Wednesday 25 June 2014

Tips & Ideas for Decorating a Neutral Nursery

When we were deciding how we wanted to decorate Alfie's nursery I knew that I always wanted a relatively neutral colour scheme, even though I found out that I was expecting a boy I still wanted something that was relatively simple and easy to change when we need to in the future. This article features some great tips and hints for doing just this.

Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Neutral Nursery Room
When it comes to decorating a nursery for your awaited arrival, it can feel a little more difficult if you don’t know the gender of the baby. However, opting for a more gender neutral nursery scheme is growing ever more popular than the traditional (and perhaps a little dated) ‘blue for a boy, pink for a girl’ options. Therefore there are lots of resources out there to help get you inspired to create a beautiful, neutral space.
We’ve taken a look and some of these and have compiled a list of a few tips and ideas for decorating baby’s neutral nursery room so that it’s a space you’ll all fall in love with.

Use a carefully selected variety of patterns and textures
Think about prints rather than colours that will achieve a beautiful, gentle yet playful feel, such as gingham, polka dot, chevron and stripes. Opt for soft furnishings in these prints, such as curtains, rugs and bedding so it’s not too strong, as the softness of the fabric will keep it subtle.
For example, we love the polka dot curtains from the Style Furnishings curtains collection which would add a really soft touch. Using a few different textures such as a wooden crib with a metal statement light also works really well if you want a rustic feel to the room.

Keep things bright and airy
A nursery room should never feel cramped, dull or dark. Make the most of the room’s natural light and keep the colour scheme bright and airy, too. All white nurseries are really popular, and if done right, can create a really beautiful charm that’s surprisingly cosy.
We love these examples found on Pinterest. You could then build on this simplicity with subtle pops of fun colour, such as yellow or mint, which are great for a more modern taste (or pink or blue if you really can’t resist!).

Add interest to the walls
Adding things to the walls is a great way to make a nursery feel more personal and sweet without cluttering the floor. Go for things with the baby’s name on, such as named prints with their date of birth on after they’ve arrived.
Or, if you do want the room to be 100% sorted before they make their appearance, you could always just choose pretty baby-style prints or wall decals for the room. There are some beautiful ones available on that is well worth checking out.

Think about the little details that make a big difference

Adding other details to the nursery can be a lovely way to make the room feel more playful and sweet. They could be anything from mini rocking horses to life sized cuddly toys! John Lewis has some really lovely accessories for the nursery which are sure to help you add those few finishing touches that will make all the difference to the feel of the room. We especially love the night lights which are a great idea when it comes to night time feeds, too!  

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  1. Love the 2nd photo, it's so cute how the chair and the cot lying match! I agree with the print idea for a playful theme - i'm sure whatever you go for will look lovely!
    Stop by sometime, Sarah x


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