Tuesday 23 January 2018

SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom! *Review*

KABOOM! Let me introduce you the SuperZings Rivals of Kaboom. The latest pocket money toy on the block, these crazy little superheroes and supervillains are the new collectible craze to hit the stores this January. 

So what are the SuperZings??

Based on everyday objects and brought to life in a comic like fun theme, these colourful little figures are a delight to look at. There is a hero vs. villain theme throughout the collection, so each figure has a matching rival......more about that later on. 

The SuperZings have incredible superpowers and live in special hideouts and you can identify them by the symbol on the door, they also drive amazing supercars and come dressed in superhero/villain capes and eyemasks. You can tell the difference between the heroes and villains via their eyes, white eyes = hero and yellow eyes = villain. Simple! 

In the SuperZings collection there is more than 80 figures to collect, within these are 36 regular characters, (in 2 different colour schemes), 6 x silver, 2 x rare gold ones and the super rare Engima SuperZing.

To begin the collection off you can purchase the starter set for £5 which contains a bright and colourful comic book introducing you to Kaboom City and the characters in it. Also with the starter kit are 3 SuperZings, a metal hideout and a superblaster and 3 discs (so much fun!).

We were also sent a ton of singular SuperZing blind packs (RRP 80p each), 3 Supercars (£2.50 each), a selection of hideouts and a blister 4 pack which contains another superblaster and a coupe of hideouts (£1.50 each) and a SuperZings 4 pack blister (RRP £7.00) which includes another blaster, a couple of hideouts and SuperZings. Me and my husband definitely didn't have a superblaster battle, uh uhhhh not us! Ha, we did have a little bit of fun shooting each other with the discs, so not just fun for the kids hey!

These little collectibles are great, Alfie loved the element of surprise opening them and the added extra of having the option to make them zoom around in cars was great. The pocket money prices also make these very appealing and perfect little treats or rewards. 

What did we love?

  • They are bright, fun and great to play with. There are loads to collect and with the surprise element to the blind packets it adds an extra touch.
  • The whole collection has funky names, we really liked the idea of their being heroes and villains but with the twist of a matching rival. For example T-Mate's villain rival is Red-Ray and Brain Freeze vs. Ultra Dryer and Badnana vs. Stomper.
  • The characters are cleverly thought out with lots of extras to add on, the attention to detail on each of the figure's is brilliant!
  • The price! 80p for a blind pack is amazing, for me these would be a perfect little treat for the kids and will work well with rewards for good work, behaviour etc.

Was there anything we weren't keen on?
  • Mostly we loveeeee the collection. The only thing I would say as a very, very slight negative is I couldn't find an easy way to identify the characters, I think maybe a corresponding number somewhere on the figures would be useful. Also I think a small display unit would be brilliant to put the figures when they're not being played with.

The SuperZings are great, they've kept both my nearly 6 year old and nearly 3 year old occupied. They've both enjoyed popping the different figures in the hideouts and whizzing them about in the supercars. So although they are aimed at ages 4 - 8 they've been very successful in the Blogging Beautiful household with one slightly younger than the advised age. 

The SuperZings have only just recently launched and are currently available from a wide range of stockists such as Tesco, Asda, Co-op, The Entertainer and more. If you're looking for a new pocket money collectible then I would totally advise checking them out!


* Please note we were kindly sent the selection of goodies free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Oh I love the bright vibrant colours they look like great fun to collect and play with #BloggersBest

  2. Oh I love the bright vibrant colours they look like great fun to collect and play with #BloggersBest

  3. wow, I have never even heard of these but they look like a lot of fun could be had with them X #bloggersbest

  4. I love the little containers these come in! So cool :-) Alf looked like he loves them x #bloggerbest

  5. They look cute, though I have to say I'm glad my kids are past the stage of tiny toys. I used to tread on a lot of stuff like this, or hoover it up. #bloggersbest

  6. I've never heard of these but they look fun and like Alfie enjoys them!! Thanks for hosting #bloggersbest

  7. Sounds like some fun little toys and I like that you can collect more for a good price - definitely a nice treat here and there. #bloggersbest


  8. Argh! More stuff to step on! I'm sure they'll find there way here, though.
    Nice review. #bloggersbest

  9. Argh! More fiddly stuff to step on! I'm sure they will find there way here, though! Nice review. #bloggersbest

  10. My nephew would love these! #BloggersBest

  11. These look like fun. I like that they have a hero-and-villain pairing going on.

  12. Fun! I've never seen these before.

    Alfie looks like he loves them.


  13. My 4year old will love these - haven't seen them anywhere yet though! #bloggersbest

  14. We really like how interactive they are, being able to flip them off roofs and shoot things is a lot of fun #bloggersbest

  15. These are adorable, but I fear they would be permanently implanted in the bottom of my feet!

  16. Not heard of these before and loved the name #BloggingBeautifully

  17. These look so much fun! I haven't seen them before but I think my kids would love them #bloggersbest

  18. I haven't seen these before but it's just a matter of time before they make it into our house I'm sure! #bloggersbest


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