Saturday 13 January 2018

Heating up in Hawaii!

So here we are in the middle of January and I don't know about you but maannnnnn I would give anything to be on holiday at the moment. It is so gloomy and dismal here in the UK, I would give anything for some warmth on my skin, vitamin D, peace and quiet and just being away from it all. I always find myself browsing for holidays at this time of year and although we've already booked ours I just can't seem to help looking for another....... 

I've always wanted to visit Hawaii, we did talk about going for our honeymoon but in the end decided on Bali, but it is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit and these gorgeous holiday rentals in Hawaii are without a doubt whetting my appetite. There is no question about it, I would love to visit Hawaii.

After falling in love with some of the amazing villas that are available to rent I then spent a considerable amount of time researching about what there is to do and see if you fancy a trip to Hawaii.

  • It goes without saying that Hawaii is generally warm all year around. Seeing as the location of Hawaii in regards to the equator means that the weather tends to be tropically warm and fairly consistent throughout the year making this an ideal location for holidaying during the UK's colder months. Just imagine spending your days soaking up the sun with a tropical cocktail in hand, amazing. 
  • You could spend all day sunning yourself but if, like me you fancy a bit of culture there is a fair bit to experience in Hawaii. So what about a luaus? This is a great way to experience what the Hawaiian culture is all about. Think traditional food, entertainment, friendly locals and a great time. 
  • A volcano trip! There are 3 active volcanoes on Hawaii currently as well as a handful of other volcanoes that can be hiked and explored. We went on a volcano expedition when we were in Bali and although I didn't enjoy it much (think veryyyyy dusty and dirty) it was a pretty cool experience to say we have seen an active volcano, in fact we have a little bit of lava still here at home after our trip. My husband thought it was awesome though, so if you ever get the chance to go I would say to as it's definitely memorable. 
  • You could see Hawaii from the sky. Helicopter rides are becoming increasingly more popular as a way of observing the island from a different perspective. It's also a pretty epic thing to do and imagine how cool it would look seeing things from up in the sky.
  • If helicopter rides aren't really your thing how about seeing Hawaii on horseback. Spend a few hours exploring on a horse, maybe take a picnic and head to a few popular areas and enjoy a new experience. 
  • Spend the day at the spa. A day of relaxation being pampered is a necessity when on a tropical getaway!! There is nothing better than feeling utterly pampered and what better way to do it while in paradise. 

  • Visit the national parks. There is 50 state parks within Hawaii full of beautiful waterfalls and scenery, what's not not love. Also, apparently 90% of the 1000 species found in Hawaii's national parks are found nowhere else on earth (fact from Go Hawaii)! Pretty cool fact there. 
  • Go on a historic tour. This would be something I would absolutely do, my Dad is a big history/military history fan and I think it's rubbed off on me. So of course a trip around Pearl Harbour is a must, there is also tours around coffee fields and a culinary trip around Honolulu to be considered. 
  • If you're looking for something that is family friendly you could take a trip to the Maui Ocean Centre. You see the stingrays and sharks and immerse yourself in the Ocean experience. Brilliant for all those budding marine biologists! 
  • Go snorkeling. Hawaii is great for budding divers to experience what the ocean has to offer. I've been snorkeling before in Corfu and I only did a shallow dive where as my husband did a deeper one. It was pretty amazing beneath the ocean so I bet snorkeling in Hawaii would be incredible. 
  • Hula, hula!! I'm sure you will have heard of hula dancing, it is of course the tradition Hawaiian dance. The hula dance has become deeply rooted with the Hawaiian culture and if you visit Hawaii it's definitely something you should be enjoying while you are there. 
  • Immerse yourself in all this amazing island has to offer. Whether you're visiting for honeymoon,  a family get away or simply the trip of a lifetime there is absolutely something for everyone and you will without a doubt making some lasting memories. 
These are just a few suggestions of what you could do while in Hawaii. I would love to go, I imagine it being a wonderful place to visit and it most certainly on my bucket list. 

* Collaborative Post.


  1. Hawaii looks like an amazing place to visit. It looks so lush and inviting. (Although I'm glad I wasn't there this week when they were all sent the accidental bomb warning- that must've been terrifying!) #mmbc

  2. Making me want to book a holiday!! Sounds incredible!! My first time on your linky, looks fab! #bloggersbest

  3. Hi, Hiawi is on my wish list of places to visit I hope to go one day soon, to end a holiday in the sates. As you mentioned there is so much to do, top of my list is a helicopter ride and the volcanos #BloggersBest

  4. Ahh! Hawaii sounds amazing. I have always fancied visiting, especially at this time of year... #BloggersBest

  5. I’m so into this! I need vitamin D at the moment...I feel grey! Hawaii looks amazing. My brother has been there and said it was beautiful. I love those villas too..they are so luxurious. In fact, this post has made me surf a bit too much today! I must make the tea! #bloggersbest

  6. I loooved Hawaii on my honeymoon and would so go back. The scenery is just amazing. x #bloggersbest

  7. So many fun things to do in Hawaii! My parents have been once, and it's definitely somewhere I'd like to go in the future. Thanks for sharing! #bloggersbest


  8. Oh boy it sounds amazing - definitely one for the bucket list!

  9. Hawaii is my dream destination. It's got everything I could want. Volcanoes and adventure, beach and cocktails. Happy days #BloggersBest

  10. Going to Hawaii is on my bucket list! Love the photos.


  11. I sense a pattern with you and volcanoes.....Bali, Hawaii....
    Sounds a great place. Now all I have to do is sort out a baby sitter for a few weeks so I can sit and drink those cocktails #bloggersbest

  12. Hawaii looks and sounds like an incredible place. I could certainly do with escaping the UK weather right now, brrr! #bloggersbest

  13. It sounds like paradise there 🌴 #bloggersbest

  14. I'd love to go too but it's just so far away - from anywhere! #bloggersbest


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