Monday 22 June 2015

How to Please your Cat.

I am a big cat lover, I've two of my own, Winston and Louie. Winston is our tabby ASBO cat (he's well known on the street for causing trouble) and Louie, my very own 'Felix' cat who pretty much just sleeps and eats, he is in all day just kipping on our bed. He's very lazy but very playful at times. Winston not so much, we have to play by his rules. 

Over at Purina they have created an amusing video featuring Felix exploring a new cat bed, a new play gym and a new cat toy. I have to admit when watching the video is was pretty much like watching my little trouble makers. Winston sees a box and he's in it, we buy Louie a new cat bed and he'd much rather be on ours and we now shut our bedroom door at night to prevent any unwanted attention from our two small furries! That Felix he's a cheeky scamp!

Seeing Felix in the video taking a rest on the laptop reminded me of Winston a few years ago damaging my husbands laptop, he used to get his claws under the keys and flick them off! Needless to say he was very much in the 'cat house' because of this.

If you are a cat lover like me then you must give the video a watch, I'm sure that you will relate.

What trouble have your cats got themselves into? Are they as cheeky as a Felix cat?

* Collaborative post.

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