Tuesday 9 June 2015

Ella's Kitchen a Right Royal Celebration!

In commemoration of both my little Princess being born and the actual Princess entering the world. The lovely folk at Ella's Kitchen sent Alfie the most wonderful 'big brother' kit to help him get excited about becoming a new big bro.

This box of fabulous bits contained plenty of things to keep him entertained while Elarna has been settling in. We have a brilliant colouring book and stackable crayons (which I have also had a great time testing out!), a super duper brother certificate, a big bro t-shirt and lots of Ellas' Kitchen goodies for him to munch on. The fruit smoothies went down an absolute storm, they were by far his favourite snack. I need to find where they sell these locally so I can stock up as they're a really handy thing to pop in the changing bag if we're out and about.

Already being big Ella's Kitchen fans we were all really chuffed to be sent such a lovely box of treats. As mentioned in previous posts one of the worries about a new baby is just how it affects the other sibling. To involve and ensure that the eldest child still feels loved and secure is a must when transitioning them into this change. I'm not necessarily saying that you have to spoil them to do this but giving them some extra attention does make a difference in my opinion. He really did love checking out all the items in the box.

The stackable crayons are actually awesome, they look so cool and the extendable colouring book is brilliant! We've both had loads of fun colouring in together, so much so that my Mum actually treated me to an 'adult' colouring book for my holidays....and by adult I don't mean rudey I just mean it has lots of intricate pictures to colour in, brilliant! It's been really nice to sit and spend some time with Alfie just colouring in.

As if the Ella's Kitchen brand isn't cute enough already, in steps the royal reporter who kept us all up to date with the royal baby news and on the birth of Princess Charlotte, too adorable. How sweet is that!

So thankyou very much to the kind people at Ella's Kitchen for spoiling Alfie and helping him adjust to being a super duper big brother it was much appreciated!

* Please note we were ever so kindly sent the box of goodies for Alfie free of charge in return for a post, thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. I love that you had ton clarify that the adult colouring book wasn't rude ;)

    1. Haha!! Well I didn't want people to think I spend my time colouring in rudey pics :-) x


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