Wednesday 18 March 2015

One Lovely Blog Award

I've been nominated by my lovely friend Sarah over at Run Jump Scrap to take part in the 'One Lovely Blog Award'.

So here are my 7 facts:

1. I have an unnatural obsession with expensive makeup (much to my husband's dismay!), I can't seem to substitute my Clarins, Bare Minerals, Mac or Bobbi Brown when it comes to certain items.

2. I like to have mint sauce on any meat (apart from chicken), yes it's weird I know!

3. If the hangers in the wardrobe are facing the wrong way it makes me feel all funny inside!

4. A few years before qualifying as a Nurse I studied animal care and had quite a menagerie at my parents house, now I've just got the 2 cats and some fish.

5. TCP and the smell of it makes me want to vom. End of.

6. Vomiting and other people vomiting makes me want to run away and hide. Yes I'm a Nurse but that ejection of bodily fluids I just can't handle! 

7. I like to watch alot of rubbish on TV, the less I have to think about it the better!

I nominate the following bloggers to take part: 


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