Thursday 9 April 2015

50 Things that Make me Happy!

Sarah from Run Jump Scrap has nominated me to take part in the 50 things that make me happy, sounds like quite alot to list and several of the things that do make me happy are a little shallow, but hey it makes me smile so I don't care. I should also say (before my husband asks why he's so low down!) these are in no particular order!

Here are my 50 things that make me happy:

1. Days off with my husband and son.

2. Wine. Lots of it.

3. Prosecco. Lots of it.

4. Chocolate.

5. Seeing family and friends. 

6. Flowers.

7 Painting my nails. 

8. Buying makeup.

9. Buying clothes. 

10. Kisses and cuddles from my boy.

11. My boy saying 'love you Mummy' before bed.

12. Spoiling my boy.

13. My job as a Nurse. 

14. A tidy house (when possible).

15. Clean sheets on the bed.

16. Baking cakes. 

17. Looking at my wedding pictures.

18. Spring/Summer evenings and being able to sit outside.

19. Holidays!

20. Watching rubbish on TV.

21. Anything pink.

23. Reading my Kindle before bed.

24. My husband. 

25. Wearing sunglasses. 

26. Being able to wear flip flops. 

27. Seeing the bottom of the washing basket.

28. Baby kicks.

29. My steamer. 

30. Manners and courteous behaviour.

31. Getting my hair cut and coloured. 

32. Blogging.

33. Channing Tatum :-) 

34. My cats. 

35. Good food.

36. Dining out.

37. Going to the seaside.

38. Visiting the Zoo.

39. Walks in the country.

40. Perfume.

41. Having money.

42. Paying off debts.

43. My Kitchenaid.

44. Relaxing.

45. Burning a candle.

46. Butterflies.

47. Receiving post.

48. Having a bath.

49. Snuggles on the sofa with my boys.

50. Happy/good news.

Some of these made me smile just writing them, such simple things make me happy and quite often they're the best.

I tag: 

Yaya at My Dreamality

Kay at Mummy B

Tell me what makes you happy?


  1. Haha fab list, I spy a few things on there that make me happy too. The wine and choc are defo on my list of things that make me happy too :) x

    1. Thanks Christine :-) Wine and chocs are always winners in my book! x

  2. I love this what some great things to make you (and anyone happy) I'm having Sal snuggles at the moment and doggy cuddles always make me happy.

    1. Thanks Sarah and you cannot beat snuggles with a doggy for sure :-) x

  3. Thank you for the tag and what a great list!

  4. Love these and course not shallow!! Hehe x

  5. Lovely post, Helen! Everything on your list made me smile as I read them. Thank you for tagging me. :) xx


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