Tuesday 30 January 2018

Defining a Living Space with Lighting.

How to Define your Living Space with Lighting
Many of the spaces in our homes are multifunctional spaces and depending what they are being used for, they demand a particular ambiance when it comes to how they are lit. This is no truer than in the case of the living room and the dining area, so here we look at how to define your living spaces with lighting.
Dinner Parties
An informal and relaxed ambiance makes for a great dinner party and can be achieved quite easily with the use of lighting. A stylish pendant ceiling light, hung above a dining table can act as the centrepiece and there are a great range to choose from at Cox and Cox. Bring a little flavour of Morocco to the space, an industrial feel or a more modern metallic look depending on the décor of the room.
To embellish the ambiance you have created with the ceiling light, keep all of the other ceiling lights switched off and use lamps and candles to light the rest of the space softly. Bon appetite.
A similar lighting strategy can be used to create a romantic feel to the living space and makes for the perfect cosy night in with a good film to watch and a box of chocolates.

Lighting Clusters
For large living or dining areas, clusters of ceiling lights work really well. Consider a cluster of the same type of light but in different sizes or maybe a more eclectic ensemble of shades would be more fitting for your own personal sense of style.
Zonal Lighting   
Lighting can also be used to break up a living space into particular zones. For example, one end of the room could be relatively brightly lit, for reading or playing with the kids, while the other end of the room could be more dimly lit for someone wanting to relax.
Both ceiling lights and lamps can be used to achieve this effectively.
Up lighting and Downlighting
Lamps and wall fitted lights can be used to dramatic effect if they are positioned to create either up lighting or downlighting.  Consider this if you are looking to draw attention to a particular feature of the room, such as a painting or a ceramics piece.
The way we use lighting in our homes brings a sense of theatre into the space and a little experimenting can completely change the feel of a room. If variety is the spice of life, then shine on. 
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