Tuesday 26 May 2015

Family Fun!

Family fun now the football season's over

For many women up and down the land, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief – the English football season has drawn to a close and they can get their husbands or partners to do something different (and, dare we say, more interesting) at the weekends.

Chelsea had secured the Premier League title several weeks ago, but there was still plenty going on with other clubs to keep even the most casual of football fans interested right up until the last game.
The beautiful game can still seem to take up many more hours of TV than a non-football fan finds reasonable over the length of the season. Of course, we’re not quite out of the woods yet. The football betting focus now turns to the final of the FA Cup, between Arsenal and Aston Villa on 30 May, but after that you should be free to plan your weekends without considering the footie!
So what makes for a great weekend outing with the whole family? With any luck, the summer will really start to kick in with earnest after the dismal weather we’ve had in May, and we’ll be able to have lots of outdoor time.
When you have toddlers or young children, it can feel like every outing is one planned around them, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, the grown-ups can get a bit tired of soft play areas and petting farms. In the summer, options widen with the good weather.
One of the easiest things to plan is a day at the seaside. If you can get to it easily, there’s nothing quite like the magic of spending time on a beach for most families. Pack a picnic and the sunscreen, get everyone in the car and you’ll be splashing in the sea in no time. The only downside is de-sanding the car and kids when you get home!
If you’re further from the coast, you could always take the family on a camping trip – which may feel like a bit of a challenge if you’ve never done it. You don’t have to take the hard option of going for a week under canvas – test it out with a night’s camping one weekend. If you all love it, then you could think about doing it for a week’s holiday, but it may be a one-off depending on how you all sleep! There are the glamping options, of course, where you book tents or even a yurt with beds and other mod-cons set up inside.
Summer is the time for all kinds of local fetes and it can sometimes be surprising just how much goes on in your local town or county at the weekend, much of it being very family friendly. If you’re on Twitter, follow your local newspaper and council to make sure you don’t miss anything that’s going on. There are always lots of local summer jazz, craft and food festivals and these can be great days out to meet up and share with other families, rather than one of the families having to play host.

For many football widows, there’s only a narrow window to plan full-on family weekends – the Premier League 2015/16 season kicks off again on 8th August. Now’s the time to pack in the fun!


  1. It's a beautiful moment when the football season ends isn't it! My other half plays football for a team on the weekends too so family days out are pretty much non existent unless I make him feel really bad! It's currently hammering it down with rain as I type this, so I hope the weather cheers up tomorrow otherwise that's our first planned day as a family gone out the weekend already. I'm lucky enough to live right next to the coast too so I'll definitely be going to the beach if the weather cheers up. Hope you have some good family fun! xx


    1. Ahh I hope you managed to get out on a family day, I can only imagine how much time is consumed with the footy season! Thanks for the comment X


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