Friday 23 August 2013

Walking Trails......

While I was pregnant I walked a lot......I literally tried to walk my baby out (it didn't work) but I walked for miles and miles pretty much everyday. When Alfie finally did decide to make an entrance (10 days in the overdue club) I wanted to carry on my walking with him, partly to get us out and about, but also to keep reasonably fit. 

When the weather is nice we love getting out and about but quite often I'm limited to where I can go as we have one car which Adi uses for work so we usually end up pounding the streets near to where I live. If I'm lucky to have the car one of my favourite walks is around the local lake, it's a really nice walk on a sunny day. It's so well maintained, there is a play area and often children's activities during holiday time. There are various walks you can do ranging from a quick loop around the lake to a longer walk over the fields by the river. I love the fact that as you do the walks there are lots of information posts about the local wildlife that has been spotted and any conservation work that is being done.

Alfie's favourite part is the ducks!

Alfie loves seeing the ducks and we always spend a few minutes watching and feeding them, he is literally fascinated by them!

How gorgeous is this tree covered tunnel!

When we're not walking around the lakes we'll head over to the coast and have a long walk along the sea front (UK weather permitting obviously!), we're pretty lucky to live near Felixstowe, Aldeburgh and Southwold so we have a great choice to choose from! I absolutely love walking beside the sea, it's so therapeutic.

Beach Huts at Southwold
View from Southwold Pier
I've never really considered joining any walking or rambling clubs but maybe if I had the time I might consider it and probably enjoy it, although if I did I'd definitely have to invest in a pair of decent walking boots as I generally walk everywhere in either UGG's (in the winter obviously!) or flip flops which aren't ideal! 

I've recently purchased this book and it's got loads of different walks to do so hopefully I'll be able to mix it up and bit and try some of these walks in the near future.

It's such a shame that today the weather is rubbish and Alfie and I are both getting cabin fever! Walking is great when the weather is nice, not so good in drizzly rain!

Any other Mums like to get out and about and have a nice walk?

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  1. Oh gosh how pretty is that walk! I used to live at the edge of a common and it was amazing just taking off there with the dog. Sadly walking isn't something I can do too much for these days but hopefully one day!

    Life in a Break Down

    1. Thanks Sarah! It's a lovely walk when it's not raining haha X


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