Thursday 30 April 2015

The A to Z of Me

I've been tagged by the lovely Sarah at Run Jump Scrap to take part in the A to Z of Me, I do like taking part in these things as it introduces me to a whole load of new blogs to read. This one sounds like a bit of a challenge so lets get started!

A is for Alfie, my first born and my main man, he'll be 3 years old in May where has that time gone?

B is for busy, adapting to life with a toddler and a newborn is pretty hectic at the moment, I'm hoping we'll find our way soon!

C is for chocolate, I'm a huge chocoholic but I'm so peeved that Cadbury's tastes a bit yuck these days. Bad times.

D is for Dad. I'm a real Daddy's girl, always have been always will! Love him!

E is for Elarna. The latest addition to our family, my little Princess.

F is for friendship. Love my friends, I just wish I lived closer to them all so I could see everyone more regularly.

G is for grey hairs, just a few but ergh!! That is the reason why my hair is dyed!

H is for Helen. I don't like my name, sorry Mum and Dad!

I is for Ice Cream, been obsessing over it recently not entirely sure why.

J is for June, I'm on countdown to my holiday, wahoo! Although we may be slightly mad taking a toddler and a newborn abroad.

K is for keeping up with my blogging, obviously I've not been able to dedicate as much time to it in the last couple of weeks but I'm hoping I'll be able to as things settle down a bit.

L is for loud, Alfie is so blooming loud at the moment, especially his 'elephant' noise which sounds more like a pig being slaughtered!

M is for Mum of 2, arghhh! Scary stuff.

O is for orange juice, still drinking plenty of it.

P is for pink! My favourite colour and now I have an excuse to buy even more pink thing!

Q is for quiet, I do love a bit of p&q when I'm lucky get any, this is generally what at 7pm when Alfie is in bed and Elarna is hopefully snoozing too for perhaps about 30 minutes until the TV gets switched on.

R is for random, I use this word alot.

S is for soul mate, that would be my husband :-)

T is for time, I hate that time passes so quickly as you get older, it scares me somewhat that I'll blink and miss something.

U is for understanding, I like to think I'm an understanding person.

V is for vexed, I get vexed about lots of silly little things but hey that's just the way I am.

W is for wet (hair), I hate it, I look like a witch, my hair just goes horrendously frizzy and uncontrollable.

X is for xylophone? Haven't played one in years!!

Y is for yucky, another commonly used word in our house these days!

Z is for Zebra's, struggled with this letter....we like Zebra's in this house!!

So there you have it the A to Z of me! I now tag the following lovely blogs: 


  1. Nice to know a few small insights about you. I would find it hard to think of something for every alphabet so well done to you.

    1. It was fun trying to think of something for each letter! x

  2. This is such a lovely idea, Loved reading it :D May have to do my own A-Z x

    1. Thankyou for the comment! You should give it a go! x

  3. Lovely post! Did Adi make you do letter S? haha x

    1. Haha no but I thought I better fit him in it somewhere!! x

  4. I know I'd struggle with X and Q so great picks for them.

    Lizzie Dripping


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