Monday 8 June 2015

Fathers Day Experiences.

Fathers Day is fast approaching and I've already been (over) thinking about what to get for my lovely Dad. He's generally quite easy to buy for, a couple of bottles of aftershave from Next or M&S and he's more than happy, but sometimes I wish I could buy him something a little more unusual or unique. 

I remember a few years ago when he had a (ahem) special birthday shall we say, my Mum & I purchased him a Formula 1 experience day, he survived to tell the tale and that was a pretty epic day out for him. Another year we also got him a tank driving experience day which couldn't be more up his street, he loved that too. This got me thinking about whether he'd like something more along those lines this year. Experience days from Into the Blue could hold the answer, if money were no object I would without a doubt purchase the fly a spitfire experience, he would be over the moon with that but sadly I'm no millionaire and Daddy as much as I love you I can't stretch to that I'm afraid! I could however afford the £69 for him to sit in a spitfire....!

The other experience that immediately sticks out is for him to drive a steam train, I think this would be a perfect day out for my Dad and Alfie. It would be such a great chance for them to spend some time together and celebrate Fathers Day. Alfie would be in his element with the trains and my Dad would have a whale of a time with him. As you can see from the picture below train-spotting is a favourite past time of Alfie's!

For my husband, he is a thrill seeker so anything that's high speed and a risk to life such as skydiving would appeal to him. Although I did notice on the website that there is a Zombie experience and he's a huge Walking Dead fan so I suspect he would find that alot of fun. I love the choices available on the website there is something that appeals for everyone no matter their age or interests.

So I continue to think about what  I can get him being aware that I've not got much time left! At least there is plenty of choose on the Into the blue website so I'm sure I'll find something appropriate that he'll love. 

What are you getting your Dad for Fathers Day? Any suggestions?

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