Monday 31 July 2017

Broadband and Me.

It's ironic writing this post, my husband and I were literally just talking the other day about reliance on having wifi and internet access. It seems most places you visit now offer free wifi which to be honest is a god send. Writing a blog takes up alot of my time and even while I'm away I do try and keep up to date with things which is essential, I need a good business telecomms company that I can rely on to keep my blog ticking over and allow me access to a decent internet connection. 

Thinking back over the years I remember accessing the internet with a dial up connection..........oh my word it was excruciating the wait for it to load and the tone of trying to connect will stay with me forever! Can you remember it? How on earth did we cope back in those days?! 

Now you can go abroad and browse almost like you're at home as the data roaming charges have now been scrapped, brilliant if like me you're love Instagram and like to put stories up and photos on the move. It's also super handy when going out to dinner and you need to keep the kids entertained for a bit! So yes, I do massively rely on having a wifi connection and I can't really imagine life without it, in this day and age I think many people would agree.

I also find that having access to being able to post things online fab for my family and friends who I can then share photos and videos with so they can see what we've been up to, particualry useful is being able to use instant messaging so we can send these to quickly and conveniently, what Grandparent doesn't like to receive pictures of their grandchildren having fun, hey! Also, as I mentioned writing a blog takes up alot of my time and being able to respond to emails quickly and efficiently is really quite handy, it's surprising how many emails come through in a day!

So as you can see we do heavily rely on having access to wifi but I'm not ashamed to admit so I'm using the hashtag #BroadbandAndMe on social media to show just why broadband has changed in regards to work and why it's important to me to keep my blog ticking over!

What about you, do you rely on a decent internet connection to work?

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