Thursday 13 August 2015

Relationships. Making it Work.

My husband is my best friend. He has to be, we've been together for so long.  For our relationship to work we have to have a friendship as well as our relationship. We've been through some rocky patches as most couple's have, you'd be lying if you said you haven't. Money trouble, adjusting to being parents, family issues and general relationship battle's could have broken us, but it hasn't and here we are, 5 years of marriage and 15 years in total being in a relationship. We make it work through the tough times and cherish the great times. I think that's why we have such a solid relationship.

To keep the magic in a relationship can be a bit of an effort but if you're both willing to work together and make sacrifice's it helps for sure. According to TheCircle, a great way to do this is to detach and focus on what you're doing. Some suggested ideas are as follows: 

Be patient: I'm not the most patient person and am well known to throw an almighty strop at times but my husband generally knows to give me space and give me time to get over it. This can come in useful in delicate situations, especially in bed. We all struggle with confidence issues once in a while, so on the days when things aren't totally working down there, it's important not to get annoyed or frustrated with each other. Sometimes, it really is down to being tired or having a headache. Of course, sometimes there may be hormonal issues at play, in which case an ED Clinic Delray Beach (or elsewhere) might come in handy. They can discuss potential treatments that should hopefully resolve any issues that have been going on for a while. Otherwise, it's just a case of cuddling until you both feel ready again!

Be ready to put yourself last now and then: In our household we are pretty much ruled by the children so these days we're used to coming way down the pecking order. Sometimes though a little cuddle or kiss from my husband keeps our relationship on track, It's the simple things!

Have a life of your own: This is important to us. We all have different interests and hobbies and allowing each of us to do them in our own time when possible massively helps our relationship. Just the other week I was given the afternoon off (so to speak, ha!) to go to lunch and the cinema with my best friend while hubby looked after the children. I cannot tell you how much this helped me relax and made me more positive in the coming days, I guess I owe him one now though? Hey, that's what helps a great relationship, a bit of give and take. 

Listen to your partner: I have to admit, this is one that we don't often do. Sometimes we have a bad habit of talking over each other when trying to get our points across and it both gets on our nerves! However, one of the things that I liked about my husband when I first met him that he was an individual with his own thoughts and opinions and was willing to voice them. I liked that he didn't follow the crowd as I perhaps did and actually he pulled me out a bad situation more than once. So if I ever need advice he's the first person I turn to (and most of the time listen to him). 

Sometimes relationships do need a little guidance and it can be hard to know where to turn, so if you are in need of advice perhaps TheCircle can help and offer some advice to point you in the right direction. With it being 'romance awareness' month throughout August it's the perfect opportunity to make some time for your relationship and keep the spark alive.

How do you make your relationship work? Any advice?

* Collaborative post.

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