Friday 22 May 2015

Relaxation. What's that?!


Wow it seems like so long ago since I've actually relaxed, well I can't remember when I last truly did to be fair even my baths that I attempt to have are usually rudely interrupted by a toddler charging up the stairs shouting 'Mummy it's Alfie!!! I'm coming!!' then he swiftly whips off his clothes, tells me to move (and if I don't move I get shoved anyway) and joins me. What I thought was peaceful relaxation (yeah right, who am I kidding!) is over, BAM just like that. What follows next is generally a whole load of splashing and shoving me out of the way until I admit defeat and get out of said bath and leave him to it. Relaxation done, I probably get about 5 minutes of alone time until he appears at the bathroom door! Sometimes I don't even get to shower alone these days, blooming nuisance!

Having a bath is possibly the closest I do get to relaxing  (well in those precious 5 minutes that I'm alone), I'm one of those people that find it hard to truly relax, even just watching a film on the sofa I can't sit still through the whole film, I have to be doing something and on a weekend I can't just take it easy, obviously with 2 children these days I never 'take it easy' but before them over a weekend I was still cleaning, tidying and generally up and about like I had ants in my pants. It drives my husband potty, he doesn't understand why I can't just sit and chill!

One of my friends has just gone on a spa weekend, I'm a little jealous! I've just recently heard that Harrods is about to open a brand new spa (just for women!). For a start I blooming love Harrods, it's one of the places whenever I visit London I spend hours in the place just wandering around, I can generally be found amongst the makeup making a few sneaky MAC or Bare Minerals purchases! This new spa sounds unbelievable, the Moroccan Hammam is new to Harrods and I cannot wait to pay a visit, the thought of being completely pampered using luxury rituals inspired by centuries old ancestral beauty customs is utterly up my street. When I visited Bali on my honeymoon in 2010 I treated myself to a couple of Balinese massages and treatments and they were incredible but I haven't had anything remotely that good since then. Yes, I know, clearly I am a deprived woman and now a frazzled Mama who surely deserves to visit this Spa *forwards link to husband now*. He works in London so I could leave the kids with Grandma (she doesn't know about this yet but probably will find out by reading this, thanks Mum!), I could travel to London in the morning and head to the Spa while Adi is at work and then head back in the evening, possibly as a new woman (hehe, in my head this sounds feasible, obviously I realise that this is just a figment of my overtired and stressed imagination!).

I'm off on holiday very soon (which I know I've been banging on about!) but hey I'm looking forward to getting away for a bit, I can't say that it will be a relaxing experience as holidays these days are anything but, however I am hoping that my husband will allow me a couple of hours to sit by the pool, with a glass of wine in hand and my Kindle in the other to get a couple of chapters of a book read. A girl can hope, right?

So are you a spa lover? How does the Hammam spa sound to you?

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  1. I do love a good spa for relaxing. I've heard about the new spa in Harrods, looks and sounds amazing! xo

  2. I love spas and unfortunateely I haven't been to any for ages. That new Hammam spa sounds absolutely fab!

  3. I love a good spa visit - I try to go at least once a year for some R and R.

    Lizzie Dripping


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