Sunday 6 September 2015

Sunday Style #6

I can't believe it's time for another week of our Sunday style! It soon comes round. What a funny old week it's been, the weather has been pants and we haven't really done much other than venture to the park a couple of times so I'm sharing some chilled out, minimal effort outfits this week.

Elarna this week has mostly been in sleepsuits or leggings. There is something about a baby in a sleepsuit, they just look so yummy in them and so babyish. Considering I'm trying to keep Elarna looking all baby like for as long as possible so these bright sleepsuits are rocking my world!

I bought these as soon as I saw them in Next, they just jumped out at me amongst all of the pink and neutral ones, they were too gorgeous to resist. I bought them in a bigger size because I knew that they would fast become one of my favourite sets, they are in 3-6 and are still quite big on her but I couldn't wait to get her wearing them (yes, yes I'm very impatient!). I adore the patterns and colours, she looks gorgeous in them. 

 Sleepsuits (pack of 3)  - Next (similar 3 packs available)

Headband - Just So Cute Ebay (£1.39)

I recently purchased some new bow headbands and the royal blue one goes perfectly with this sleepsuit so couldn't resist adding it while I took some photos! My headband obsession is ridiculous, I have so many for her now! I just love how they finish off an outfit and I think they look lovely on, although I know that some people aren't a fan.

Up next is my little man!! I'm amazed to actually be able to share one of my favoruite outfits from this week, but with a little bit of gentle persuasion (AKA bribery with sweets) he actually let me take a fairly decent picture of him.........and he smiled, result! 

Alfie got his gorgeous Star Wars t-shirt as a gift from his Aunty, I'm not a Star Wars fan personally  but my husband is and he was chuffed with the t-shirt, so was I to be fair as I love all those t-shirts covered in graphic prints, I think they look ace on. I actually love this on though, it's kind of skin tight and I love the turned up sleeves, so cute. I suspect with the new film coming out soon and Daddy being a fan, Alfie will be wearing alot more themed clothing! He looks like such a dude. The skinny jeans are actually in size 1 - 2 years and they finally fit him perfectly now which I'm pleased about, bless him he's not got the longest legs.

Star Wars T-Shirt - Next (£12 - £17 size dependant)

Skinny Jeans - George

The next picture Alfie does not look so happy in as you can see! I just wanted to share the rain coat that I bought recently in the Joules sale (I think I paid around £25 for it). I am buying more and more recently from Joules, I really do love their stuff and this rain coat is no exception. It fits great and looks fab on and the dinosaur design was a winner in Alfie's eyes. Even though he looks like a misery in this picture I promise he likes the coat! He was just desperate to go to the park and I was being annoying Mummy by taking pictures.

What do you think of our outfit choices this week?

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  1. So adorable, bless them both <3 Your little one in her sleepsuits is just too precious for words and the little blue bow just adds to it :) #comp

  2. What lovely outfits, the top babygro is fab and I love the joules coat x

  3. Oh wow! This sleepsuit is gorgeous. I love the print. When baby girl was little she lived in sleepsuits. They are so comfy for them and convenient for changing #weekendministyle x

  4. The floral patterns on the baby clothes are so cute.

    Lizzie Dripping

  5. Oh wow those bright sleepsuits are gorgeous, so pretty!
    It is lovely to see Alfie featuring too :)

  6. I am loving the floral sleepsuits. She is absolutely adorable. I wish Emily was still small enough for sleepsuits! She is now in pyjamas. They grow up way to fast. xx
    Steph |

  7. Those sleepsuits are so so gorgeous what beautiful prints! I love the Star Wars T too - how cool! xx

  8. I love the sleepsuits from next they always have great patterns on them. A big fan of the star wars top too he looks great #TT_Thursday

  9. I don't blame you for putting Elarna in sleepsuits, I'd be just as desperate to hold on to the baby stage too and make her wear suits daily until she was old enough to walk haha. Alfie's coat is lovely! Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  10. OMG @ E's sleepsuits!! She looks absolutely gorgeous in those! #TT_Thursday


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