Sunday 31 May 2015

Funky Giraffe Bibs Review & Competition

I love a bandana dribble bib, not only are they practical but also stylish, they're the sort of thing that can be left on all day and integrated into an outfit while remaining functional. It can be a struggle to find a decent dribble bib. Sometimes they are too thin and end up saturated and some curl up and are a nuisance. Over recent months I've seen the brand Funky Giraffe Bibs floating around the bloggersphere and have read many great reviews so when I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review and offer a set for a competition, naturally I was pretty chuffed.

I opted for a pack of 10 consisting of a colourful variety of bibs. As you can see from the pictures they are beautifully vibrant and eye catching. My particular favourites are the strawberry, ladybird and flowered ones which you can see Elarna kindly modelling for me further down the page!

There is a wide variety to choose from on the website. You don't have to purchase a pack of ten you can opt for a pack of five or individually. Prices range from a very reasonable £4.00 for single bibs to £20.00 for a set of 10. However, on looking on the website if you purchase bibs individually the more you buy the more you save, for example if you buy two or more a discount is then applied saving you money. What's not to like about that!

The quality of these lovely bibs is quite outstanding. They are so soft to the touch, it's hard to describe the way something feels over the internet but they really are super soft. The fleecy back to the bibs ensure that they are very absorbent and the double poppers mean that the bibs will adjust as your baby grows. I also really like the fact that there is a little fold in the fabric ensuring a snug fit around the neck without being restrictive, and actually I think you'll agree that they do look pretty comfy! They also wash very well with the colours still vibrant afterwards and still just as soft as when they arrived.

More and more these days Mums are wanting ethical and eco-friendly products and at Funky Giraffe there is an emphasis on just this. The fabric purchased is certified by OEKO-TEX (for more information click here). This basically means that the fabric used is safe and free from hazardous dyes so at Funky Giraffe bibs water based dyes are used for printing as opposed to solvent dyes and seeing as babies chew anything in their vicinity then clearly this is an excellent choice made by the company.

Not only are Funky Giraffe bibs available in the UK they are also available online in France, Spain, Italy and Australia! This is a company steadily growing their already great reputation and I hope it continues to grow.

As I mentioned, if like me you are always on the look out for stylish and practical bibs you could be the lucky winner of a fabulous pack of 10 bandana bibs. To be in with a chance to win follow the instructions below. 

Entry is via the Rafflecopter below and the winner will be notified either by Twitter or email so please ensure you leave a valid account that is checked regularly. The prize will be sent direct from the supplier.

Good luck!

Silent Sunday/My Sunday Photo - 31/05/15


Friday 29 May 2015

Me & My Sweet Tooth.

My word of the week is Marshmallow (although it probably should be sweets but I love any excuse to use the word marshmallow!)

I have a sweet tooth, have done since I was very young, I blame my Dad for this (sorry Dad I know you're always getting the blame for everything!). Sweets conjure up some lovely childhood memories for me, bizarrely one of my earliest memories is my Dad picking me up from nursery or pre-school (I think) and we would walk home past the little newsagent and he would treat to  me a 10p mix, this was actually the time when you would get 10 sweets for a penny each, seriously how retro is that! I guess that's probably where my love of all things sweet stems from.

I honestly don't think you can beat a traditional sweet shop, the jars of jewelled, rainbow coloured delights, the glorious smell that wafts around you as you try to decide what sweets to choose and the little paper bag that gently rustles as you pick your sweets out to enjoy. Just fabulous. It brings out that child like quality that we possess. In fact I love the concept of a sweet shop so much that for our wedding I knew I wanted everyone else to experience that childhood delight of a pick n mix so had a company come and do it for us. A-ma-zing and  alot of fun!

Shopping for Alfie's party last week and frantically throwing loads of sweets in the trolley was great, but I do have a little confession to make, the marshmallow's that I chucked in , yeah those, they never made it to the buffet table. My bad. 

Surprisingly marshmallow's aren't  really my favourite sweet but there's  something about them that I love, they draw me to them, they're hypnotic (honest, I'm not just trying to convince myself of this!). I don't whether it's the soft, squidgy exterior that draws me in or the soft pastel colours that appeal to my girly side or simply just the aroma when you open the bag, whatever it is these little beauts give me alot of satisfaction and put a smile on my face . A couple of these pillows of sugary loveliness give me the sugar hit that I desire. Now I sound like I'm making love to a marshmallow..........

I am of course very aware that my love of all things sweet should not rub off on Alfie,and although he is allowed sweets they are restricted to 1 or 2 a day and it's on my terms! I'm not one to stop him having sweets completely as I think in moderation it's fine.  This can sometimes be problematic if I want to have a cheeky sweet, I can sometimes be found in our cupboard under the stairs with the door shut having a nibble on a marshmallow, this is the truth!! I have been busted before by Alfie who then asks what I'm doing! I'm aware this makes me sound a tad loopy and I'm not often found hidden away in the cupboard like some sort of a mad woman, promise!!

You know the other thing I love about these little pretties, they are so versatile! Use them in hot chocolate, bake with them, melt them or just enjoy them in their simplest form. Melted marshmallows make me go a little weak at the knee, that crispy exterior with the oozy, melty middle, oh my god. I've even made my own which taste incredible, you can see the recipe I used here. The humble marshmallow really is a little gem. 

With the weather being as cold and dreary as it has been I think marshmallows do a fabulous job of cheering everything up and Appleton Sweets have a mallows as well as a wide variety of other sweeties to turn that frown upside down, also with Valentine's just around the corner now is a great time to have a nosey at what they have on offer.

So if anyone wants a marshmallow I'm your lady, there is always some available in this household! 

What is your sweet treat? Anyone else a mallow fan like me?

* Collaborative Content. 

Wednesday 27 May 2015

Alfie Turns 3!!!

Well what a busy few days it's been. My little man turned 3 yesterday, 3!! I actually can't believe it, I hate to use the phrase because I think I massively overuse it but time has just flown by. He has pretty much had a 3 day celebration, lucky boy! It has been particularly hectic but a great deal of fun.

On Sunday we had a little party with some of our close family and friends and a couple of his nursery friends, we let him open a few pressies beforehand so that him and his friends could play with them at the party. You may have read about my worries about organising a toddler party, if not you can read that here, I'm pleased to say it all went without a hitch and Alfie and everyone else (I hope!) had a great time. 

Some of my stress was slightly alleviated by using a Dino Blast Party Pack from the company Party Bags and Supplies. For £23.99 I received more or less everything I needed to sort the party table out and 8 pre-packed party bags. Included in the pack were 8 cups, 8 plates, 16 napkins, 1 table cover (very decent size) and the pre-filled party bags (gifts included a pack of haribo, dinosaur mini egg, finger trap and a dinosaur bookmark). I chose the dinosaur theme which Alfie absolutely loved but there are loads more to choose from to suit most. All of the items that are included within the pack are very durable and I was impressed with the strength of the cups and plates, very essential when they need to withstand being handled my toddler's!

His croc birthday cake went down brilliantly, it was absolutely amazing and tasted delicious, we ordered from a local lady Ginny who runs the company Tiger Lily Cake Company , you must check out her creations they are marvellous!

The best thing about having a party for Alfie is we get to catch up with some of our close friends, some that we haven't seen for a little while including this gorgeous girly, good friend and fellow blogger Sarah (Run Jump Scrap) who is my co-host for the Best and Worst Linky, it was so good to catch up with her as well as everyone else of course!

I have to admit we spoilt Alfie with all presents this year, I think because of our new addition we just wanted to make him feel extra special this year and I think he did. This is a pile of his gifts from us but we did also get him a couple of bigger gifts too (a ride on motorbike and a big hot wheels set), he was over the moon! Although I do realise we perhaps shouldn't have bought him so much....... oops.

Yesterday we took Alfie to Banham Zoo as his birthday treat, we're quite lucky to live near 3 big zoo's (Colchester and Africa Alive) but Banham we hadn't yet been to, he completely loves going to the zoo and was so excited this morning that he wouldn't stand still for a picture, I just about managed to snap this action shot! The zoo itself was lovely, perhaps not the biggest selection of animals if comparing it to Colchester Zoo but nicely spaced out with plenty to see and with decent outside seating areas to enjoy a picnic. We had a great day, if not slightly knackering as Elarna decided not to sleep much the night before (thanks daughter!). Alfie was so excited, I can't quite explain just how excited he was, all the way there he kept telling us we were going to 'Banham Zoo' and listing all the animals he wanted to see, adorable.

We had such a lovely day, I do enjoy having a nice family day out! My husband and I were exhausted when we got home but Alfie and Elarna seemed to have other ideas as it took approximately 2 hours to get them both to sleep! Alfie wanted to talk about the zoo and the animals over and over again, although having some birthday cake 15 minutes before bed may have had something to do with it (my bad).

So there we have it, my littlest man is growing up very quickly and although this saddens me somewhat I can't wait to see what the next year holds. I'm not sorry to say goodbye to the 'terrible twos', although now I'm being told he will become a 'threenager'  which kind of fills me with some fear and anxiety, what the hell does being a 'threenager' entail?!! Anyone care to enlighten me?

This has been the best part of my week so far, what's yours?

Best of Worst

* Please note I was kindly sent the Dino party pack free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

Best and Worst Linky - #2

Beautiful Things

Run, Jump, Scrap!

Hello and welcome to the second week of our brand new linky run by my lovely friend Sarah who blogs over at Run Jump Scrap and co-hosted by myself, we're really pleased to have you here.

Last week for our launch we were really pleased how it went with 18 link up's , I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every single post so thanks ever so for linking up.

To remind you, this is the linky where you can tell us about the best or worst things that have happened in the last week, this could in the form of a blog post, a photo or even a video. We want you to share your babies firsts, the crappy day at work you've had or a makeup disaster basically the good, the bad or the ugly! We want to share your excitement and tears no matter what it is.

We're delighted to welcome you and hope you enjoy taking part and we're really looking forward to reading your posts.

Each week we will both choose our favourite posts from the week and feature you on the next weeks Best and Worst, we will also feature you on our social media pages.

My favourite link up from last week came from Inside Martyn's Thoughts and why he doesn't mind if his children are naughty, it was a post that I massively related too, made me smile and I could completely see where he was coming from!

Sarah's favourite link up from last week was a post about feeling like a breastfeeding failure by a fab blog she never knew about Pink's Charming. Sarah felt the post was so heartfelt and well written. Breastfeeding was one of the hardest things she ever did and thinks nobody should feel bad if it doesn't work out for them and their baby. This post should reassure a lot of Mums out there.

  • The linky will open at 6.30am on a Wednesday and close at 23.55pm on a Friday
  • You can link up one post each week
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Tuesday 26 May 2015

Family Fun!

Family fun now the football season's over

For many women up and down the land, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief – the English football season has drawn to a close and they can get their husbands or partners to do something different (and, dare we say, more interesting) at the weekends.

Chelsea had secured the Premier League title several weeks ago, but there was still plenty going on with other clubs to keep even the most casual of football fans interested right up until the last game.
The beautiful game can still seem to take up many more hours of TV than a non-football fan finds reasonable over the length of the season. Of course, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. The football betting focus now turns to the final of the FA Cup, between Arsenal and Aston Villa on 30 May, but after that you should be free to plan your weekends without considering the footie!
So what makes for a great weekend outing with the whole family? With any luck, the summer will really start to kick in with earnest after the dismal weather we’ve had in May, and we’ll be able to have lots of outdoor time.
When you have toddlers or young children, it can feel like every outing is one planned around them, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, the grown-ups can get a bit tired of soft play areas and petting farms. In the summer, options widen with the good weather.
One of the easiest things to plan is a day at the seaside. If you can get to it easily, there’s nothing quite like the magic of spending time on a beach for most families. Pack a picnic and the sunscreen, get everyone in the car and you’ll be splashing in the sea in no time. The only downside is de-sanding the car and kids when you get home!
If you’re further from the coast, you could always take the family on a camping trip – which may feel like a bit of a challenge if you’ve never done it. You don’t have to take the hard option of going for a week under canvas – test it out with a night’s camping one weekend. If you all love it, then you could think about doing it for a week’s holiday, but it may be a one-off depending on how you all sleep! There are the glamping options, of course, where you book tents or even a yurt with beds and other mod-cons set up inside.
Summer is the time for all kinds of local fetes and it can sometimes be surprising just how much goes on in your local town or county at the weekend, much of it being very family friendly. If you’re on Twitter, follow your local newspaper and council to make sure you don’t miss anything that’s going on. There are always lots of local summer jazz, craft and food festivals and these can be great days out to meet up and share with other families, rather than one of the families having to play host.

For many football widows, there’s only a narrow window to plan full-on family weekends – the Premier League 2015/16 season kicks off again on 8th August. Now’s the time to pack in the fun!

Monday 25 May 2015

The Truth about Giving Birth............

Oh wait......!!

Image courtesy of
This is my 'I am never having another baby face'

The truth about giving birth from  my experience twice over. 

Giving birth is not glamorous or dignified in the slightest, those movie scenes where you see waters gush and contractions begin and a beautiful baby welcomed into the world with 2 pushes......nahhhhh that's not how it is for most people. Even K Middy will have left her dignity by the door delivering the pretty Princess. It's inevitable, a fact of life that babies will come through the vajayjay or via a sunroof delivery, either way at some point you're best of realising that every Tom, Dick (haha, my immature sense of humour had me chuckling while writing dick) or Harry will see everything and I mean EVERYTHING during birth. 

Let's start with contractions. You know they're going to hurt but seriously it's what I imagine being stabbed over and over and over again in the stomach......and the back.......and everywhere else. Bloody painful.

There is stuff that comes out of you and it just keeps coming, just stuff, gross stuff, fluid, blood, gunk you name it! Drip, drip, drip. All perfectly normal so I'm told, great as you feel like you're peeing yourself constantly.

You might shit yourself during labour. Fact. The shame.

The world and its son will probably have a rummage in your nether regions to see how dilated you are, whether the baby has dropped, if the baby needs a clip on its head to monitor the heart rate or you need a catheter etc etc. Like I said you leave your dignity at the door ladies, just remember to pick it up on the way out. 

The size of the epidural needle. If you decide to have an epidural, I advise don't look at the size of it. Imagine a knitting needle being stabbed into your back, yeah that. The end results are worth it though and it doesn't hurt as the nice Mr. Epidural man will numb you first (hopefully!).

You might need to be cut or tear.....I suggest googling episiotomy or 2nd/3rd/4th degree tear for more of an insight. Lush.

The first poo post birth. Enough said. * Insert swear word/profanity here*

Best get those granny pants ready cos you're gonna need them!! The size of maternity pads you need to wear you might aswell wear a nappy, be prepared to have your period fifty times over for the next couple of weeks (at least), nice.The joys are just never ending.

You'll be sore for a while after they say. No shit Sherlock, something the size of a watermelon has just been ejected via something the size of a doughnut  (or a toilet roll as the below shows). You might also start walking a little like John Wayne and end up having to sit on one bum cheek for the foreseeable future.

After pains are a bitch. 

Like it or not your lady bits are unlikely to be the same again. Pelvic floor exercises or no pelvic floors your vajayjay has now been used as an exit route, better start accepting it now. RIP vagina.

It doesn't just end with the birth, let's not forget that when your milk comes in your boobs will suddenly be like rocks, you'll be resembling some sort of human lactation device as your boobs start leaking milk and you bear an uncanny resemblance to Lola Ferrari.

Your hair will fall out once your hormones have settled so if you were lucky enough to enjoy thick and luxurious hair during pregnancy try not to get too attached as your hair will soon be lacklustre and thin, potentially you will also start to look like a spotty teenager again with spots appearing left, right and centre. So disappointing.

At some point a few weeks after birth mother nature will once again pay her monthly visit and she won't be kind to you. Expect the worst.

Of course how could I deny that giving birth is an unbelievable and incredible thing, what your body does is pretty special but why oh why can't it be simpler? I'm sure this sort of thing wouldn't happen in a Disney film!! 


Friday 22 May 2015

Relaxation. What's that?!


Wow it seems like so long ago since I've actually relaxed, well I can't remember when I last truly did to be fair even my baths that I attempt to have are usually rudely interrupted by a toddler charging up the stairs shouting 'Mummy it's Alfie!!! I'm coming!!' then he swiftly whips off his clothes, tells me to move (and if I don't move I get shoved anyway) and joins me. What I thought was peaceful relaxation (yeah right, who am I kidding!) is over, BAM just like that. What follows next is generally a whole load of splashing and shoving me out of the way until I admit defeat and get out of said bath and leave him to it. Relaxation done, I probably get about 5 minutes of alone time until he appears at the bathroom door! Sometimes I don't even get to shower alone these days, blooming nuisance!

Having a bath is possibly the closest I do get to relaxing  (well in those precious 5 minutes that I'm alone), I'm one of those people that find it hard to truly relax, even just watching a film on the sofa I can't sit still through the whole film, I have to be doing something and on a weekend I can't just take it easy, obviously with 2 children these days I never 'take it easy' but before them over a weekend I was still cleaning, tidying and generally up and about like I had ants in my pants. It drives my husband potty, he doesn't understand why I can't just sit and chill!

One of my friends has just gone on a spa weekend, I'm a little jealous! I've just recently heard that Harrods is about to open a brand new spa (just for women!). For a start I blooming love Harrods, it's one of the places whenever I visit London I spend hours in the place just wandering around, I can generally be found amongst the makeup making a few sneaky MAC or Bare Minerals purchases! This new spa sounds unbelievable, the Moroccan Hammam is new to Harrods and I cannot wait to pay a visit, the thought of being completely pampered using luxury rituals inspired by centuries old ancestral beauty customs is utterly up my street. When I visited Bali on my honeymoon in 2010 I treated myself to a couple of Balinese massages and treatments and they were incredible but I haven't had anything remotely that good since then. Yes, I know, clearly I am a deprived woman and now a frazzled Mama who surely deserves to visit this Spa *forwards link to husband now*. He works in London so I could leave the kids with Grandma (she doesn't know about this yet but probably will find out by reading this, thanks Mum!), I could travel to London in the morning and head to the Spa while Adi is at work and then head back in the evening, possibly as a new woman (hehe, in my head this sounds feasible, obviously I realise that this is just a figment of my overtired and stressed imagination!).

I'm off on holiday very soon (which I know I've been banging on about!) but hey I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit, I can't say that it will be a relaxing experience as holidays these days are anything but, however I am hoping that my husband will allow me a couple of hours to sit by the pool, with a glass of wine in hand and my Kindle in the other to get a couple of chapters of a book read. A girl can hope, right?

So are you a spa lover? How does the Hammam spa sound to you?

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Party Time!

Image courtesy of

My word of the week is party.

On Tuesday 26th May my son turns 3. A whole 3 years he has been on this planet, crazy. This is all very exciting for him as he gets to have party, with birthday cake, and candles and dinosaurs and crocodiles (all his requests)!! 


Mama is stressed once again. The concept of throwing a toddler party somewhat worries terrifies me. This year as Alfie is now aware that it's his birthday I feel slightly under pressure to throw him a decent party. Trouble is I'm reluctant to pay for a hall or soft play and invite his entire nursery as in the coming years I suspect these will be the requests! So, we've opted to throw him a party at our house again, this is both a sensible and crazy idea but there are a few things causing me some slight stress.

Firstly, our house isn't huge, we have a three storey town house so our space goes up as opposed to a two storey house where there is likely to be more floor space, we do have a reasonable space downstairs in the form of our open plan kitchen/diner/family room which opens out into our garden, but unless the weather is good we'll all be downstairs liked tinned sardines. Great. Lets also not forget that there is likely going to be toys out so it's going to be like walking through a minefield. Awesome. Also, I suspect I shall be finding remnants of food/sticky finger marks/party paraphernalia for weeks and weeks after *where's the wine?*.

Secondly, do we play games?! I've no idea, pass the parcel was played at a toddler party that Alfie went to but I don't think I can cope with that......I've opted for a piñata instead, fun for both kids and adults (especially if there has been a few drinks had....... it is acceptable to drink at a kids party right?!), bashing the crap out of a strange shaped animal to get sweets out what's not to love! Oh, I know the hyper, sugar hit that the children will have afterwards which will then make me instantly regret not putting fruit inside the piñata instead of haribo....... *where's the wine?*.

Thirdly, food, food??? What do we serve?? We have adults and children that need feeding. How do adults feel about eating dinosaur shaped sandwiches and Iced Gems? 

What about party bags. Wow, I had no idea what to put in them, I have bought so much stuff and 2 different varieties.  I've included different things for the girls, but is this wrong? Should they be gender neutral which is something that I keep hearing over and over again recently. Am I going to offend the parents by giving the girls something pink and the boys something blue? Do the girls want dinosaurs and the boys Peppa Pig? Do you see my dilemma here. Literally have no clue. Toddler parties are a whole load of judging, what happens if it doesn't life up to Alfie's expectations? I know he's unlikely to remember a massive amount of detail at the age of three and the pressure is going to be more so once he's older but still I just want him to have a great day. 

What about the cake? One thing I knew is that I wanted him to have a good cake. Don't get me wrong I can bake a cake but I could never decorate it to look half decent so I'm happy to pay out for a professional do it, if the rest of the party is horrendous at least he'll have a cracking good cake to enjoy! Alfie insisted he wanted a crocodile cake as opposed to a dinosaur which is the 'theme' we have chosen, I guess a croc is a type of dinosaur though, whatever keeps him happy!

I'm sure that regardless of all my stressing Alfie will have a great day and I am looking forward to it really as we get to see lots of our family and friends that we struggle to see, and after a couple of glasses of Prosecco I reckon it'll be alot of fun!

Any advice for this stressed Mama about throwing a toddler party?

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Thursday 21 May 2015

Summer Wishlist 2015

Summer Wishlist 2015

Summer Wishlist 2015 by helsy featuring GUESS

With Summer fast approaching and everyone, including myself getting in the holiday spirit my latest mood board features my Summer wishlist, things that I'd love to be using or wearing during the Summer months. 

First up a gorgeous new Pandora Charm, I particularly love this Wildflower Murano Tribute Charm (RRP £30), featuring the iconic symbol of remembrance it's simply beautiful.

Next, I am just loving this cute strawberry print skater dress from New Look (RRP £36), I love a summer dress and this is me down to a tee! 

I am a huge sunglasses fan and own a couple of really nice pairs, after Alfie broke my French Connection ones a couple of years ago I now keep my Michael Kors (various prices) pair well out of his way!

For anyone who knows me in the Summer I am rarely out of my flip flops, I am addicted to buying them so a gorgeous jewelled pair like these Guess (RRP £36) ones are made for me.

You cannot go on holiday without a decent tote bag and this one by Kate Spade (RRP £160) is gorgeous........if money were no object!, this would be perfect either by the pool or beach.

A slick of highlighter on the cheekbones is a beauty must have when sunning yourself, I am loving this one from MAC (RRP £25) from the new Wash and Dry range, just gorgeous.

If I've got the time some fake tan is always beneficial to banish some of those white legs before hitting the pool or beach, I have used Fake Bake (RRP £28) in the past and I know that you're guaranteed to get decent results and no streaks, plus the airbrush is really easy to use.

Lastly you can't be without some sun lotion (RRP £6.13), I'm a factor 30 girl myself as I tend to burn easily so would prefer to tan rather than bake!

So there you have my Summer wishlist for 2015. I am really looking forward to some warmer days and to head off on holiday (yes, yes I know must be mad with toddler and newborn in tow!).

What would be on your Summer wishlist?

Wednesday 20 May 2015

The Red Light of Doom.

The lack of froth on the top, it doesn't taste quite as good, it always happens in the bloody morning when you need a coffee. 

The red light of doom. 

The thing that you really, really, really don't want to happen when you've been up in the night with a newborn. Yup, you guessed it the coffee machine needs descaling. This, without a doubt always happens on a morning when I'm tired, a little cranky and need my goddam caffeine fix. Arghhhhhh!!

This morning I consider myself lucky, I was actually able to get a coffee out of the machine, tomorrow I doubt I'd be so and I will have to do the laborious (and dull) task of de-scaling my beloved Tassimo today *boring!!!*. Cue lots of grumbling and moaning on my part about 1. having to de-scale the blooming thing and 2. having to have a cup of instant coffee.

I know I sound quite dramatic but it is one of those 'head in hand' moments, I simply do not know how on earth I'm supposed to cope/deal with the day/manage the children etc etc without my Caramel Latte Machiatto (#firstworldproblems I know)!! Ok, so that is a little tongue in cheek and a cup of instant would get me through until the machine has been de-scaled but it just doesn't hit the spot like my Macchiato does!

Actually, reflecting over the last week I have two 'worst' moments that have happened, the coffee machine being one and the second being my little boy having a massive tantrum and throwing his juice cup on the table which then hit my full cup of coke which then spilt straight over my laptop (this tantrum was caused by Mummy not giving him the correct juice cup, I can't win!). This was potentially the worst moment and I'm still a little traumatised to discuss *sad face*. It's ok though my marvellous husband managed to save it and check it all out and thankfully my laptop is ok, it survived the wrath of my toddler so it wasn't actually the worst moment of my week but oh it so easily could have been! 

So there you have my worst moment of the week. I'm now off to de-scale the coffee machine so I can enjoy, pah who am I kidding, more like try to drink the coffee before it gets cold with a crazy toddler and a newborn,  chances are it will be stone cold by the time I actually get to it. Ahhh, oh well, caffeine is caffeine, right?

What's your best or worst moment this week?

Best of Worst