Wednesday 18 March 2015

French Baby Style - Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is an iconic and historic French brand, well recognised throughout the world. I first discovered the brand Petit Bateau when I was in Deauville, France two years ago, I had heard of the brand but never been to visit any of the shops to have a nosey. Although the brand is available in the UK visiting a French store encapsulated the experience, fresh, welcoming and bright the store was a pleasure to shop in and with the added of bonus of French hospitality I certainly enjoyed my shopping experience there. 

Petit Bateau was founded in 1893 when Pierre Valton opened his first factory, the company specialises in underwear and bodysuits for men, women and children, something that they continue to specialise in today. The bodysuit with poppers was invented at Petit Bateau in 1980 revolutionising it for parents due to the ingenious idea of using popper fastenings to enable ease of changing for parents. 

Petit Bateau Maternity Suitcase

The brand itself continues to grow and is of extremely high quality using the French 'know how' and prides itself being environmentally responsible and easily identifiable. Each collection features the recognisable and famous mariniere breton stripes, t-shirts, comfortable bodysuits, classic underwear and vest tops. The emphasis being on quality and wear-ability throughout their customer's lives from baby to adult.

With over 274 stores worldwide and numerous retail outlets as well as the online store, Petit Bateau is now available to the world and with so much choice for the little ones and the older ones there is absolutely something for everyone. So to embrace a bit of French style and fashion Petit Bateau is your first stop.

Now where did I put my purse?! 

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