Sunday 16 August 2015

Sunday Style #3

It's the third Sunday style, it soon comes around! This week I am featuring Alfie and Elarna again. With a little bit of gentle persuasion (pretty much, Alfie jump in air, whooo, jump again, yey seemed to result in some smiles!) I managed to get a reasonably good picture of Alfie in his party wear. He was spending the day at a 3rd birthday party of our close friends and their little boy, sadly, due to illness I was unable to attend (pouty lip) but I did get him dressed before he went. 

I love this outfit, the car shirt is just so lovely on and I'm sure you'll never guess where it's from ..................

Car Print Shirt (£11.00)  - Next (current season)

Navy Chino Shorts (£8.00) - Next (current season)

Trainers (£35.00) - Clarks

I love putting him in shirts when I can and Next always do such fun designs, we have several in his wardrobe!

The weather has been a little odd this week, I haven't known whether we're coming or going. One minute it's hot the next it's pouring so I've not really been too sure what to dress Elarna in. I have pretty much been settling on leggings but with a dress over the top so that if it is really hot I can just take her leggings off and have her in just the dress. I've chosen a summery yet casual outfit for this weeks Sunday style.

Yellow dress (bought in the Next sale)

White Leggings (can't remember cost) - George Baby

Watermelon Headband (£1.29) - Ebay

Flowery Dribble Bib (unknown cost) - Nutmeg

We then had a change in headband as the postman arrived and delivered the beautiful flower band as recommended by Leanne from A Slice of my Life Wales. For just 99p from Ebay again, what's not to like! We are loving a bit of flower power, my husband hmmmm,he's not so sure. 

That's our Sunday style for this week, what have you been dressing your tots in?

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  1. Such beautiful children!
    Alfie's car shirt is fab, it looks super cute on him! Of course, I love Elarna's headband :)

    Thanks for linking up with #WhatMyBabyWore

  2. Oohh I love the flower headband! That's the only problem with having a boy, there aren't as many accessories! Alfie's shirt is super cute though. Next is great for boys' clothes.
    Alana x

  3. Aw what gorgeous kids! Loving both the outfits. Alfie's shirt is fab. Love the print and the style of it, it fits really well! And it also goes really well with the chino shorts. What a great little party outfit. He looks super happy with it too! How cute is that flower headband! She really suits it! What a pretty little girlie. Such a sweet little dress. We have it for Isla too. I love how bright it is. Thank you so much for linking up with us lovey and hope you had a great weekend :) xx #weekendministyle

    PS. Sorry for the late comment - wifi issues whilst we were away this weekend!

  4. A's shirt is so cute! I think E's sunny outfit and her headband steal the show though! #TT_Thursday

  5. What lovely outfits. I love the next boys wear..I love to by my nephew things from it! Elarna is looking so cute I love the headbands x #tt_thursday

  6. I love the car shirt! I love my little boy in shirts too, will have to have a look in Next soon. I love Elarna's yellow dress, and the headbands wo cute!! Xx

  7. They are all beautiful outfits, loving Elarna's headbands! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  8. Love the cars shirt and the flower headband is mega cute,


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