Monday 30 September 2019

Settling into School with Kindi Kids

{Gifted} Elarna is now well on her way to settling into school life, she is on her 3rd full week at school and I think reality is now dawning on her that she is there in it for the long run and the novelty has worn off some what. She is tired, a bit grumpy on an evening but overall is enjoying school. She is comforted that on returning home from school she has her little buddy Marsha Mello of the Kindi Kids.

The Kindi Kids are designed to help your pre schooler to settle in to school and bring their world alive with friendship and play. The Kindi Kids are also just starting at kindergarten/school so will be a friend along the way. Designed to encourage friendship, humour, imagination and discovery the Kindi Kids are a great way of encouraging your little one with the step to 'big' school which for a little one can be very daunting. 

We received Marsha Mello, a little softy who is sweet as candy, she loves all things cute. She comes with a babycino and a cakepop.....yum. There are others available in the collection, Peppamint, Donatina and Jessicake each with their own unique and colourful design and little extras to encourage more imaginative play. We were also very kindly sent the amazing supermarket play set and trolley, all these products are designed with the child in mind and to encourage playing and making friends. The supermarket comes with an assortment of shopkins and interactive features such a scanner, shop and drop conveyor belt, a little storage area, basket to go shopping with and some coins to check out!

Elarna absolutely adores Marsha Mello and the supermarket and trolley, she has enjoyed playing with them so much and she carries Marsha Mello around with her, I find it really reassuring that she loves role playing so much and she's really been enjoying this aspect at school also. 

What did we love about Kindi Kids?

- The attention to detail and concept is fantastic. Each character has its own personality and the design of the dolls is so cute with their big glittery eyes, hair accessories, changeable clothes, removable boots and wobbly bobbly heads. 

- I love the size of the doll and the supermarket and trolley, they are the perfect size for young children to play with and  be free with their imagination. 

- There was next to no setting up of the toys, simply take them out of the packaging and get playing, thank goodness because I hate faffing around with loads of unpacking!

- The price is reasonable, for the amount that these have been played with in out house they have been well worth the money.

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- I would have liked to see a couple more shopping items included in the supermarket, I would also love the ability to purchase more items to add for the market but at the moment there doesn't seem to be any available. 

- The trolley is basic for the price, there are only 2 items included which I felt was a bit rubbish, it would have been nice to see a few more items included. 

Overall, we absolutely loved the Kindi Kids, Elarna loves having a little friend waiting for her when she gets home and has played with them an awful not. She is a child that adores role playing and her imagination is growing day by day and this is echoed in her play. I love watching this side of her develop and hopefully we will be able to add the to Kindi Kids collection at some point soon! 

The Kindi Kids collection is available from leading retailers and vary in price. The dolls cost £24.99, the trolley is £14.99 and the supermarket is £29.99, there is also a refrigerator available also to buy for £19.99 which is also interactive and looks great. I have added a few more pictures below of the items to get a better idea of the bright colours and what they look like close up. Overall we adore them!

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts are my own.

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Managing Stress.

{Ad} We all get a little stressed out from time to time. The modern world is a busy one. You might be running a business or going out to work, managing a side hustle, looking after your children and other family members, cooking, cleaning, taking care of your friends and trying to tackle home improvements. It doesn’t often leave much time for yourself, and it’s only natural to feel as though it’s all too much. We often start to feel tense after working for too long without a break, taking too much on, or going through a particularly tough time at home or at work. It’s normal, but that doesn’t make it pleasant.

Some people can brush their stress off, block it out and move on. But, not everyone finds this easy. You might find that your stress overpowers you. That you get stuck in a cycle of stress and tension, and that you struggle to break free. You might feel as though your stress is managing you, taking over your days and your every thought. When this happens, you might struggle to sleep, find it hard to enjoy your daily routines, and withdraw from seeing the people and doing the things that you love. Finding ways to manage your stress better can mean that you can move past it, feel happier and more relaxed, and even healthier. Here are some of the things that you can do to better manage your stress.

Take Some Time For Yourself Every Day

Do you always put everyone else first? Have you got a to-do list that leaves little time for rest? Are you the sort of person that can’t leave a dirty plate or crumbs on the side? When everything is under control, this can be great. But, it’s a delicate balance that is easily thrown off-kilter.

Stop trying to do it all. When you are feeling stressed out, ask yourself if it really matters if you leave the washing for a day? Do you need to complete your to-do list, or could you leave some tasks?

Make time for yourself, every single day, no matter how busy you are. This might be reading for a while before bed, taking a hot bubble bath, listening to music, going out for lunch, or taking a short walk. Anything that’s just for you that makes you feel better.


Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health, boost your confidence and ease your stress. Try to get into a routine with exercise, doing things that you enjoy. Burn off negative energy, tension and poor mood with activity, and you’ll feel much less stressed out.

Make Some Healthy Changes

If you smoke, shisha kits are available to get you started on making a change and kicking a habit. Making healthy swaps with what you eat, drink, and how you spend your time can all help. Looking after yourself will reduce your stress and boost your mood.

Write Things Down

We’re often guilty of internalising our worries. We can struggle to talk about things, and then, they get worse in our heads. So, get them out. Write your fears down if you don’t feel ready to talk.  

Tuesday 17 September 2019

Travelling with Portable Oxygen, it can be done!

{Ad/collaborative} Working in healthcare I occasionally see patients that require oxygen at home and when out and about. It can be daunting and difficult to adjust to life when using oxygen, they can be cumbersome and impractical but of course a necessity in certain people's life. It can be an uncertain and anxious time for a patient that has been advised may need a little helping hand with their breathing and oxygen levels, however being able to use portable oxygen means that actually life can go on and travelling within the UK and abroad is absolutely an option. Below I have compiled some tips for when using portable oxygen and travelling.

- Use a reputable supplier. Someone who is willing to answer questions and queries and can advise on what can and can't be taken out of the country. Did you know that you are not able to take NHS concentrators out of the country however there are other options available such as The Oxygen Store which will enable you to do so. 

- You can fly with oxygen, there are a number of FAA approved portable oxygen concentrators that can be used (see website for further information) which is amazing to support and empower the person using the cylinders. 

- Although a NHS prescription is not required when purchasing oxygen a reputable company will make sure that you have medical supervision or are under GP/consultant care.

- When travelling with oxygen it is important to pre plan and think ahead. A signature is likely to be required and a fitness to fly/travel may need to be obtained. So it's important to have an open dialogue with your healthcare professional to ensure that they are happy to give you clearance to fly.

- Make sure you ask any questions that you are unsure about! Reputable companies and healthcare professionals are there to offer advice and answer any questions that you may have.

It's so vital that people that use oxygen feel empowered and encouraged to lead as normal a life as possible. Life can go on and with the use of portable oxygen it can enable a person to try and lead as normal a life as possible. 

Monday 16 September 2019

Big School for my Baby Girl.

I never thought the day would come. It barely seems 5 minutes ago since I was writing a post for Alfie when he started school and yet here I am about to wave my littlest off to reception. I remember feeling weird when Alfie started, a funny feeling in my tummy all kind of anxieties mixed with excitement for them. This time I feel a little bit sad. My 2nd born and potentially my last born is heading off into reception and I am going miss my little shadow SO much. 

Her uniform is ready and waiting, she has been SO excited to wear it! The name labels are on and the shoes are shiny and pristine, patent of course just as she wanted. The book bag is waiting to be filled with all manner of bits and bobs and there is a sense of excitement from my youngest. She's looking forward to starting, not really like Alfie who was a little nervy and reluctant, Elarna is raring to go, wanting to make friends and play......of course play as reception is all about learning through play! I am not entirely convinced she realises that school is going be a 5 day a week thing for the next few years but for the moment I will let her enjoy her reception days and the illusion that all she will do it play all day! 

I never in a million years thought that the years would speed by quite so quickly, when Alfie started school I remember thinking we have got ages before Elarna starts school, she was just a toddler and it felt such a long way enough yet here we are. I do feel weirdly sad about it, mostly because for the past 4 years I have been lucky enough to work part time and have enjoyed 2 days at home with her which is what I always wanted. She has been my little shadow, my cuddle monster, my little helper and over all my company. I am really, really going to miss having her around on my days off. I will miss that little voice 'mummy can I have a drink', 'mummy can you play with me?', 'mummy I love you!!'. I can fill the time, of course I can, I can write more, I can clean without feeling guilt of using a tablet to occupy my child, I can enjoy some trips out to the shops without having to think about packing snacks, wipes etc, I can work more and can focus on studying for up and coming courses but they still won't fill the void and I am going to miss our mummy and daughter time. So many people have said 'have a third' and although I wouldn't rule it out my husband is not really sold on the idea so I have to face facts this this is possibly, probably my last child who is now at school. 

She is going to thrive, I know it, I worry that she might be a bit of a bossy boots and may not listen but I guess we will find out! She is going to make loads of new friends which I know she is delighted about and I think she is really going to enjoy her time at school, plus her big brother is there which is a nice reassurance for us.

So this is for you my darling, work hard and enjoy your school days as much as I will miss you tons I look forward to you developing into an independent little girl. Love you Princess! 

Tuesday 10 September 2019

Small Things that Could Improve your Wellbeing

{Ad} Nobody feels perfectly healthy 24/7. It’s natural for your wellbeing to fluctuate. Still, that doesn’t mean you should ignore problems with your health. It’s important to try to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that you’re physically and mentally stronger when you do experience dips in your mood or your bodily state. Sometimes we all need a little pick me up in this demanding modern world. Many of us put our health issues on the back-burner because we’re “too busy” to deal with them. Well, it’s time to stop that. Here are some small things that could improve your wellbeing.

Sleeping better.
Sleep doesn’t seem to be viewed as an important thing in the modern world. We all have so much to do that many of us seem to be denying ourselves a good night’s rest. But sleep deprivation is only going to make you less productive. That morning cup of coffee might give you a boost, but a lack of rest will still slow your metabolism, weaken your immune system, and exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety. So, you’ll be able to get much less done if your mood is suffering and you’re more prone to colds and illnesses.

Sleeping better will improve your health. It’s the key to improving your physical and mental wellbeing on so many levels. You’ll feel more alert, your mental health will improve, and your body will stay healthier. If you’re trying to eat healthily and exercise, you’ll only see results once you fix your sleeping pattern, too. Again, sleep deprivation can slow your metabolism, so you’ll struggle to gain and maintain a healthy weight if you’re not getting 8 hours of rest every night. Try to avoid stimulants before sleeping. Read a book instead of watching TV, avoid coffee, and don’t eat within an hour of going to bed.

Quit bad habits.
To clarify, indulging in occasional unhealthy snacks isn’t going to ruin your health routine although, if you were worried about this, you may wish to look into a supplement that could help you to shift any weight you don't want (you could start by reading these Bio X4 reviews to see if this could be an option for you). In any case, whether it's food, or any other lifestyle choices, moderation is the key to looking after yourself. Denying yourself the things you enjoy will only make you unhappy, and that’s bad for your mental health. But you definitely need to get the balance right, and it might be time to quit any bad habits you’ve developed. Most people drink a little bit of alcohol on a regular basis, but if you think you’re drinking too much, then it’s time to stop. Mental health issues are often at the root of our addictive behaviour, whether you smoke too many cigarettes or eat too much junk food, for example. But there are healthier ways to address feelings of stress and anxiety. You could consider marijuana if it’s legal in your country because medicinal cannabis use is becoming common. It could help to alleviate both mental and physical health problems that you might be experiencing.

Exercise every day.
If you spend all week sitting at a desk and all weekend sitting on the sofa, then it’s time to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Physical activity is important for everyone. Staying fit won’t just improve your weight; it’ll improve your mental health, too. Staying inside all day can make you feel grouchy, so just getting out for a quick walk could improve your physical and mental state. You could start tracking your step count and setting yourself the goal of hitting 10,000 steps on a daily basis. That’ll definitely encourage you to get outside and start moving about. Remember, it can improve your emotional wellbeing as well as your physical wellbeing.

Sunday 8 September 2019

5 Things you Need for a Housewarming Party!

{ad} You’ve just moved into your home, and that’s a reason to celebrate, right? So it’s now time to gather all your friends and family to put on a party! Here are five things you need for a house warming party.

With any party, there need to be invitations! Even though you have Facebook to help you out with hosting events, not everyone is on social media nowadays. So, it’s worth sending out official invitations through the post so everyone you invite, knows that they’ve been invited. With invitations, you can have fun by doing a quirky design to celebrate this occasion. It could be something personable that you’ve designed yourself or you can get templates online or buy them in bulk from various websites.

Outdoor And Indoor Decor
Even though you’re celebrating your new home, it’s still good to get some indoor and outdoor decor to help transform the place and to give it that party feel. Use this garden party preparation checklist to get started on what you’ll need. Aim for something tasteful, but that reflects your personality as a household. You may want to stick to a certain theme, and you could even think about having a dress code if you’re thinking of pushing the boat out.

Provide Some Entertainment
The entertainment is something you want to plan ahead with, especially if you’re thinking of making it a fun event. A magician is a good suggestion because this act can go around the party, mingling with guests and providing everyone a unique experience that you wouldn’t normally get for a traditional house party. You may want music at your house warming but opt for a DJ if you don’t want to be spending the evening going back and forth to your music station to change a song.

Put On A Spread
Food is definitely the way to your guest's hearts, so don’t let this aspect of the party go ignored. Think about what type of spread you’d like to put on, whether that’s a sit-down dinner, a BBQ outside if it’s warm enough or a finger buffet. Depending on the weather and sizing of your house, this could vary. It might be worth prepping this a week ahead, particularly if there’s a serious amount of cooking involved. You may want to think about planning ahead for it.

And finally, if you’re providing the food, you shouldn’t also expect to provide everyone with a drink. That might be something you want to do but don’t forget that this is your party too, so maybe ask your guests to bring their own drink! You could provide any mixers because these are cheap enough to buy in bulk. So they only need to bring the spirits, so they’re saving some money.

A housewarming party is certainly a significant event that’s worth celebrating, so get planning the event to make it special. Consider the food and drink, the entertainment and don’t forget to send out the invitations, else no one will come...