Tuesday 15 December 2015

12 Days of Christmas with euroffice

You can't beat a festive competition and over at euroffice they have a great '12 days of Christmas' competition going on as we speak! Being the one stop supplier of all things stationary and arts and crafts euroffice currently have an advent running which features a festive daily, DIY challenge that is achievable from your own home, not only that but there are exciting prizes up for grabs too.

On the 1st day there was a post on how to design an advent calendar using just envelopes! A very simple idea but an extremely effective idea and a fun take on the traditional advent calendar. 

The 2nd day of advent brought a lovely idea of how to make some lovely parcel tags and brilliantly these are designed using an interactive, digital DIY sticker generator.....brilliant!

On the 3rd day it was all about 'tidy office, tidy mind', I love this......I definitely believe in a good de-clutter before Christmas to enter the new year in a fresh and tidy manner. 

The 4th day focused on personalisation of Christmas cards and designing your own, such a lovely idea, I love receiving personalised items it really is very thoughtful.

December 5th was how to create some chalkboard labels, I love these labels, they would look awesome on a gift, a really nice idea!

On the 6th day it was all about some simple life hacks that can make your life easier when it comes to wrapping up gifts. Very handy, check out the white paper, tape & crayon idea.....brilliant!

December 7th brought us how to create some cool thankyou cards with a fun and unique idea using some notepads.

The 8th day has to be one of my favourite days, love these enviro friendly ideas, especially the reindeer's made of out of loo roll holders, really fun idea. 

On the 9th day were some lovely DIY decorations to have a go at, great to do with the kids. 

The 10th day was about whiteboards, yup you read that right. This post was about how to make a whiteboard look fabulous and maintain what it's designed for.

On the 11th day there were some ideas to decorate a desk. It can always be difficult to make a desk look festive but these great ideas will help you along with that.

Finally, the 12th was about decorating your office chair.....actually brilliant, they look great!

I am definitely going to give some of these ideas a go, if anything it will keep us all occupied in the run up to the big day! Have you got any other festive ideas?

*Collaborative post.

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