Thursday 3 December 2015

Scooter Tips and Tricks

Alfie recently got a scooter, well for his 3rd birthday back in May! It took a little while for him to get the hang of it but he's definitely getting better and he likes to zip around the back garden on it picking up speed and going quicker and quicker and yelling wheeee! 

I often see older boys and girls and teenagers whizzing around on scooters and no way did I realise that you can actually perform tricks using one, I probably wouldn't be brave enough to attempt any of these but I reckon give my son a couple of years and he'll be 180'ing down the street!

Check out this ace infographic for hints and tips on performing tricks and for the full, detailed post click here.

scooter tips and tricks

pop up wheelie

180, tail whip and grind

Halfords also sell a comprehensive range of scooters to satisfy the needs of a novice scooter rider or the more experienced!! Click here to have a nose at their selection and take your pick, you can even choose a scooter especially for doing stunts, how cool is that!

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  1. We increased the length. We saw a lot more Christmas lights. They really like seeing those up close and personal.

  2. The scooter is now more popular all around over the world. It's amazing!!! Special Alfie, gets a gift her birthday.


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