Tuesday 25 July 2017

Getting a Good Night's Sleep in Summer!

5 top tips on getting a good night's sleep in Summer

It’s happened to us all – endless summer nights spent tossing and turning in bed, struggling to sleep because the heat is just unbearable. There really isn’t anything worse than trying to get some shut eye in a hot and sticky bedroom and when temperatures get higher and the nights stay lighter for longer, summer isn’t the best time to sleep soundly. Beyond the ideas of wearing thinner pyjamas and ditching the thick duvet here are five top tips on ways to keep yourself cool, beat the heat and get the good night's sleep you deserve during those hot summer nights.

Drink water before bed
This may seem an obvious one but that’s because it's one of the best things to do. You should drink plenty of liquids before bed but try to avoid drinks such as caffeine and alcohol. Keeping a glass of ice cold water next to your bed will keep you hydrated throughout the night.

Buy a comfy bed
Known as the Egyptian Method. Run a sheet or towel that is large enough to sleep on with cold water through the washing machine until it’s quite damp and not dripping wet. Place it on your bed and used the wet sheet as a blanket, this will keep you cool.

Buy the perfect bed components
Choosing the best bed components can be tricky but it is vital as your decisions on your bed, mattress and bedding will affect your temperature so think smart and be wise about your choice of materials. Choose a natural fabric for your sheets. Cotton and linen hold less heat so are good to help keep you cool. Your mattress choice and bed are also essential in making sure you have the perfect night’s sleep. Divan Beds Centre sell bed bases, so check them out to find your next bed for those summer evenings.

Turn electrical items off
Turning off all your electrical equipment will cool down your bedroom. Items such as TVs, Wi-Fi systems and radios give off large amounts of heat. Make sure plugs are taken out and sockets are all off to reduce the total heat in your room.
Buy a fan and ice it up. Sometimes it can feel like all your fan is doing is nothing other than blowing hot air around your room. Try putting a bowl of ice cold water with ice cubes in front of it. The fan will then pick up the cold moisture as the ice cubes start to melt and will circulate that around the room. Click here for some great deals on fans. Try out these tips and change your summer nights' sleep for life.

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