Tuesday 20 August 2013

Innabox Greetings Cards - Review

I was kindly sent a couple of greetings cards from a company called Innabox. This is an online company that specialise in blank and customisable cards for any occasion. The company was founded in 2012 and is starting to find its feet in the world of greetings cards and gifts.

There is a lovely choice of cards to choose from and all are blank so they can be used for different occasions. I chose the penguin card with custom stickers and the cat card just because I love cats! Most of the designs that are available are cute, fun and 'cartoony' which may not appeal to all, however if you're wanting a card for a child or a quirky design then Innabox is for you. 

I love the idea of the custom stickers and being able to personalise the card with them, I can imagine that if Alfie was a bit older he'd love to have a go at sticking them on and giving the card to one his friends!

Retailing at £2.00 with free shipping within the UK  is an excellent price, especially for the quality of the cards (and it should be noted that the envelopes that they are supplied with are of excellent quality too, none of that flimsy, see through rubbish!) 

You can purchase the cards here: Innabox and you can also follow on Twitter by clicking here: Innabox Design
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* Please note: I was kindly sent the cards to review. My views are unbiased and opinions are  my own. 


  1. OOOO these are a great price. It's my neice's birthday last week and I think she'd love one of these. M xx

    1. They're great aren't they! Children will love them :-) X

  2. How cute are they! I think I know where I am getting my next lot of cards from, they are so different - thank you so much for sharing :) xx

  3. Replies
    1. I know! They are both really cute. Thanks for your comment Alex :-) x


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