Monday 30 November 2015

Glossybox November Review 2015

Once again I am on the drag with my reviews of the beauty boxes, my last review was the style edition but there has been a box inbetween these, oops! This month Glossybox is titled from lipstick to lashes. On opening the box I was greeted with a decent selection of items, pretty much all make up items and all either full size or decent sized samples.

First item, Eyelure Natural Lashes (RRP £5.00, full size received) I haven't worn falsies for so long, I have no real need to as I feel I can achieve a decent look with the right mascara but these do look quite nice and I might keep them for my birthday meal out. 

Next item was a primer, Emite Diamond Hearty Primer (RRP for full size £25.90, sample tube received), now I do love a primer, especially a brightening one but to try and compete with my beloved clarins beauty flash balm (not technically a primer but I love it under makeup) is a hard task. This is quite nice, it doesn't rub in particularly well I have to say but I do quite like the look it achieves once on the skin. 

The third item is a brand I'm not overly keen on (I always feel it's a tad cheap looking and not great results), MUA Eyeshadow Palette (RRP £4.00, full size received), however I have been quite surprised by this. Yes the packaging is a bit dull but the actually shades are lovely and I have been able to achive some nice results, I can't say I'll be rushing out to buy more of the brand but for day to day use this palette is perfectly adequate. 

The fourth item is my least favourite. I am very picky over lipsticks I wear and I often favour gloss, the colour that I have receive is just not for me, I can't get away with wearing a shade like this which is a bit of a shame. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick (RRP £7.99, full size received), nice item to include it's just not for me. 

The final item is from a nice brand, I love their packaging! Royal Apothic Body Lotion (RRP £14.50, small tube received) ohhh this is a nice item I only wish that they'd sent a larger size seeing as this is a body lotion and not a hand cream as I initially thought it was. It smells lush and is a really nice body lotion and as I said I love the vintage style packaging. 

Overall I think this is a pretty nice box this month, next month I am really looking forward to as Glossybox are collaborating with top beauty blogger Really Ree so hopefully that will be a really good box. 

What are your thoughts on the latest Glossybox?

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Saturday 28 November 2015

Weekend Style #16

 It's weekend style time again, I can hardly believe it! Where do the days go? The 2 outfits this week are just lovely. The first one, the dress I just plucked out of the wardrobe and realised she really hasn't worn it much which is a real shame as it's now a little tight on her! Oh well at least we got another wear out of it, albeit with a long sleeved vest covered in fairies that doesn't go at all, ha. I love the dresses from M&S, they are so beautifully made and always have such a fabulous underskirt to them. It's quite summery so just popped a pair of thick tights underneath and the mismatched vest, haha.

Pink Checked Dress - M&S (unsure of cost as last season)

Floral Headband - Claire's Accessories (cannot for the life of me remember the cost!)

The next little outfit is the other new set that I purchased from Boden, you can see the other set here. As I mentioned last week I loved the little bird set so much  I had to get the floral set, they are so gorgeous! I think you can tell that Elarna is pretty chuffed with both outfits bless her!

Floral Pointelle Set - Boden (£34.00)

What do you think of the outfit choices this week?

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Friday 27 November 2015

Our Week!

Well it's been a bit of a mad week really! Alfie has had his settling in sessions at his new nursery which have so far gone ok, he starts his first full day on Monday so I'm hoping all will be ok. Tuesday was my Dads birthday to which Alfie took great delight in choosing a birthday cake and blowing out the candles (twice!). The rest of the week has consisted of me handing my notice in (argh!), alot of too'ing and fro'ing, prosecco crisps.....bizarre but moreish and dry shampoo (yup, it's been that kind of busy!). Elarna has also been in her high chair for the first time this week and she's been starting to hold her own bottle with her milk......little miss independent! Next week I hope is a bit more calm but you just never know what's in store! 

How has your week been? 

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Thursday 26 November 2015

Throwback Thursday Linky #12

Beautiful Things

Run, Jump, Scrap!

Hello and welcome to Throwback Thursday linky hosted by myself, Helen and Sarah over at RunJumpScrap. We are slightly mad I think as this is our second linky we host! We currently run the Best and Worst on a Wednesday, we enjoy it and thought what the heck lets start another one! 

Throwback Thursday is exactly what you expect. We want you to share photos from the good ol' days, baby photos, family photos, embarrassing photos or drunken photos, anything goes! We're quite excited by this linky and think it will be alot of fun, we can't wait to see what you share. Feel free to add a sentence or two about the photo you are sharing.

Each week we will choose our favourite link up and feature it on the next weeks Throwback Thursday as well as on our Twitter feed.

**Best and Worst, our other linky is still open if you fancy popping over and joining in! Click here to add a link, old and new posts welcome!**


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Girl Power (!)

I know, I know I am glutton for punishment! Sharing yet another cringeworthy photo for today throwback bit it's a goodie, ha!

In honour of my Dads birthday which was on Tuesday I bring to you a very 90's holiday shot on The Broads! Clearly I was well into the Spice Girls judging from my 'girl power' pose.......but what about my Dads shorts? I don't think I've ever seen so much of his leg, ha, blimey! Hilarious.


Wednesday 25 November 2015

Best and Worst Linky #28

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Hi everyone and a huge welcome to the best and worst linky run by my lovely friend Sarah who blogs over at Run Jump Scrap and co-hosted by myself. If you're new to the linky we're delighted for you to join in, please do have a read of the rules. If you're a regular then thanks as always for the support. Sarah and I split the commenting now, it is working well doing it like that. You should have received a comment from one of us so if you are missing one please do drop us a tweet or email. We've had some great posts over the last few weeks!

This is the linky where you can tell us about the best or worst things that have happened in the last week or even the last year, this could in the form of a blog post, a photo or even a video. It can be an old post or a new post, we don't mind we just want you to share it with us. We want you to share your babies firsts, the crappy day at work you've had or a makeup disaster basically the good, the bad or the downright ugly! We want to share your excitement and tears, highs and lows no matter what it is.

Each week we will both choose our favourite posts from the week before and feature you on the next weeks Best and Worst, we will also feature you on our Twitter feed. 

We had our best week yet with 75 amazing link ups last week, thanks so much to all for linking up!

My favourite link up was from the wonderful Mummy MuckUps, I loved this post and think many people would relate!

Sarah favourite link up was from the lovely Five Little Doves about the end of an era, please do go and have a read.

Don't forget to check out our other linky which goes live every Thursday from 6:30am...... Throwback Thursday is our photo linky where you can share old photos and memories, come and join in, it's a right giggle! Have a little look at last weeks which should whet your appetite!
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Legs Up Ladies!

First time in her high chair and she's perfected the 'chilling out with one leg on the tray' look, awesome! I did laugh! 


Tuesday 24 November 2015

Nuby Drinks Bottles & Toys - Review

There is possibly nothing worse than a kids bottle that when thrown or dropped on the floor it leaks. It either explodes and the drink pours out in an alarming rate or you don't realise said bottle has been thrown until you see a puddle slowly emerging from under the sofa where the bottle has rolled to and is quietly creating a slip hazard! Gah, it's so frustrating.

I have tried so many brands and not one has ticked all of the boxes! Some are impossibly hard to clean with various sections of straws that you have to fathom how to clean, some have straws that are chewable and don't last 5 minutes and some just aren't very robust at all. Although Alfie does drink out of a cup during the day I would prefer that he had a bottle so that there is less risk of spillage and they are obviously much more convenient to carry out and about. I was kindly sent a couple of free flow beakers to try out and was also sent some fab bath toys in the package too.

 First up the bottles. Colourful and funky and perfectly designed for little hands with ridges to make it easy to hold.  As I removed them from the packaging I could tell that they were robust, they felt sturdy and resilient. I wasn't about to go lobbing the bottle to test it out, I would let Alfie do that! The one thing that I noticed that I could have rejoiced over is the fact there is no fiddly straw sitting in the bottle so no faffing around trying to figure out how to clean it! These bottles are designed with a free flow pop up spout, Nuby state that the spout is bite resistant and I would have to agree, I can see that Alfie has had a little nibble but there are no broken bits to it and no plastic has come away which I have seen in other brands. They are indeed spill resistant and believe I have found bottles in the strangest places, upside down, on their side and diagonally and so far we have had no spillages other than a few drops of liquid which is what I would expect but definitely no puddles! Over all the bottles are winner for us and another things that I like is their size, some bottles are quite large and I find stretch the pockets of my changing bag but these slot in nicely and don't ruin them! 

We were also sent a selection of bath toys which was so appreciated as I threw loads out when we moved as they were all a bit manky and we needed some new ones! We were sent a bathtime net, letters and numbers and fishing friends. 

Alfie loved his letters from before so it was lovely to receive some new ones, although these are capital letters but we didn't mind as it's just help us progress Alfie onto learning these. I love how colourful an fun they are, it does make bathtime interesting. 

Also were enjoyed were the fishing rod and the bathtime net, the fishing rod did seem to be the preferred choice for catching not just the items provided, ha, Alfie pretty much tried to hook everything on the rod including his sister! Alfie loves bathtime anyway but sometimes it is nice to dostract him with toys that are actually meant for the bath and not random trucks, lorries and dinosaurs that I find underneath the foam!

I managed to convince Alfie to pose for a couple of pictures the other morning and for once he happily obliged! As you can see he's enjoying his new bottles and we've managed to get rid of a few of his older bottles and replaced them with these lovely new ones so thanks ever so Nuby for sending us these lovely items to review!

* As mentioned above we were kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and truthful otherwise what's the point! :) 

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Monday 23 November 2015

Elarna Birth & Beyond - Update #7

Wow, here we are again with the latest Elarna update! I feel like I only just wrote the 6 month update and yet I'm writing her 7 month update, I keep wondering how is that even possible?! As you know it's been a hectic month with moving and settling in but thankfully things are starting to settle down slightly and normal routine is resuming to a degree.

My little girl really does cheer me up, she is truly THE most smiliest baby ever, she will just grin and grin all day, it is actually the most gorgeous thing ever! She does also have a pair of lungs of her though, my god this girl can scream and wail like something else, if she doesn't get what she wants immediately she starts the most bizarre wailing and whinging and then it builds into a crescendo until I have to get my arse into gear to determine what it is she wants, haha. I can tell that I'm going to have my work cut out with this princess! 

We have had a couple of big developments in the last month *insert drum roll here*.....we have a little toothy peg!! It actually came through not long after writing the last update, I made the cardinal mistake of thinking we got away quite lightly and I guess we did but as soon as I started saying that she had been ok she went to the grumps and 3-4 wake ups a night, that will teach me to feel slightly smug ha! She has the 2nd one starting to show in her gums and the sleepless nights have started again so I'm hoping the little buggers comes through soon! Judging by the pictures below though you would forgiven for thinking that she could ever be grumpy! 

Also this month she has become a right little speed demon with the crawling (much to Alfie's dismay as she is totally into touching his toys!), it's reached the stage where I look away for a few seconds and find she's on the other side of the room!

In these updates I always like to talk about the sibling relationship. I recently wrote about the issues that I have been having. On reflection and reading that post I probably do Alfie a discredit, I make him sound awful and he's not, it's just a very small amount of time that he's like this, other times, as these photos show that he can be very caring and sweet with her. The other morning I found him reading to her while she was in her cot, so cute. 

In the last few days this little monkey has also been finding that her legs and arms can do other things than crawl. I put her down for a little nap in the afternoon and when she woke I went into her room to find she had pulled herself up in her cot and was pleased as punch with her achievement!! She stood there for a good 5 minutes so I could snap a photo before her little legs finally gave way. I reckon I might have an early walker on my hands! We shall what happens in the next couple of months. 

In other news and I don't usually like to talk about myself in these updates but I am so gutted about my hair. I really thought that I had got away this time without losing much but it would appear it has taken a few months for my hormones to sort themselves out and clearly it has taken a toll on my hair. I could probably knit a small jumper the amount of hair that is falling out, it's absolutely pants. I am so thin around the sides of my head, it's awful and I now have a ton of baby hair growing so basically my hair just looks horrendous at the moment, wahhhh! I remembered I had some nourkrin tablets that I was kindly sent a while ago so I'm taking those and hoping that they will promote some hair growth and my hair will be back to looking ok soon........please, please, please!! 

Thanks for reading and I'll be back again next month with Elarna's 8 month update! I wonder what they next 4 weeks have in store for us.

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