Wednesday 31 January 2018

Retro Toys that have Made a Comeback.

Retro Toys that have Made a Comeback
We all had our favourite toy as a child, that one toy that we took everywhere and refused to leave behind. Whether it was an action figure, a soft toy, or something you could build, everyone has fond memories of their favourite childhood toys.
If you have little ones, then you might be happy to find out you can now share your precious childhood toys with your own kids! This is because there are loads of retro toys and games that have made a comeback and your children are sure to love them!
The Tamagotchi was the ultimate 90s toy. Everyone had one of these little digital pets that they had to grow from an egg and look after it throughout its life cycle, providing food, love and care. Keeping them alive was always a challenge but they provided endless hours of entertainment. The original Tamagotchi turned 20 in 2017 and Bandai deided to relaunch it. They’ve proved to be popular with kids and with so much nostalgia, parents are sure to love them, too.

Troll Dolls
Remember those crazy, wild-haired little troll dolls? These dolls were first produced in the 1950s but experienced a popularity craze during the 90s – some of the original dolls are now highly collectable. They’ve made a big comeback over the last couple of years due to the Trolls movie. However, they have had a bit of a makeover and are now brightly coloured, with neater hair, different outfits and accessories.
Roller Blades and Skates
If you were a child in the 80s or 90s, then you probably owned a pair of inline roller blades or roller skates. If you spent hours skating around with your friends, then you’ll know how fun these were. Unfortunately, kids nowadays spend more time attached to gadgets than playing outside. However, roller blades and skates are making a comeback, so buy your child a pair (Proline Skates have a good range) and have some fun!
Launched in 1998, the Furby was a huge must-have toy. With its big blinking eyes and interactive features, this cute toy was sold in the millions. The Furby relaunched a few years ago, with new features you can connect to on an app. Like Troll Dolls, the original Furby has become collectable, with some selling for more than £500!
If you have fond memories of any of these toys, introduce your children to their new versions and relive your magical childhood memories.
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