Monday 29 January 2018

Tips for updating a child's Bedroom.

I think accessorising a home can be such a fun thing to do, there is something about injecting your personality into your home and putting your stamp on it. I've recently been adding a few touches to Elarna's room to take it from being a baby room to a little girls room (sob!). She obviously had to have a new bed and I've changed her lampshade, got her some nice new duvet sets and added some new artwork and dangle accessories. 

Alfie's room has recently been redecorated, he chose the colours himself and wanted a jungle theme, however we haven't really expanded much on that yet. I've been looking for a jungle related artwork for absolutely ages and haven't been able to find anything quite right, until I discovered murals wallpaper, these could be the answer to my problem. Full on wall murals to make the wall zing and pop to life. 

So feeling inspired I have compiled a collection of tips to help you on your mission in creating a funky kids bedroom. 

  • Be brave and bold with your colour choices. I think children's bedrooms should be fun and bright, get them involved with choosing their colours and it's a good start for inspiration for the rest of the room.

  • Consider a wall mural, this is such an impressive way to bring a wall to life. There are some amazing designs to choose from and so many ideas to base a room theme idea on.

  • Get storage. The last thing you want when you decorate a child's room is to have loads of toys strewn about, I have a ton of toy storage boxes hidden away under their beds and it really does make a difference to the room.

  • Choose a selection of accessories to personalise the room. For example Elarna has a beautiful, pastel coloured wooden rainbow and some hand made little wooden ornaments as well as some original artwork in her room while Alfie has his planets hanging from the ceiling and lots of Lego around his room.

  • Make the room somewhere your child feels safe and wants to be in, use beanbags, blankets, throws and cushions to make a little haven for them that they will enjoy sleeping in.

There are so many things you can do to make a kids room appealing and freshen it up, from simple changes to a full on redecoration the possibilities are endless. 

* Collaborative content.

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