away for a couple of weeks after some uhhming and ahhing, it will give us a some much needed r&r and will be nice to be away from the UK for a bit. So I guess here is to the end of term and on to year 1 and year 4!!

Friday 24 July 2020

Revamping your Home with Wooden Flooring.

*So you have made the decision to revamp your house, this could be as simple as painting the walls, changing the colour, changing the decor around or just adding a few new accessories. My husband and I have always discussed introducing some wooden flooring into our house, it is definitely something we will consider for the future especially as we are hoping to redo some of our house soon. Sometimes just the smallest changes can really make a difference to your house. However, you may want a bigger change, you may want to totally re-design your home and perhaps the soloution could be to change the flooring. In our house we have always thought about the idea of solid wood flooring, there is something so luxurious and designer about having wooden flooring, it can be so decadent and really make your house look fabulous. Here are some points as to why you should consider solid wood flooring!

- As mentioned above it looks fabulous, it really adds a wow factor to your home and can look quite dramatic perhaps adding it to an entrance hall. 

- It is long lasting and robust, ideal if you have a busy family life as it will last for a long time and withstands alot of wear and tear.

- You can add a variety of rugs to add some interest to the flooring, can make it looks super pretty too.

- Easy to clean and maintain which is always a bonus and withstands alot!

- With a wide range and colours and choice of finishes there is something to suit everyone and also available in many budgets so there is something for everyone.

- I would suggest ordering a free sample to see what you are purchasing and make sure you are happy with the wood and colour choice

- Looks distinctive and unique, really can make a house look beautiful.

- Feels lovely underfoot and some wooden flooring can even withstand underfloor heating too which is amazing!

There are so many amazing choices and it really could be a fantastic choice if you are wanting long lasting and tough, durable flooring. 

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Spruce Up Your Mornings with Style.

{Collaborative Content} When you think about it, the morning should be one of the most sacred times of the day. We’re not speaking from a religious perspective, you see, rather than your first greeting of the day should be a moment for celebration and peace, not a mad rush to prepare everything for the day ahead.

Of course, if you have a career, or run a family, this can sound pretty rich. But the truth is that if you can afford to, taking the time to spend a little part of your morning in reflection, or correctly preparing for the day ahead, can be a great use of your time. But how can you spruce up your mornings with style? Is there a formula? Or do you just go about it how you feel like? In the following post, we’ll recommend three tidbits of advice that we believe could be instrumental in helping you feel more awake, more appreciative, and more yourself each day.

That has to be a great life addition, doesn’t it?

A Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Finding that perfect cup of coffee can be a great use of your time, because when you sip it first thing in the morning, you’ll know you’re indulging in a worthwhile treat. Not only this, but whole bean coffee can help you enjoy a nice, manageable caffeine buzz alongside that great taste, giving you the means to wake up, feel more connected to yourself, and generally open your eyes wider to the day ahead. For that reason, this is a worthy investment and a great means of greeting the day.

Deep Breathing & Heading Outside

Deep breathing through your nose, and heading outside into the garden can be a great idea. You can slowly breathe in and out, allowing the cold air to enter your lungs, helping you become alert, refreshed, meditative and motivated. You may think this is unnecessary, as we’re all breathing 24/7 in the first place. But directed, deep breaths such as this can actually help you feel more powerful and energetic, and there is plenty of scientific literature supporting this statement. The power of breath is not something to be ignored, and as such can provide a great start to your day.

Stretching & Exercises

A few simple stretches can help you feel more connected to your body, and it’ll also help you work out some of the kinks from laying down all night. A few exercises can be a great use of your time too, such as performing a few press ups, squats, and isometric exercises against a wall. When you feel the heat, even temporarily, you’re sure to wake yourself up and engage your brain. This way, you needn’t enter the office or start work with a sense of brain fog or tiredness - you’ll have already gotten rid of the cobwebs.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily spruce up your mornings with style. You deserve it.

Sunday 12 July 2020

Parquet Flooring? Another Option to Consider.

* In the last couple of posts I have discussed the option of solid wood flooring and engineered wooden flooring, but what about the option of parquet flooring. This type of flooring can give some very unique and beautiful looking effects with a room, a little bit different and can really look superb. 

Parquet flooring is quite a complicated piece of flooring, made up of lots of very thin pieces of wood its overall appearance is sophisticated and elegant. The top layer is comprised of top quality and carefully selected wood, this is known as the 'wear layer', this can even be sanded if needed. Underneath this layer is an advanced body that absorbs the impact and guarantees to be high stability for this type of flooring.This flooring gives a different look to the traditional wooden choices, it is also compatible with under floor heating making it a good selection if you were considering this. This type of flooring is also stable and durable and therefore a great choice in a family home. 

There is a wide choice of designs, colours and availablity over at Flooring 365 and with a range of price brackets there is something for everyone and to match your budget. You can even request a free sample before making your decision to ensure you are happy with your choice. 

Flooring really can make a house a home and taking the time to decide on what is right for you is worth it in the long run. Have you got parquet flooring in your house? What do you think of it?

Friday 10 July 2020

Engineered Wood or Solid Wood Flooring?

* As discussed in my previous post, using wooden flooring is a great choice when revamping your home space and introducing a new style of decor. Did you know there are many varieties of types of wooden flooring available to choose. There is the standard solid wooden floor and there is engineered wooden flooring to mention a few. This type of flooring is long lasting, durable and moisture resistant with a top quality finish and looks really fantastic. 

Engineered wooden flooring is a great alternative to solid wood, as well as having the same great high quality look about it and finish it is actually lower maintenance and is more durable in the sense that heat and moisture don't affect it as much. Created from real wood it gives the same effect and look but instead of being one plank of 'pure' wood it is actually constructed from multiple layers of different timber.The top layer gives the most beautiful effect being as it is made from the highest quality, this gives the final effects, the rest of the layers are compressed together under high pressure to ensure a stable, durable and stable floorboard. The effect really is quite lovely. 

As mentioned above this type of flooring is much more adaptable and durable,this flooring can actually be used over under floor heating, which would usually damage other types of wood flooring. How cool is that! It is a very popular choice and over at Flooring 365 you can see they have a large range to choose from and you can even request a free sample to try before you buy. It is always good to see these things in 'real life' to ensure you are getting the desired wooden effect. 

Engineered wooden flooring is designed to last for many, many decades. It is a long lasting choice and perhaps the one to consider if you are using in a room that has lots of use. If you are thinking about this ensure you get the advice and ask any questions you may have. Would you consider engineered wooden flooring?

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Flooring.

* Wouldn't you agree that wooden flooring looks so nice, it is so luxurious and exudes glamour. There is something that just screams smart and modern when walking into a room with beautiful, sleek wooden flooring. It can of course be quite tricky deciding on the right shade, type, style and look you want to achieve, surprisingly there is quite alot of choice and over at Flooring 365 you will see there is a large range to choose from and to suit your budget. In this post I have put together a selection of tips to help you out when deciding to go for wooden flooring!

- Firstly, decide on a budget and try not to veer too much over it despite how much you want to! Ask to see pieces within your budget.

- What sort of look would you like to achieve? Scandi chic? Vintage? Modern? Sleek? There are so many options and it pays to take some time to look at some pictures and do your research to ensure that the end result is what you set out to achieve. 

- Choose a reputable and professional company. Ask questions, discuss your requirements and be open to suggestions. 

- Decide if you are fitting yourself or having a fitter in, depends on your time scale I would say! Also because it is a natural living product it's worth remebering that it will shrink and expand so getting the professionals in to fit this may be the best option.

- Order some samples, what you see in real life may not be what you were expecting and being able to see if and feel it will help with the vision of the finished floor.

Overall there is more to conisder than perhaps you might think. Ultimately, wooden flooring is both luxurious and traditional, it can last an incredibly long time if taken care of and looks beautiful. Have you got any further tips to share?

Thursday 2 July 2020

A Bundle of Fun with Ideal Games! *Review & Competition*

{Gifted Items} Is there anything better than playing games as a family? There is something about sitting down together as a family unit and having lots of fun and connecting over playing a game, I do love it. We often play games when we are away on holiday, I find it such a fun thing to do. 

We were recently sent a fabulous selection of games to play and these came in handy for Father's Day as an extra gift and as it looked a little different this year they were welcome, the day wasn't bad but not how it would usually be. We made the best of the situtation, enjoyed the weather and played a few games in the garden which was great. We were recently sent a fab bundle of games to add to our collection from Ideal Games, this was the perfect bundle for us to enjoy as a family and play together. Carry on reading, there is a chance to win Grabolo, one of the most fun and family games I've played for a while!

Included in our products were some family favourite's. 
- Grabolo (fast paced match and grab)
- Rummikub (strategy number game)
- Stare Off (competitive staring game)
- Tetris 3D (brainteaser puzzle game)
- Rubiks Revolution (a twist on the classic Rubiks cube!)

Rummikub is such a fun game to play, if you've never played it before it is fairly easy to play and surprisingly addictive. We are yet to play stare off but it sounds such a lot of fun and a giggle. Tetris 3D and Rubiks Revoloution are brilliant and my husband loved the twist on these as is a fan of the original ones. 

Grabolo was an absolute hit. It is very simple to learn and is great for the kids, I actually felt it was very  useful for hand/eye co-ordination haha. We had such fun playing it. Simply roll the dice to determine the combination of colour and shape that you have to grab, but speed is of the essence, find it and grab it. It is fast paced and a very fun game, suitable for all the family. We have one up for grabs.....head to the bottom of the post on how to enter and win.

We found Grabalo great to play with the children, the concept was fairly simple to pick up and lots of fun was had. The other games a little more advanced but I think something they can get involved with when they are a bit older, Rummikub I think will be great to play with Alfie as he is that bit older. Overall, we had such a great time playing games as a family and look forward to another weekend where we can do it again.  So if you fancy the sound of winning Grabolo entry is via the Rafflecopter below.

- Enter via Rafflocopter and the options included.
-Leave a valid email so that I can contact you with the winner. 
- Prize will be sent out by the company, I cannot be held be responsible for this part.
- No cash alternative.
- UK entries only please.

Good luck and fingers crossed!

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