Wednesday 8 April 2015

Win a Potty Training Pack - Competition

Potty training.


For many I know that potty training is dreaded, I have to admit I didn't exactly welcome it when we started with Alfie, I had no idea where to start or what to do, I spent hours researching it and at first I put it off as I felt he wasn't showing the 'signs' but a few months down the line when he clearly was I had to bite the bullet and start. It was definitely one of the more challenging things that we've had to go through but we got there in the end. 

Alfie was actually brilliant weeing on the potty and toilet, he seemed to take to that really quickly but pooing was another matter, that took alot of perseverance for him to poo but thankfully just before Christmas it all just seemed to click and he's now brilliant at both. 

Here are my top tips for successful potty training: 

1. Invest in a decent potty, we have a Disney Cars themed potty that makes a noise and has a comfortable seat so he can spend time on it without being uncomfortable. 

2. Pop the potty somewhere private and discreet, Alfie seemed to prefer this at the beginning.

3. Look out for the signs, don't rush potty training before they are ready or this could be a bad thing. 

4. Use lots of encouragement when using the potty, I swear that our neighbours must have wondered what was going on with all our cheering and clapping when Alfie used the potty!

5. If you're going to potty train, be brave and just go for it, try not to revert to nappies for car journeys, trips out etc as this can lead to confusing signals. I was petrified to do this at first and naturally there will be accidents but just go for it.

There are many other tips but these worked for us and in celebration of potty training you could be in with the chance of winning a potty training pack worth £24.00 with the company Dry Like Me.

Dry Like Me are the smarter way to potty train, these handy potty training pads turn all pants into potty training pants by adding an absorbent layer to provide your little one with a boost of confidence when learning to live without a nappy, therefore relieving some of the stress whilst training. Dry Like Me pads assist your child in recognising the signs for the loo which is a key part to potty training which can sometimes be tricky to learn..

To celebrate the launch of their first ever TV advert launching in April, Dry Like Me is giving away a ‘Smarter Way to Potty Train’ pack worth £24 The packs contain each variety of Dry Like Me pads, a lovely reward chart and stickers, and their award-winning book ‘How to Potty Train’ – all the tools you need to help your little one achieve potty training success! 

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Good luck!


  1. Don't rush it and try to relax as children pick up on your stress.

  2. Scott walliss- Let them do it when they are ready!

  3. Wait until they're ready & instigate it...we learned the hard way that the whole messy process takes longer if you rush them!

  4. just be patient, it takes time, sometimes a long time but it clocks into place......eventually!

  5. No matter how much you try to persuade them, they will go when they are ready c

  6. Kids are ready when they are ready. :) Don't rush it, and don't push it. It's not a competition! :)

  7. Lots of praise and try to stay calm even when you little one has pee'd on the rug for the upteenth time !

  8. start when your child is ready and do not rush things

  9. do not rush things - leanne w

  10. I haven't got any first time tips as I'm about to start training my little one in the next week or so (when I pluck up the courage!) Have been told not to ask him if he wants the potty every 5 mins though! Thanks for your tips and the competition. Think I'm going to need all the help I can get!!

  11. dont stress they will do it when they are ready

  12. Make sure you have lots of spare pants and don't stress over little blips

  13. We haven't started yet but intend to this summer I think summer is a good time as any accidents can be outside rather than in!

  14. Don't worry if there are set backs and accidents. Praise all the successes

  15. Don't stress, there will be accidents and slip ups but when they are ready it will happen.


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