Thursday 13 August 2015

Saving for a Wedding?

With my fifth wedding anniversary just a couple of days away I'm reminiscing somewhat. My wedding day was something I'd waited such a long time for and I love looking back on it. The fact of the matter is though that weddings are expensive. I remember when we started to price various things up we were shocked at just how much it was going to cost. At that time we were definitely looking at things through rose tinted glasses! This was five years ago so goodness knows what prices are like nowadays.

I absolutely loved planning my wedding day, yes it was stressful, yes it was political (families pffft) but it was so much fun. It's such a magical day that you share with friends and family that it is worth, in my opinion doing in properly if you can. However there is no problem trying to save some money on various aspects, for example we managed to save several hundreds of pounds by taking advantage of a deal to marry on a Sunday.

Did you know that according to My Voucher Codes these days 63% would hire or buy second hand for their wedding day. This does not surprise me in the slightest and if you can save money while planning a wedding then why not try. For example we held our ceremony and reception in the same place saving money on getting to and from different venues.

If you are wedding planning and are trying to save some money you must check out this article from female first it's got a few tips to suggest where you can perhaps cut back. I also saved money on shoes, I had the same opinion as mentioned in the article in that they wouldn't be seen so the high street was my best friend and my wedding shoes only set me back £30 and I loved them.

I wanted to share another couple of tips too, although will only save a few pounds every little helps and they also provided sentimental value to our wedding, I saved money on buying a garter as that was my 'borrowed' item from one of my best friends. My jewellery was bought as a gift for me and my best friend then wore my necklace on her wedding day saving her several pounds on a necklace. It's all about the little touches.

How would you or did you save money on your wedding?


  1. I think,you have to set a budget and stick to it. Working out what's important - and must have - and what you can do without. It is one day out of the rest of your life though!

    1. Oh yes I agree, very important to get that sorted first of all X


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