Monday 14 December 2015

Countdown to Christmas

We really haven't got long to go now till Christmas day and I keep getting little bursts of excitement....amongst feelings of illness.......yup I have succumbed to the usual birthday/winter/Christmas illness that I get every single year! It does put a little bit of a downer on things and makes it hard to get into the festive spirit but I'm hoping I'll start to feel a bit better in the next few days and start to get into the spirit of things!

I have an awful lot to do still, I have only just finished writing the Christmas cards, I need to send them off, wrap up any last minute gifts, decide what we are serving with the turkey on the day, write the food list and do the food shop (yuck!). The Christmas lights are up, the wreath still needs to go on the door and the trees are looking good! I am loving having a real Christmas tree this year, it's the first time that we've had a real tree and admittedly it didn't look as big as it does when we put it up but it's a really nice thing to have in the conservatory. 

Alfie is super excited and keeps asking is it Christmas yet, it's lovely that this year he really understands that it's Christmas and he's looking forward to it. I think he' going to be very busy on the day opening all of his presents, I'm slightly worried that I've gone a bit OTT so might have to keep some of his pressies for his birthday. When Alfie was Elarna's age I bought him far too much so this year for Elarna I have really only got her a handful of things that she can play with as it is otherwise quite overwhelming!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the illness skips over my husband and Alfie so they are not poorly over Christmas otherwise it could be a bit of a miserable household! It really is the most awful thing to be ill over Christmas.

Gifts from Esprit

I'm off to spend the rest of the day wrapping up some gifts, watching Christmas films and perhaps having a cheeky glass of mulled wine. 

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