Tuesday 30 January 2018

Beautify your Living Room!

Interior Design Tips to Beautify Your Living Room
No matter if you have a small living room or a vast expanse of space, as one of the most important rooms in the home, your living room d├ęcor should feel special and inviting. However, when you have little ones, it can be difficult (and sometimes exhausting!), to keep it child friendly and stylish. Thankfully, these tips will help you to strike a balance between practical and functional, and chic and on-trend. Read on!
Storage is Essential
When you have kids, your house can quickly turn from a relaxing, tidy space to one where every available surface is covered with items. This can be stressful, especially in the room that’s designed for relaxing and fun family times. To stay sane, invest in extra storage. Whether you add bookshelves, use a chest or footstool as a coffee table, or add drawers under your sofa, clearing away the clutter can quickly transform your living room.

Play with Textiles
There’s a reason parents avoid pale coloured sofas: children can be messy. To protect your furniture while also beautifying your living room, add textiles – these ideas look amazing! Choose from patterned, chunky, knitted, faux fur and super soft throws, all of which can instantly refresh style and add a new colour pallet or theme. Throws are also practical as they can be washed when needed.
Choose New Neutrals
When you’re unsure of how to style your room, it can be tempting to choose white or cream so that everything coordinates. This can sometimes hinder more than help and leave your living room feeling bland. Instead, choose other neutral tones such as pale mocha, peach tones, and pale grey – Direct Blinds have a great selection of grey blinds that look amazing with different styles.
Change the Layout
With large family sofas and storage, even a big living room can start to feel a little cramped by furniture, so it’s important to really consider layout. Changing the layout of your living room could better showcase your beautiful furnishings and accessories. Move furniture to create better walkways, highlight focal points, and make your living room feel more open.
Floor to Ceiling
When you’re redecorating your living room, you probably think about colour schemes and how you would like to paint the walls, but do you give any thought to the ceiling and floor? The floor and ceiling are essentially two extra walls but are rarely utilised in this way. Don’t be afraid to add colour and texture, as this can really make your living room stand out – look here for ceiling inspiration.

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