Tuesday 10 March 2015

Alfie & Grandma Book Review

I'm fairly sure that anyone who has a toddler is familiar with the Alfie series of books by Shirley Hughes. 

Shirley Hughes is a highly acclaimed and one of the nation's most loved children's author and illustrators. She has written over seventy books and has been published over the world, her style of writing and warm stories have been captivating generations of families over the years. 

Naturally having a little 'Alfie' in our household we have several of the Alfie books and always have great fun reading them together. The latest in the series is Alfie and Grandma which is a collection of three short stories celebrating grandma's and grandchildren and would make an ideal gift for both Mum's and Grandma's on Mothering Sunday.

A little bit about Alfie.....

The series follows Alfie and his little sister Annie Rose on various adventure's that captivate and enthral the readers, they are simply just little people coping with all the excitement and challenges of daily life in the big, wide world. 

Please click here to watch a short video of Shirley introducing us to Alfie. 

My little Alfie has been busy reviewing the latest book along with Grandma and they both gave it the seal of approval. 

The first short story is 'Looking for Winnie' and tells the tale of Grandma's two tortoise's Winnie and Fred, one morning Alfie finds that Winnie has wandered off and Alfie looks for her with Annie Rose and Grandma. My Alfie loved looking at all the lovely illustrations and had fun pointing out all the different animals to Grandma. 

The second short story is 'A Journey to the North Pole', this is a gorgeous story about splashing in muddy puddles and discovering Grandma's attic (aka the North Pole), Alfie and Annie Rose have a great time exploring the North Pole and discovering hidden treasures. 

The third short story was my Alfie's favourite and is called 'Lost Sheep', at the bottom of Grandma's garden is a field with lots of sheep that Alfie likes to see when he visits Grandma's house, during his latest visit one of the sheep escape from the field, Alfie and Grandma watch to see if the sheep gets back to its friends in the field. 

My Alfie absolutely loved looking at the sheep, counting them and making sheep noises, Grandma had to read this story a few times over! 

It's no wonder that the Alfie series of books are so popular and are loved by generations, the stories are endearing and easy to follow and the illustrations throughout are lovely. This particular book captures the relationship between grandchild and grandparent perfectly and is so heart-warming. My Mum thoroughly enjoyed reading them to Alfie and she commented about how lovely the books are to read.

The Alfie book collection will continue to be a firm favourite in our household and no doubt will be loved for years to come. 

To purchase this particular book please click here. The rest of the collection is also available through Amazon and other reputable retailers. 

Who else has an Alfie fan in their house?

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* Please note we were kindly sent the book free of charge in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


  1. aw it sounds beautiful and the photos are heart warming to see

  2. What a lovely book, I think my goddaughter would loves these x

    1. They're well worth getting, they are a lovely collection of books. X

  3. I loved Alfie and Annie Rose...think may have to get them for ratbag xxx

    1. They're great aren't they :-) such a well loved series! x

  4. Aw too cute! We love Alfie books too :)
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x


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