Thursday 25 June 2015

Glossybox June 2015 - Review

I can't believe I'm writing the June review for the latest Glossybox, I feel like I only just reviewed the May box! We are now half way through the year and hitting the Summer festival season so it was only natural that Glossybox would theme this months box around this. You may remember the sneak preview in this months box was for some temporary tattoo's which I wasn't exactly thrilled about, you can read the May review here.

On opening this months box I have to confess to finding it a little underwhelming, I can't exactly say that anything jumped out at me. 

I received a pack of Halo fragrance free facial wipes (travel sized received 10 wipes RRP £1.20). A handy item yes but a little dull, I will pop them in to my toiletries bag for my holiday. I get that they would be a useful item for a festival enabling you to freshen up on the move though.

Next is probably the best item in the box even though it's not a brand I'm familiar with. Kueshi Anti-cellulite Booster (full size 15oml received RRP £14.55), designed to stimulate the blood circulation and reduce cellulite it's a decent item to include, applies nicely too.

Third item, Essence The Gel Nail Polish (full size bottle received RRP £1.71), as mentioned before I'm quite loyal to the nail polish brands I like (Nails Inc, Essie, Ciate) so this is not a great item to send me, plus I have about 10 shades of red all similar, but then Glossybox obviously aren't to know that!

Fourth items in the box are the dreaded Glossybox Tattoos (full size pack received RRP £6.50) , really dislike these they look like something I used to wear when I was a teenager, not a fan at all. Also did you see the price?! Crazy.

Lastly, Monuspa Rosewood Revivigin Mist (small bottle received, RRP for full size £11.95), I really like the brand Monuspa but not a massive fan of facial sprays, although that been said this one smells really nice and I have packed it to come away with me. 

Overall, as I said in the beginning a very underwhelming box this month. When they send boxes out that are like this I really question why I don't cancel my subscription, but yet I keep it going month after month and eventually a decent box is received. I'm considering trying out Cohorted which looks fantastic, or Birchbox as I read lot of good things about this or maybe You Beauty, I will have to see. Has anyone got any recommendations?


  1. Oh gosh those tattoos are ghastly! I've seen some really great designs for temporary tats but those are definitely teeny bopper appropriate

  2. Maybe you could pass the tattoos to some 5 year olds I bet they'd go down a storm ;)

  3. I would have a look at other subscription boxes, I have seen many girls having amazing products that make me wanting to subscribe the the box as well. Hope you will enjoy the products though.



    1. I have seen a few that I like it's just deciding on the next one! x

  4. I gave up on mine a few years ago. Too many meh things for the money. There's one called Little French something or other that people rave about. I keep meaning to have a look at that one

    1. I subscribe to My Little Box which is what I think you're talking about and it's so much better than Glossybox! x


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