Sunday 11 August 2013

NOTD Essie - Sunday Funday & Avon - Opal Topcoat

Evening Beauties!

I'm excited to share this nail of the day with you all it's one of my favourite's to date. I'd been searching for this particular Essie shade (Sunday Funday) for a while and everytime I tried to buy it it was always sold out! Anyway, I finally managed to get my hands on a bottle and I blooming love it! I'm also featuring a beautiful topcoat that I recently bought from Avon that I'm also loving.

Sunday Funday by Essie is a beautiful coral pink colour with a very delicate shimmer running through, it's so pretty! It's part of the Summer 2013 ' Naughty Nautical' collection and it's been popular from what I've read so I'd snap it up quickly if you likey. You can purchase Sunday Funday from Boots for £7.99 and it's one of the nicest polishes I own, in fact the whole summer 2013 collection is a must have.

You can see that I've added a stunning Opal topcoat that I recently bought from Avon. It's got the most beautiful shards of glitter that catch the light and it looks gorgeous on, although it can be quite tricky to get a nice coverage of the glitter I found gently dabbing it on gave a better result. I used it on the tips and added an accent nail on my pinkie. It was quite difficult to get a decent picture that does it justice, but I promise you it's stunning. You can purchase the Opal Topcoat for a bargain price of £2.50, click on the Avon link for more info.

Here are few more shots for you! 

Has anyone else tried the Opal topcoat?

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