Wednesday 23 September 2015

Dream House

I absolutely love anything to do with home decorating or accessorising and the finer details, it's so much fun. I think it money were truly no object I would love to design our own house, how awesome would it be to find the perfect plot of land and design the perfect, dream house from scratch..............everything that you want or dream of you could include in your design. Imagine watching your ideas and your imagination being built from nothing into something incredible. I have been having on the *homify website which is providing me with a load of home inspiration! 

My dream home would consist of a few things...........not that I would want much of course! Firstly I would love a swimming pool, I just think it would be so cool to have a swimming pool in your own house! Check out these pictures below, how lush are they! 

Eclectic style pool by PARQUEARTE Piscinas como iconos de diseño.
Image: Parquearte Piscinas Como Iconos de Diseno / homify

Swimming pool : Modern pool by Flairlight Designs Ltd

I would also love to have a fully 'specced' out kitchen with all sorts of ridiculous kitchen gadgets, modern but with a cosy and cottage chic feel, the sort of kitchen that you can imagine all the family having a glass of wine and chat in before having something yummy to eat. 

Eclectic style kitchen by Sobrado Ugalde Arquitectos
Flairlight Project 1 Oxshott, Tudor House : Modern kitchen by Flairlight Designs Ltd

I would of course want need a dressing room, firstly I have alot of makeup and secondly I am so desperate for a girly area that I can make pretty and put my makeup on in peace without sticky hands trying to steal all my expensive stuff, little terror! A place of calm and tranquillity that I can just sit in front of a dressing table and be the girl I used to be and not just 'Mummy'!! Ahhh those were the days.

Cotswold Cottage : Country style dressing room by Emma & Eve Interior Design Ltd
Furniture : Modern dressing room by Maple & Gray
Image: Furniture by Maple & Gray / homify

Anyway, these are all dreams but that's ok, we're all allowed to dream big aren't we otherwise what would be the fun of having an imagination. Maybe one day I'll win the lottery and I'll be able to build a house to our specifications.....until then I will focus on our actual house that we are in the process of buying! 

So if you were building your own house what sort of thing would you want in it? It's nice to dream isn't it. 

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