Thursday 21 October 2021

Signs you Need a Rest Day.

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{Collaborative Content} Life is busy. In fact, sometimes life can be TOO busy. You will know this yourself if you're forever running around after the needs of your boss or family, and if your social calendar is packed to the brim with appointments. 

The problem with busyness of course is that you won't have sufficient time to rest. This can create problems, especially when considering the following. So if any of what we have to say relates to you, perhaps now is the time to say "enough is enough" to yourself and the people around you, and to schedule yourself a rest day. 

Signs You Need A Rest Day

#1: Your patience is wearing thin

The more tired you get, the less patience you will have, as you won't have the energy to cope with the various demands that you have to deal with. As a consequence, you might start to 'lose it' with the people around you, such as your partner, your children, or the people you work with. You will feel bad when you snap and get angry with others, and they will feel bad, especially if you say something hurtful. 

#2: Your body hurts

If you're regularly suffering from aches and pains, it's probably because your body is always on the go. Soreness can be relieved via medication from your doctor and CBD patches but what you really need to do is slow down. Your body will appreciate it if you do, as a day of rest and relaxation will give it time to heal and any soreness will start to go away. But if you keep pushing yourself, you could make things worse. Ill health will cause you to stop but it's advisable to take a break before it gets to that point. 

#3: You're relying on stimulants

If your energy is starting to flag you might be prone to such energy-boosting stimulants as sugar, caffeine, and energy drinks. These will certainly perk you up, for a while at least, but your body will start to experience the negative short and long-term effects if you become reliant on these. There are better ways to regain energy. Drinking water is far more effective than something sugary, for example, and it's a guaranteed way to boost your health too. However, taking time out to rest is by far the best way to refresh and energise your mind and body. 

#4: You're making a lot of mistakes

We all make mistakes so you can be forgiven for one or two a day. But if you're always getting things wrong, be that at home or at work, it might be because of your tiredness and low energy. Fatigue can make it hard for you to concentrate and retain information. So, if your boss isn't happy with you, if you find yourself putting your phone in the fridge, and if you have missed your children's school recitals this week, it might be because you need to take a mental break!

So, do you need to take a rest day? If you have related to these signs, then the answer has to be a resounding YES!! Today then, start saying 'no' more often to any demands that come your way and schedule in a day when you can relax, rest, and even catch up on sleep. Make this a regular habit, especially when the signs we have mentioned rear their heads again