Wednesday 27 February 2019

Zuru Surprise Toys Season 2 *Review*

* AD (gifted). Surprise toys are one of THE biggest hits with kids these days, my two love them, there is something about being able to unwrap little gifts that they seem to find very enjoyable. I like the concept, it's a great idea as it's like the gift that keeps on giving and you never really know what you're going to receive. We have recently been sent some of the newly launched Zuru 5 Surprise Toys (season 2) for the kids to test out!

The Zuru 5 surprise toys are round surprise treats with orange like segments hiding 5 little toys or items, tightly wrapped there is no give away as to what is inside the segments, these are also covered with a wrapper sealing each segment. Currently available in pink and blue with boy/girl themes which some parents may not be overly keen on if you prefer to have gender neutral toys. I'm not overly fussed and looking at the contents my 2 would have chosen those options anyway.

They couldn't wait to get into them, however as mentioned the outside sleeve is quite tough for little ones to remove so I did need to assist. Once off it looks like a that very famous variety of chocolate orange! Simply pop the segments apart and the child can then open them revealing what is inside. I didn't really have a clue what was going to be inside but was pleasantly surprised, more so with the pink 5 surprise items which you can see further in the post.

There are hundreds of toys available to collect meaning there is less chance of finding the same toys, unbelievably in Elarna's she did find 2 of the same toy, a ring but she wasn't overly fussed by this.

So my two decided to take each segment out but I have later discovered that if you pull the little connecting bit out from the tops of the ball 1st the segments fall as if it were an orange, not a massive problem but might make it a bit easier to separate the segments.

Once opened we found a great selection of little toys. There was a couple of felt tips, little princesses that you put the skirt on, some cute kittens, a keyring, some stickers, an aeroplane, 2 x rings, a push along car, a chomping shark and some little cupcake dolls. Within in the 5 surprise there is also a leaflet containing images of all available toys that can be found, so if you're child is a collector it's easy to see what they have or haven't got. As mentioned above, there is no way to know what is within the ball and the chances of finding the same toy is quite slim - although Elarna did get 2 purple felt tips and 2 of the same ring but I do generally think the chances of this is quite low really.

Overall, I think the quality of the items within the 'girl' 5 surprise were of a much better quality and selection than the 'boy' one but I guess this is quite subjective and Alfie loved the little car and aeroplane and shark. Elarna thought the whole thing was fabulous and was more than happy with her selection and loves making up little stories with the cupcake dolls and princesses.

Retailing at around £5.00 and available from leading retailers these would make a great gift or surprise for a child, they could even be given away as a party favour instead of party bags! We love the element of surprise and mostly I felt the little gifts inside were age appropriate and items that could be either reused or played with over and over. There were a couple of disappointment, I think the felt tips and stickers were not as interesting for my kids that the actual little toys but otherwise this would be my only negative point.

What did we love about the Zuru 5 surprise?

- Cute and quirky, we liked the orange like segments!

- The gift that keeps on giving!

- So many surprises to be found 

- Lots of fun to open and entertaining

- Value for money

Anything we weren't so keen on?

- Mostly, for me as both as an adult and parent is the waste from the packaging, there really is no use for the sections after the toys were removed, I tried to think of something but in the end they were chucked away, I was unclear if they could be recycled which bothered me somewhat as I felt it really was quite wasteful and I do try my best to recycle where I can

- Some of the items included aren't great but the kids seemed happy and that's all that matters

- That currently there seems to be only blue or pink available, some different coloured options would be good

Overall they are something that I would likely purchase again, these kind of toys do seem to appeal to my children and would make a good reward. Available from leading retailers I'm sure we will continue to see items like this feature heavily in the next few years! 

* Please note we were kindly sent the items free of charge along with a few other bits and pieces in exchange for a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Monday 18 February 2019

Eyebrow Transplantation Anyone?

Eyebrow transplantation is a precise science. It is up to very skilled surgeons along with the patient's own preference to determine the best look to achieve. Then it is up to the surgeon to achieve that look. The surgeon will commonly use the FUE or the FUG/strip technique to complete the Eyebrow Transplant. This treatment will give the patient natural real living and growing eyebrows that will last a lifetime.

What is FUG/Strip Technique?

The Follicular Unit Grafting/Strip Technique is when a surgically removed strip of skin with a healthy population of hair on it is removed from an area on the body. It is then viewed under a microscope to determine the best way to dissect it for implantation. Once it is dissected, it is then ready to be implanted into the receiving area. When it is implanted it is secured in a way so that the hair will grow through the scar tissue so that the scar will never be visible.

What is the FUE Technique?

The Follicular Unit Extraction Technique is a process where a surgeon takes an instrument and cut out circular spots on the back and sides of the head. These areas are chosen because they usually have healthier hair growth than other areas on the head. Once enough grafting specimens are collected the areas where they were taken from are left open. They are 1mm in diameter and they heal in a few days. A good candidate for FUE is someone that has thin hair. Since the round scars do not show up or aren't as noticeable as the line scares that the FUG Technique leaves behind. Most people with thin hair prefer the FUE Technique.

During your consultation, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein will discuss with you your own personal preferences so that he can create your own personal look. He will use anywhere from 50 to 500 grafts to create for you a completely customized eyebrow that you will love. Your comfort is ensured by giving you a sedative and administering you anesthesia by using a computerized device called The Wand. The Wand ensures your comfort by administering anesthesia and making sure that you aren't able to feel any sensation.

When deciding where to take the grafts from consideration of how thick your hair is, is taken into consideration. Thinner hair is needed to match the hair of your eyebrow. Hair will probably be taken from the lower part of the back of your head. After the grafts are removed the doctor then prepares the receiving areas. He will decide the best way to implant them for the best growth possible so that they will conform to the natural growth of your eyebrow's natural growth. He will also ensure that you get the shape of eyebrow you agreed upon during the consultation.

What Is The Procedure Like?

A procedure usually lasts around 4 hours and it results in very mild discomfort. You are given a sedative, as mentioned before, and The Wand is used to make sure you cannot feel the procedure. The grafted hair is implanted piece by piece and it is given plenty of time to set. The doctor will check the progress of the hair multiple times and make sure that it has adhered to its implanted area. During this time the shape of the eyebrow and the fullness of the eyebrow is discussed by the doctor and patient to make sure the desired result has been achieved. The customer's happiness is the number one goal of Doctor Jeffrey Epstein's and he will not stop until he has achieved perfection. The whole procedure usually takes about 5 hours to complete. Once the customer is thrilled, the patient is discharged.

What Should I Expect After Surgery?

After surgery, you can expect some crust around the newly implanted hair in your new eyebrow. Some redness or pinkness can also be experienced for about a week after the surgery. This can be covered up by a little bit of makeup if needed. Some patients might experience significant bruising and swelling around the eyes, but it is more common to only have a little bit of bruising. This will go away in a few days. If the FUG Technique was used then the sutures will dissolve on their own in the matter of several weeks. They do not need to be removed. You should expect a fine scare from using the FUG Technique. If you used the FUE Technique then you should not expect any scaring and there are no sutures.

What Happens After The Transplant?

After the transplant, the newly transplanted hairs will fall out at about 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. Don't panic though. They will grow back in at about 4 months after the surgery. Once they grow back in they will increase in thickness. Since they are hairs that were transplanted from the back of your head, you will need to thin them out regularly. It is suggested to thin them out once a week.

Are There Risks?

This is a very safe surgery, but no surgery is without risks. Some common complications that occur are prolonged pinkness, widening of the surgical site, and failed growth of the implanted hairs.

In a world of facial hair removal, adding it is a very unique science. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is a leader in this very precise science. He raises self-esteem and creates works of art daily doing something so literally minuscule.

An experienced professional and board-certified surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein specializes in hair treatments. If you’re in need of an eyebrow transplant in Miami, please visit Dr. Jeffrey Epstein.

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Maintaining Ethnicity During Rhinoplasty

Ever considering making changes to your nose? Nose re-shaping procedures have become more common but people still have some concerns going in. How can you be so certain your surgeon can re-shape your nose the way you want without losing what makes it a part of you? Many plastic surgeons have limited practice in dealing with non-Caucasian patients. Not everyone’s facial bone structure is the same. African-Americans and Asian-Americans will traditionally look to have their nose augmented whereas Caucasian patients typically opt to have their nose size reduced.
Rhinoplasty, known better as a nose job, is probably the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. It’s also typically considered the most difficult. There is so much to consider. Surgeons must work around the skin, cartilage, and bone on a person’s face in detail.

The surgery is versatile in nature and is used to improve both cosmetic and functional issues. A rhinoplasty can change just about anything related to your nose from the shape of the bridge or tip or even changing the size. This can help improve the flow of air through your nose and correct breathing issues. Cosmetic rhinoplasty focuses on achieving a pleasing aesthetic and improved look.

They aim for the most natural looking results post-surgery. The work of expert surgeons can lead to facial harmony. A rhinoplasty can improve your facial balance, minimize signs of age, and post-trauma reconstruction.

Potential candidates should be in good health and also understand the complexity of the surgery. They need to have realistic expectations for it to be a success.
There are many benefits to the patient. Even subtle changes to the nose can lead to a natural look that improves its aesthetic appearance. Psychologically, patients are typically more confident after their rhinoplasty. They will often be seen in more social settings.


You have to remember that the changes made are permanent and this surgery can have drastic changes to your appearance. As a patient, it’s better to aim for improvement rather than perfect. Sometimes, a large part of the recovery process is mental. Safety is always paramount and board-certified surgeons must approve you.


Before undergoing surgery, you will need to undergo a physical exam and take extensive photos of your nose. Your surgeon will have to go through your medical history to ensure the procedure will be safe for you. Also, you will need to be as detailed as possible when discussing your expectations. Some patients may feel self-conscious at times but it’s crucial that you share as much as possible. Sometimes, other facial changes can change the way your nose appears. For example, a smaller chin can sometimes make your nose appear bigger.


This is an outpatient procedure, however, you should not underestimate its complexity. Small incisions are made either inside your columella or nostrils where cartilage grafts are utilized to re-shape your nose to the desired effect. At this point, bones are also adjusted by either filing, breaking, or cutting them. The surgeon must be extra careful to ensure that your nose remains functional, even with a cosmetic rhinoplasty.


Following their surgery, patients typically spend 1-2 weeks before turning to normal activities such as work and light exercise. You should definitely avoid any sort of intense physical activity involving bending or lifting for the following several weeks. After 5 days, the dressing on your face gets removed. You will typically be prescribed medication to help with the swelling and bruising post-surgery. Icing the inflamed areas is also advised. The swelling will generally decrease with time. However, the residual swelling typically continues for over half a year.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Surgeons that are skilled in this procedure typically work with patients of Asian, Latin, or African descent that are aiming to change their ethnic characteristics. However, it is important to note that a surgeon with experience in shaping the noses of African-American patients may not have the desired skills that are needed for rhinoplasty on an Asian or Latin nose. People are different. This highlights the importance of your consultation visit as you can discuss all your needs and concerns going in.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery that improves your facial aesthetic while still holding onto your ethnic traits. Surgeons can reduce the length or width of your nose, improve the facial balance, make the nose more defined or pronounced, and also reduce the width of “flaring” nostrils. It really is up to you! Some surgeons may even advise additional cosmetic facial surgery to maintain your facial balance.


Consider a rhinoplasty consultation before making any serious decisions. Get to know Dr. Louis DeJoseph, a board-certified surgeon operating in Atlanta, GA. You can learn a lot of information from his site on ethnic rhinoplasty and how rhinoplasty can benefit you. Preserving your ethnic traits and achieving your desired aesthetic is a key goal of any rhinoplasty and get the recommendations you need to make the best decision possible. Remember, not all surgeons specialize in this. If you’re someone that doesn’t have Caucasian facial traits, you should find someone with experience with the type of cosmetic surgery you desire. Please visit his site for an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist in the Atlanta area.

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Sunday 10 February 2019

Getting Outdoors with Simply Hike

Living just a stones throw away from some beautiful country side I consider myself very lucky. Pretty much 5 minutes from our door we are fortunate enough to be near some of the prettiest scenery and country walks with some rather lovely pubs on the way too! We like nothing better than getting out and about on a family walk whether it be sunny or drizzly.....not so much pouring with rain mind! That's no fun!

When we just go on short walks we just have the basics with us and wear some comfy hiking boots and a waterproof coat, I tend to carry some wet wipes...... believe me I've learnt from experience that with children one of them is likely to stack it and get covered in mud! I also carry a few snacks, gloves if cold, sunnies if bright and some mints. I very rarely take my handbag so rely on hubby for money if we need to do an unplanned pub stop!

If we were going further afield and on more of a longer walk something that we would consider would be a rucksack so that we could fit more snacks in and also carry some spare clothes as there have definitely been times when we have needed to have a spare set for the kids, we could also take some drinks with us as walking can be thirsty business and often the kids are asking for a drink and I haven't been able to give them one as I'm only wearing a coat. Simply Hike have a whole range of items to set you up for hiking, walking, camping and just general outdoorsy activities, it's a one stop shop for all your at one with nature items so head over and check it out!

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Wednesday 6 February 2019

#ShareTheLove with Love Hearts this Valentine's!

It's nearly Valentine's Day, Ooooo feel the love! We have been feeling the love with the iconic Swizzels Love Hearts, you know the ones, the deliciously moreish candy sweets with the adorable printed messages written on them. I have such fond school memories of sharing a pack with my girlfriends at break time each picking the appropriate describing word for each other and having a right giggle at our choices. It feels so long ago!

Did you know Love Hearts were first produced in 1954, these legendary sweets are over 60 years old and still going strong, evolving with the years as things change. I still remember seeing messages with 'page me' and 'fax me' on them! Crazy! These days you can find messages like 'you're cool' and 'love you', amongst a ton of other messages as well as emojis which have just recently been added to collection. 

We were recently sent a box of Love Heart goodies from Swizzels ready for Valentine's and included within in the box were a whole ton of Love Hearts and some fabulous little silver emoji tins that we could personalise (the tins retail for around £2.99 and contain little tubes of Love Hearts). The recently launched emoji Love Hearts are a great addition to the already fab collection.

Over on the Swizzels website you can have a bit of fun with the Love Hearts messages and enter #MatchYourMoment by simply entering a picture that matches one of the Love Hearts, i.e 'kiss' could be a kissing photo, ' forever' could be a picture of your love or 'happy' could be anything you want to be, you get the picture. There are lots of prizes up for grabs so please take a look.

I decorated the tins ready to surprise the children....I may have hidden some of the sweeties for me also....mwahaha!! I love the mini tubes as they are perfect for popping in my bag and using as a little bribery treat.....yes i am that kind of Mum! Shame on me!

These iconic sweets are sure to pleasing many people for years to come and keeping the love going. If you fancy treating someone to a little Valentine's treat then Love Hearts are available from pretty much every top retailer! There is also a load of related stuff online at the Swizzels website, from wedding favours to personalised tubes there will be something suitable I'm sure!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!!

* Please note we were kindly sent the hamper in exchange for a blog post, all thoughts and images are my own.

Sunday 3 February 2019

Bad Habits when Driving!

Bad habits when driving.....I'm pretty sure we all have them but how many would we truly admit to? I'll put my hands up and say that I like to have music on when I drive and probably much louder than recommended! I tend to stick to Radio 1 so no need to fiddle changing the station. I know my husband always thinks I have the radio on way too loud .... to me though I'd find a silent car much more of a distraction, I cannot stand not having music on when driving. 

Recently, car leasing have compiled this infographic about the top distractions for UK drivers. Let's discuss some of the points that are featured within the infographic, some are things that I would have even considered being such a distraction.

First up, 45% of women are most likely to apply lipstick or ligloss in the car - that is a huge percentage ladies! I have to hold my hands up and say that I have often applied my lipbalm in the car on the way to work, generally when at a red traffic light mind! I've never applied anything other than balm or gloss though, I have zero idea how people apply eyeliner or mascara when driving!

30% use their rear view mirror to talk to the kids, I constantly do this it's so much easier than trying to turn around and talk to them.  Kids are a huge distraction in the car, my 2 just don't get that at times we need to concentrate and the last thing we need is them screaming and scrapping with each other......nightmare!

Lots of us, it would appear like to snack and eat when driving, 32% in actual fact and apparently most of us reach for a sweet treat or chocolate. For me it's mints, I have an endless supply of imperial mints in the car, it drives my husband crazy as I always leave mints lying around in the car.

So tell me, what are your bad habits when driving? What is the most surprising fact featured below?

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