Thursday 6 July 2017

Making the Most of Weekends at Home.

How to make the most of weekends at home this summer

You don’t need to go on holiday this year to have a memorable summer – if you’ve got sun, ice cream and summer dresses, you’re well over halfway there. With these easy-peasy summer activities the kids will have a blast, too.
Set up an outdoor film
Watching a film outdoors doesn’t have to be reserved for your nearest park –you can bring the fun right to your own garden. All you’ll need is a projector and a computer to hook it up to, along with a place to watch the film. Stringing up a sheet to a wall or fence will work. And depending on access to your nearest outlet, you might need an extension cord too.
Projectors aren’t as hard to come by as you might think, and they’re not nearly as expensive, either. You can pick up a mini projector on Amazon that gives a quality picture and won’t break the bank. Plus, once the summer is over you can still use your projector indoors to broadcast big games or host a special film night for the little ones.

Throw a Garden Party
There’s nothing that gets you into the summer spirit quite like a party in the garden. Big or small, they’re a great way to get families together, plus the kids’ll be occupied with each other, leaving room for the adults to enjoy a few cocktails. It’s also a great excuse to get the garden in order. Word to the wise – fairy lights turn any garden from an overgrown yard to an open-air fairytale in five minutes flat.
Throwing a garden party doesn’t have to be a giant affair. Just pulling out the barbecue, a couple bags of crisps and some coleslaw from your nearest shop will do the trick. You can even have your guests pitch in with a dish of their own, halving your effort to just about nothing.
Dress for a day at the beach
Just because you aren’t sunning yourself on the shores of the Mediterranean doesn’t mean that you can’t dress for it. Cute summer dresses can help you to get into the warm weather mood, even if you’re just sticking around the house. You won’t have to make a big trip down to your local high street either, as you can find great styles and dresses from Tu at Sainsbury’s. After all, even your weekly shop should be a fashion opportunity.

Make your own ice cream
When we think summer, we think ice cream – in cones, in bowls, on sticks. As much of it as humanly possible, really. So no activity screams summer quite like making your own ice cream. Plus it’s a fun treat for the kids, too.
There are countless basic ice cream recipes out there that are about as easy as easy comes, minimal on the ingredients and the effort. Throw in some chocolate syrup or strawberries and you’ve got yourself a range of flavours, too.

It’s time to grab a hat and get outdoors, because summer in the UK is well and truly and here. What are your favourite summer activities to enjoy at home with the kids?

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