Thursday 19 June 2014

Children Sharing 1 Room? Ideas to help!

Here is a great article about ideas for options on room sharing ideas if you have multiple children. This is one of the things that I think about should we be fortunate to have another child and that it be a girl. Personally I always liked the bunk bed option!

Ideas for a Boy and Girl’s Shared Bedroom
When it comes to decorating a child’s shared bedroom, it can be a little difficult as they may have different needs, tastes and hobbies. This can be a lot more difficult if the room you’re decorating is for both a boy and a girl.
Giving each child their own space and details is important but if you do want to break away from the whole ‘pink corner’ and ‘blue corner’, it may take a little imagination and know-how. Therefore we’ve put together a few tips for helping to create a beautiful room that they’ll both love, without using the gender stereotypes too much.

Use softer, more creative ways to divide the room
Rather than walls, use softer things to add a sense of division in the room. Things like curtains can do this really well and the cost of the fabrics will be a lot cheaper than installing a new wall! You can even get children’s curtains online, too.

Avoid opting for a theme if possible
Going for a princess or batman theme from floor to ceiling is sure to put a smile on their faces initially, but chances are, it won’t last very long. The problem with themed bedrooms is that they can become very dated very quickly, and this is sped up even more when there are two personalities that have to live in the room. Instead, opt for more general themes or neutral colours, with splashes of colour pops for liveliness and personality.

Bunk beds can be a great space saver
If you’re a little strapped on space, then bunk beds are a great solution. However, if you automatically picture the cheap looking metal ones when you think of bunk beds but want to avoid this look completely, opt for wooden ones or white ones which are far more classic and elegant. There is some lovely wooden bunk beds here that your kids are bound to love – just make sure they take turns on the top bunk to avoid arguments!

Make the room feel fun but functional
A child’s room should never feel like a ‘museum’, but should always have a fun element to it. However, when it comes to sharing, this can often signal the idea of ‘mess’ in a parent’s mind. Invest in some good storage solutions to eliminate clutter, like toy boxes and shelves, but do keep some of their most prized possessions on show. Go bold with things like big wall prints and mounted photos on the wall to add personality and to make the room more personal to them.

Give each child their own bit of space

Whether it’s in the form of a pin board on the wall to showcase their artistic masterpieces, or a private draw to hide all their treasures, ensure that each child has their own bit of space to truly make theirs and where they feel they can explore their personalities. They could be private or public but should always be up to them.  

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