Wednesday 14 August 2013

Healthcare Magnum Footwear - Review

It's not very often that I bring my work life into my blog but I've recently been asked to test out a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for health care workers or people that work within the catering industry. 

For those of you who don't know, I'm a 3rd year Student Nurse (soon to qualify soon I hope, eek!), the uniform requirements for a Student Nurse/Registered Nurse advise that footwear should be appropriate and comfortable, have enclosed toes and provide adequate foot support, footwear such as clogs or shoes without a heel support may not be suitable when undertaking patient manual handling (Royal College of Nursing, 2013).

I was sent the Armadillo HPI leather shoe from a company called Magnum Boots (link will take you directly to the shoes), they retail at £54.99 and are designed to be worn either as a shoe or a mule (the mule would be particularly useful if you work in surgery and theatres). They have been rigorously tested and are blood borne pathogen resistant and needlestick penetration resistant which is excellent. The soles have been tested to ensure they are slip proof and they have also been designed with comfort and longevity in mind (great to consider when shifts can be 12 hours +). 

My first impressions when I received the shoes were that they were huge in comparison to my old pair of work shoes (see below for pictures), however they are lightweight and easy to put on, even more so if worn as a mule and they do look very supportive and protective. 

My old faithful pair of work shoes
The new Armadillo work shoes

I have been testing the shoes out over the last couple of weeks and so far so good, they are comfortable to wear and very much non slip. I do feel they are quite big, when I'm doing some shifts as a Heath Care Assistant/Support Worker I prefer to wear a dress rather than trousers and tunic and these just don't  look right ( I haven't taken any picture of me with them being worn with my uniform purely for professional reasons). If I was working in theatres though these would be perfect worn with the scrubs and I'd feel 100% confident that they would protect me from needlestick injuries or spillages. 

Worn as a complete shoe

Worn as a mule

Overall they are a great shoe for health care workers or those who work in catering. They are supportive, comfy and protective but for me they are just too bulky and I wouldn't be able to wear them with a dress, I would wear them with trousers & tunic or in theatres but I think they are possibly more suited for (dare I say it) a male? Never the less I will continue to wear them when I'm wearing my tunic and trousers.

For more information you can visit Magnum Footwear website. 

Has anyone had any experience with protective footwear? 
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* Please note these were a PR sample that I was kindly sent to review but the thoughts and opinons are that of my own.


  1. Ah the ol' sensible shoe for work option! From the pictures they look ok, but like you say i think best suited for trousers and not a dress.

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  3. Hey,MagnumBootsUSA Thanks for replying back. I didn't start wearing them till a few weeks after I got them (I'm in the reserves and they worked ok for walking around) and the next time I wore them after that was a couple weeks later on a 7 mile hike and that's were they feel apart. So I'm out of the warranty period. I will say Magnum has pretty good customer service because this is twice you guys let me know about the return policy and showed you guys care about your customers.Thank you so much!!!
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