Tuesday 22 September 2015

Outlook Solar Shade - Review

One sunny day a few weeks ago we popped out and had a lovely family day out over in Thetford....you can read about that here! It happened to be one of the hottest Saturdays that we'd had in ages and brilliantly I had just received the day before a solar shade to review, so it was a perfect opportunity to test it out. 

Up till now I have never purchased anything similar to this, in fact, even with my first I never got around to buying a parasol, if it was a hot day quite often I'd be the Mum with the muslin casually chucked over the top of the pram to protect my child.......bad mummy alert! 

The outlook solar shade, available from babys-mart.co.uk (RRP £19.99 but is currently on sale for £15.99) is packaged in a compact bag (for easy storage), is universally fitting (always handy), UPF50, extends and adjusts and has a handy zip to check on your child without disturbing them. Designed to offer shade and protection for your child while blocking 99% of harmful UPF rays.

I've decided to spilt this review into the pro's and cons for the item, I normally end up waffling on but I think it will fit this style of review.


  • I like that it's universal, not only does it fit when I have the car seat on, but also on the buggy attachment when we use that.
  • It's a reasonable price, I believe that we will use this item alot on hot and sunny days, especially when you do (eventually) manage to fold it back up it is extremely compact.
  • I like the zip on the top, handy for just having a quick check on baby, although I could see her underneath the hood which makes me wonder if we hadn't fitted it correctly. 
  • It's very secure when fitted, nothing was moving it even when I bumped over the forest floor! 
  • I like it in black, it fits in well with our pram and looked pretty good on.


  • I have to admit we struggled to fit it on, we did look a bit like idiots while we tried to follow the instructions to tie it on and as said above compared to the pictures online I'm not sure we really got it correct after all!
  • It is a little bit cumbersome.
  • You have to pack it in an exact way to get it back in the storage bag.
  • It was difficult to move it up to get Elarna out.
All in all I really quite liked the solar shade and I think come next summer we will get alot of use out of it ....... weather dependant of course! For the price I think it's a decent item and does what it says it does which is the main thing and lets face it when it comes to the safety of our children that it the main priority.

What do you think of the solar shade? Would you purchase it? 

* Please note I was kindly sent the shade for free in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.

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  1. This looks really good - I like the idea of it and the prices is really reasonable #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  2. Looks good. I'm terrible at remembering our parasol so we are often the bad mummies using a muslin in an uber hot country. Oops.

    1. Yes that's me too.....when we ever have the sunny days haha X

  3. I love that it is universal. Things like this never go back in the storage bag easily do they?! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Thanks for the comment Kate, yes it's a bit like a pop up tent quite hard to get back in the pack haha. X


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