Thursday 6 July 2017

Holiday Packing Tips!

We are soon going to be off on our holidays and I cannot wait. It's felt so long since we were away abroad, it was only last year but it feels like it was absolutely ages ago. I'm a terrible packer. I start a good 10 days or so before we are due to go away and I get every I think I want to take out of the wardrobe and drawers, lay them on the bed and then start to deduct what I don't need to take. I then do the same with the kids can be quite the mission. I am notorious at over packing and even when I try to 'travel light' (my husband finds my definition of packing light hilarious), I still end up taking a ridiculous amount of clothes. 

So,in an effort to shame myself into 'packing light', I thought I would compile a little list of 'must have' things to pack when going away. Now we tend to travel within the EU so anything that is forgotten can be easily purchased if you do forget something, it might not be so easy if you're going somewhere more exotic. So here are my top tips!

  • Ok, so first and foremost think about your footwear, I have learnt over the years that there is no need to take a ton of footwear. I usually just take a load of flip flops, a pair for around the pool, a comfy pair to walk around in and a couple of fancy pairs to wear on evenings. I very rarely take heels where we go as it's quite hilly and bumps so flips flops are a much better option. 
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  • * I take a blazer or similar. One that can be worn on an evening but also can be worn fairly casually, Espirit have some lovely ones, a classic style and can really make a difference to an outfit. They are also perfect if the evenings are a little chilly. 

  • * Check to see if the place you are staying at has a washing machine, if so it's a winner as you can wash and rotate clothes, if not, how about packing some hand wash in and just giving your clothes a wash and doing it that way. Washing clothes while away of course isn't much fun but it does save alot of space as you don't need to take so much. In case you need to separate your clothes, which many of us will do then here are some useful tips for you.

  • Take items you can layer up. I usually take a couple of pairs of leggings that can be worn under dresses or with tops if it is colder than anticipated, I also pack a light cardi that can also be layered over to keep a chill away. 

  • I take 1 handbag, I generally have the changing bag for the kids stuff but now I tend to take 1 handbag that I can use wherever I go. This has it draw backs as I do tend to take my nicer handbags which then I take everywhere with me but it's so much less hassle than packing a selection. 

  • With the kids, they have a trunki each and then a 3rd for extras......I kid you not. I can never cut down on the kids stuff so actually end up putting their clothes in the trunki's and our cases so the packing light really only applies to us!

  • My top tip, you want to know? Make sure you other half packs less so you can pack stuff in their case, it solves alot of problems if they don't take much, haha. 
So there you have it. A few tips to help you pack for your vacay. Have you got any tips to share?

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