Tuesday 15 December 2015

OXO Tot Feeding Range - Review

There is nothing worse when you start to wean your child, not having a decent set of weaning equipment. More often than not the tray of the high chair ends up being used as a plate and it can be so frustrating!

I previously used some of the OXO Tot range before with Alfie and have been impressed. They are sturdy, adaptable and look nice. When I was offered the chance to review some of the current range for Elarna I was pleased because alot of the things that I had used for Alfie were Thomas related or blue so something a little more girly I thought would be nice......not that I am gender stereotyping or anything but I happen to like pink.

We were sent the flippy snack cup (RRP £6.00), a divided feeding dish (RRP £8.50) and the divided feeding plate (RRP £8.50). Aside from looking lovely they are all incredibly functional with snap apart sections to ensure easy cleaning as well as being a handy storage solution for any left over food. They are extremely robust, trust me I know after Elarna decided the plate was better on the floor! In my opinion children's table ware needs to be up to being chucked across the room and these definitely withstood the challenge. 

I loved the divided feeding dish, well I loved them all but the divided feeding dish is so handy for separating out food and/or sauce. Elarna had a great time eating her first roast dinner out of it! I think for babies it's also nice to create a colourful plate of food and with the sections I was able to put peas, carrots, sweet potato and beans in the different parts which meant it looked appetising and appealing for her which encouraged her to try the different tastes and textures. The mashed potato was a clear favourite as the pictures further down in the post show!

I love how functional they are and the snap apart sections really are very handy. I think that the divided feeding dish is so useful the way that you can snap on the lid and keep anything left over safely and in a hygienic manner. These also feature non slip bottoms keeping them pretty secure on the high chair, although that being said Elarna did prefer to pick the plate up!

The snack cup is perfect for little hands and the soft opening at the top is great at preventing snacks from spilling but easily accessible for the food to be retrieved. We have yet to use this as much as the plates as she isn't eating a huge amount of snacks but I found it a perfectly decent size for storing some rick crackers in when we were out and about. Once again it all comes apart easily for cleaning.

Overall these are a fantastic addition to the already popular OXO tot range, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase any of the other items as they really are decent. As I mentioned above we already have used some of the other items from the range, one being the flip top snack pot and that has seen us through since Alfie was young so not only are these items quality but also have a longevity to them aswell. 

Have you used any of the OXO tot range? What do you think of them?

* Please note I was kindly sent the items free of charge in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  1. my boys are way past this stage, but these all sound good. I particularly like the sound of the sft top snack cup. I never had anything like that #Triedtested


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