Tuesday 10 June 2014

Like, Love, Loathe (Link Up)

I'm sure every week I say where has the week gone but really where has the last week gone?! It's link up time again!

Here are my likes, loves and loathes for this week. 

Liking: The weather!! It's been so nice to see some proper sun, all be it briefly as I only had the weekend to truly appreciate it and really it was only Sunday as Saturday was a weird weather day. Sunshine really does do wonders for the soul. 

Loving: Only 3 more working days left, wahoooo!!! Cannot wait to have some much needed R&R, it feels like so long since we had a holiday, it hasn't been if I'm being honest but I'm really looking forward to a break.

Loathing: Packing! My husband seems to have it in his head that I like packing but I don't, I find it a real chore and even more so having to pack for a little person too, I find the whole thing far too stressful and I generally pack and repack and sometimes repack, nightmare! The picture below shows a small snapshot of some of the packing, I'm no where no organised yet!

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