Sunday 30 March 2014

Silent Sunday - 30/03/14

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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Glossybox March 2014 Beauty Blossom Edition - Review

We are at that time of month again when the postman knocks on the door and presents me with the latest Glossybox. After the great box that was sent last month I was keeping my fingers tightly crossed that this months was just as good. We are back to the usual pretty pink boxes this month and the theme surrounding this box is beauty blossom to get you set for Spring. I read no spoilers this month other than what the Glossybox Facebook page had featured so didn't know what I was going to receive. 

Once I'd opened the beautiful satin ribbon to reveal the contents I can't say I was overly blown away, immediately I noticed sachets in the box, my absolute bugbear (along with perfume vials!), nothing particularly stuck out at me that I was eager to try other than the BellaPierre item but more about that later. 

So what did I get? 

First up is Mitchell and Peach Body Cream (40ml received RRP £36.00 for 180ml) this is a Glossybox premiere and I've never heard of the brand before, I like the look of it and it smells pleasant enough but for £36.00 for a full size item I can definitely say that I wouldn't repurchase this! It does what it says it does though and it's a nice item to receive. One thing that I love about it as that it's fragranced with essential oils from the Mitchells' fifth generation farm in Kent, England I think that's a really nice touch.

Next we have Dove Hair Therapy Intensive 60 Second Treatment Shot (full size received RRP £1.49 for 15ml) , always handy to have and my hair is always in need of some TLC and extra moisture so this was well received. 

Third item in this months box is without a doubt the worst, two 3ml sachets of Vita Liberata pHenomanal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion (RRP £37.50 for 150ml) why, why, why does Glossybox still continue to send sachets out?! Especially things like fake tan where the amount within the sachets would barely cover my foot let alone one leg it just seems a pointless item to include and they will probably end up in the bin if I'm honest, the biggest disappointment in this months box. 

Fourth item is Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in Chocolate Kiss (full size 10g received RRP £4.49) I like Sleek products and I like lip products so was pleased to receive this, initially wasn't keen on the colour as I don't really wear browny shades but once I'd trialled it a couple of times using just a slick provides a nice nude sheen which I quite like and it also almost smells like chocolate so another bonus for me! 

Last but not least is my favourite item in this months beauty blossom box, Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powder in De Ja Vous (full size 2.35g received RRP £12.99) I liked the previous Bellapierre items we've been sent but this has to be my favourite to date, it is absolutely gorgeous and versatile too. I've been using it as an eyeshadow but you can also mix it into blusher, lip gloss or even nail varnish to create different effects. The colour I received is a blush pink and it is beautiful, I am a massive fan of shimmer pots and this is a great addition to my collection. 

Overall a mediocre box this month, to be fair I loved last months alot so it would have taken alot to beat it, I really wish that they wouldn't send sachets though! I get the impression that there is more thought and research going into the boxes and I think that's what needs to happen to keep the subscribers and prevent them from cancelling.

I look forward to seeing what we are sent in April! Did anyone receive anything different?
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Monday 24 March 2014

Macadamia Hair Care - Review

Having previously used the brand Macadamia when I was asked by The Hut Group if I would like to sample some of the rest of the range I was pleased to oblige. 

Macadamia Natural Oil use a blend of both argan oil and macadamia oil. Using this blend together replenishes the hair's natural emollients, protects from harmful UV rays and repairs the hair follicles improving both elasticity and shine. 

Currently I am already using the Healing Oil Treatment which is a therapeutic oil designed to benefit dry, damaged or particularly coarse hair, I've found it great on my highlighted hair, it's non greasy and is easily absorbed into the hair creating a light weight and conditioned feel when used. 

I received a lovely little bright green organza bag filled with some of the popular Macadamia hair products as you can see in the picture below. I received Rejuvenating Shampoo and Moisturising Rinse, Nourishing Leave in Cream, Deep Repair Masque and Reviving Curl Cream. I adore the packaging, it's modern and appealing thanks to the natural colour scheme chosen. 

I first used the shampoo and conditioner which smelt amazing and after use my hair felt gorgeously soft and nourished, the amount provided in the shampoo was just the right amount for one shampoo and the conditioner I managed to get two uses out of it so that was a bonus. The conditioner was rich and I felt it really absorbed into my hair and it felt really clean when I rinsed it out.

I then used the Nourishing Leave in Cream which is lovely this is designed to detangle the hair and leave feeling soft and shiny. I found that a little definitely goes a long way and my hair does indeed feel soft and look shiny. I am yet to try the Deep Repair Masque purely from a time perspective as it's not very often I have the luxury to leave something on my hair for 10-15 minutes which is the recommended time to leave the masque on, I also haven't tried the curl reviver as curls are something that I generally aim to not have!

Overall I have really enjoyed using these samples and I would definitely consider buying the shampoo and conditioner in the future, I'm always pleased to discover ranges that really do what they say they will and stop my highlighted hair from becoming too dry and crispy and this range certainly aims to combat that. 

Has anyone use Macadamia before and did you like it? 
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* Please note I was kindly sent the samples free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 

Sunday 23 March 2014

Silent Sunday - 23/03/14


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Friday 21 March 2014

Mummy Guilt

Today I suffered the worst kind of Mummy guilt. 

The morning started off as it normally does, a mad rush to get ready and out of the door and Alfie to nursery and then to work.

I dropped Alfie at nursery as usual and this morning just as I was about to leave he put his arms up to me for a cuddle, looked at me in despair and sobbed. My heart was literally ripped out of my chest, he's usually absolutely fine with no tears or any drama so this was all new to me. Instead of picking him up, cuddling him close and feeling his warmth I had to watch his nursery key worker pick him up and comfort him while I simply turned my back, whispered 'bye trouble' and left to carry on my day. 

On my drive to work (generally about 25 minutes) I tend to dwell on things and mull things over, I just felt helpless, here I am working full time to utilise my skills that I spent 3 years studying for and money that I know we need while my little boy is being looked after by other people. It's just such a catch 22 situation I want to be with my precious little boy because before I know it he probably won't need me but then on the other hand I want to work because I enjoy my job and I enjoy working. I have to point out that he is only in nursery 3 times a week as I knew that when I agreed to full time hours I still wanted him to be at home for 2 of those days so my parents look after him on a Monday and my husband on a Wednesday which makes me feel slightly better about things. 

As I'm driving around I see lots of Mums pushing their little ones around and I admit at times I feel this jealousy boil up inside me and I wish it was me pushing Alfie to the shops or meeting friends for lunch or just having a nice long walk together. I have to remind myself that I want Alfie to have nice things, I want us to go on lovely holidays and for him to have great memories, perhaps in the future I'll cut my hours down slightly so we can spend more time together but then by that time I guess he'll be at school! 

I also have to say that even though leaving him at Nursery can be, at times excruciatingly painful I know that he loves it, he's come on leaps and bounds since going and he's always happy when we pick him up, full credit to the nursery too the staff are all brilliant and I do always feel that I trust them when I leave him there. 

I think for the moment it's just going to be one of those ongoing battles in my head that will bother me for a long time, I now cherish my weekends off with him and love weekend cuddles. 

I should also say that yes I do work full time as well as all the other things that I fit in around this but ultimately I am proud of what I do and what I have achieved. 

Thankyou for reading as always!
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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Rocking Roquito Peppers - Review

Roquito chilli peppers, what are they?

These cheeky little chilli peppers certainly pack a surprising punch when you try them, on first taste they are sweet and delicious and then after a few seconds you get that familiar explosion of fiery chilli pepper zing. Roquito peppers are hand selected jalapenos from South America that will blow your socks off. 

I find these peppers to be quite versatile, they work excellently in a tomato pasta dish but equally as well to pep up a chilli con carne, we also found the sliced variety lovely topping homemade pizzas to add a touch of variety to the mix. 

We also found the chilli pepper pearls lovely chopped up into a bit of mayonnaise and spread onto a burger, it gives a lovely dimension to a homemade feast. I haven't tried stuffing the chilli pepper pearls yet but with some soft cream cheese they would be delicious. We have yet to try them in fajitas or enchiladas but I think they would be a great accompaniment to them aswell. The possibilities are endless! 

Has anyone else tried Roquito Peppers? What have you used them in?
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Sunday 16 March 2014

Silent Sunday - 16/03/14

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Friday 14 March 2014

Mr. Nutcase Phone Cover - Review

Having recently purchased a new phone and it already (annoyingly) having a few scratches I thought it was best that I looked into getting a phone cover. When Mr. Nutcase offered me the opportunity to test and review a phone case I jumped at the chance. I own a Sony Xperia Z1 (and I love it!) but it can be quite hard to find accessories such as phone covers that are nice, unlike the Iphone where there a multitude of choice.

Mr. Nutcase offer you the chance to design and personalise your phone cover and in a few super simple steps you can have a gorgeous cover that not only looks great but protects your gadget and starting off at a reasonable price of £14.95 what's not to like. 

To design your personalised phone cover you simply choose the layout of the design that you like, play around with positioning of the pictures, choose any clip art should you like it on your design and that was basically it, so simple and extremely fuss free. I wasn't really sure what pictures to put on mine so I chose recent shots taken in NYC and my little man so now when I look at my phone I always have happy memories. 

Annoyingly I should have taken more notice of the positioning of the clip art heart as it's slightly off centre but other than that I was impressed with the quality of the cover and the customer service (the cover arrived within 24 hours of ordering!). I like the way that the picture is wrapped around the phone aswell and the picture quality is really quite good.

When it first arrived I was a bit dubious about how lightweight the cover is but once it was snapped on my phone (again very simple to fit) there was no questioning the durability of the case and considering how often my phone is stored in my uniform and next to my keys there are no scratches of faded areas as yet.  

If and when I need a new or another phone case I wouldn't hesitate heading over to Mr. Nutcase to design one.
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* Please note I was kindly sent the cover free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all the thoughts and opinions are that of my own. 

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Sk:n Sk:n Sk:n

As I am getting (dare I say it) older, my skin is one of the things that I want to keep in as good a condition as possible. Sometimes it's easy to be lazy and just take my makeup off with a wipe but I do try to cleanse, tone and moisturise most of the time. If I don't have time to fully cleanse and tone I make sure my skin is clear and fully moisturised at least. One thing I always do is make sure my skin is make up free before I go to bed, this is such an important factor in keeping your skin in tip top condition and pores free of dirt. 

I've always been curious about taking skin care a little bit further and I would definitely consider  some professional skin treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and I would even possibly consider botox down the line.  By having some professional skin treatments such as these I feel I would be giving my skin a well needed boost and would hopefully look rejuvenated, brighter and more youthful. 

One of the clinics that offer these treatments is Sk:n, these clinics are situated in many different locations meaning they are accessible and they all offer a wide range of treatments so depending on the results desired there will be something that will appeal to everyone. Within the Sk:n clinics you will treated by experienced doctors and dedicated staff to ensure that you feel confident and at ease when you are receiving the treatment, Sk:n clinics are using clinically proven methods and technologies so you can be reassured that you are getting the best treatment available. 

Sk:n Clinic Exterior (Image courtesy of Sk:n)
As mentioned above one of the treatments that I would be interested to try in the future are chemical skin peels (chemical peel prices in link). Having read lots of good things about them it would be interesting to see if they do what they say they should do. With the promise of brighter skin and looking more youthful who wouldn't be intrigued!

Skin peels work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow which in turn leads to fresher skin and a youthful glow. Chemical peels are designed to revitalise the skin by reducing the damage caused by ageing and over exposure to the sun.

The peels work by applying a non toxic chemical solution and gently rubbing it into the skin to remove the top layer, this encourages the collagen production and cell renewal which then reveals a younger and more youthful complexion, the whole process is simple and pain free. Skin and chemical peels vary in cost from £60 for an exfoliating glycolic peel to £393.75 for a Jessner and InnerPeel. For more information you can view the price list and product  information by clicking here.

Would you consider a chemical peel or something similar?

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* Sponsored post. 

Monday 10 March 2014

Making Memories with Canvas Designs

I love taking photos and creating memories, even more so now I have Alfie in my life, documenting his life with lots of pictures is something that is so important to me. I love taking pictures of lots of things not just of Alfie, I'm always the one with my camera or my phone to hand to capture special moments and memories.

When Canvas Designs asked if I'd like to review one of their canvases I could hardly say no! Canvas prints are one of my favourite ways to showcase a photo or a picture and I have quite a few dotted around the house now and I love to look at them on the walls. It was a tough decision whether to choose a shot from New York or an Alfie picture, I chose the latter after much deliberation! 

The canvas arrived within 48 hours of it being ordered and was well packaged and protected with a layer of bubble wrap, cardboard wrapping and fragile tape.  

I received a gorgeous chunky gallery frame which stands off the wall, made from true pine and the picture is wrapped all the way around the frame rather than finishing at the edges as some canvases do. This is a 100% cotton canvas and is stretched by hand which gives a high quality finish. I used a picture that I had taken with my phone so the quality isn't as it would be if I'd used our proper camera but I'm really pleased with it and I love staring at his cheeky chops  from across the room!

Needless to say that this is a lovely addition to our living room and I wouldn't hesitate using Canvas Designs to order another, I'm already choosing a suitable New York picture to be made into a canvas! With prices ranging from as little as £7.99 to £59.99 with a wide variety of sizes to choose there is something for everyone's requirements. 

As a special treat the lovely folk at Canvas Designs have kindly offered you lovely lot a 15% discount of the total price ordered and even better delivery of the canvas is absolutely free! To claim your discount simply enter BLOG15  at the checkout.

Do you like canvas prints as much as I do?
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* Please note I was kindly sent the canvas free of charge to review in exchange for an honest review, all the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

Friday 7 March 2014

MonuSpa Natural Skincare Enriched Body Cream - Review

I make no secret that I love expensive beauty and skin care products, sometimes it is just so nice to pamper yourself and spend some of those hard earned pennies on luxury items. When Monu approached me to review some of their products and to possibly be part of their preview panel I naturally straight away said yes. Having used Monu items in the past I knew that the items that I would receive would be right up my street and of high quality. I couldn't wait to test them out and be involved with this great company. 

I received the enriched body cream (200ml tub) retailing at £23.00, a gorgeous whipped and luxurious body cream that smells beautiful. 

A little bit about Monu:

Monu is one of the most popular professional skincare brands highly regarded and used by beauty therapists world wide. Monu create unique formulations that utilise properties of pure and natural ingredients ensuring high quality and reputable products. The Monu formulation contains as you would expect, all natural ingredients consisting of herbs, plants, minerals and essentials oils. Monu do not test on animals nor do the items contain any artificial perfumes, synthetic colours or damaging chemicals. 

Onto the body cream! Inside this generous 200ml tub is the most luxurious and smooth body cream I have used in quite some time.  A little goes a long way and even though I have been using this religiously for the last week I have barely made a dent in the product! The packaging is appealing and high quality and it looks like it is straight from an expensive spa, the tub is easy to hold and the cream itself is such a lovely, almost butter like consistency and not at all runny meaning not only is it easy to rub in but it quickly absorbs into the skin. 

When you initially open the tub you get a subtle waft of fragrance and when applied you get the zing of citrus and scent of rose, not overpowering but delicate and soft. The cream applies like a dream, it softly caresses the skin and seamlessly melts on application. Thanks to the natural blend of Vitamin A, E and B5 the end result is that of soft and nourished skin. Not only does my skin feel smooth but with the added Marine Collagen my skin feels toned and tightened, the Cocoa Butter, Liquorice and Chamomile also contribute to softening and calming of the skin. Ideal used after a bath or shower this is a staple for me and I absolutely love it. 

Has anyone else tried MonuSpa products? What is your favourite item?
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*Please note I was kindly sent the product free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all the thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Hello Pet - Matching Pets to People!

Being an animal lover when I heard that Animal Friends were launching a pet matching service to find you your best companion I couldn't resist having a go. I've owned many animals in my life but my favourite pets to own are dogs and cats, when I was approached to see if I would give the pet matching questionnaire a go I did wonder what pet would be matched to me!

Hello Pet works simply by answering a few multiple choice questions and once completed matches your personality and lifestyle to your perfect pet, questions are things like how do you like to spend your evenings/are you an introvert/extrovert/do you prefer indoors/ get the gist! It's very self explanatory and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

After I'd filled in the information required my results appeared...... *drumroll* ideal companion is a Pug!! This surprises me somewhat as I prefer larger dogs such as Labradors, Spaniels etc, that been said Pugs are super cute and I would certainly love giving one a home and lots of snuggles!! 

Overall this is a really sweet project that is fun to complete, to access the pet by clicking here!

Have fun and what animal did it choose for you?
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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Mason Drinking Jar Glasses - Review

Glasses. Let me talk to you about glasses. 

I'm talking about glasses that you put liquid in, not the sort that you wear to see with! I'm always on the look out for unusual glassware so when I saw that drinkstuff were looking for product testers for their bar range I jumped at the chance. I think if you read my blog regularly you will know that I love a nice glass of wine or cocktail so this was the perfect review for me to do!

The glasses that I have been testing out are the 20 oz mason jar drinking glasses , these are based on the classic American mason style jars these glasses are both unique and quirky in style, holding a pint of liquid means they are very versatile for various beverages.

As you can see they are pretty cool! They come well packaged and in a box so are easy to store (although why you would want to store them away I don't know!).  I have so many ideas about the type of cocktails that I could use these for in the future but so far I've only used them for a pint of fruit beer and vimto :-)

I've found that even though they look a little bulky, they are lightweight and the chunky glass handle on the side makes them super easy to hold and even when full of liquid they are only a little heavier than a normal pint glass. I ought to mention that these are not suitable for hot drinks, this would not deter me from buying these though as I don't consider them a hot drink glass. They are dishwasher safe which is obviously a massive bonus for me!

You can purchase the glasses directly from drinkstuff for a bargain price of £9.99 for 4 glasses. The website drinkstuff sells a wide range of bar and catering equipment for trade as well as home use so should you require something like that this is absolutely the place to go. There is a massive range, I have had a good look around the website and there is nothing they don't stock I'm sure that's related to drink stuff!! 

These cool mason jar glasses will certainly be well used in this house and I'm sure will be a talking point when we have guests over. 

What do you think of these and what would sort of drink would you serve in them?

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